X35 Earthwalker MLB The Show 24

MLB The Show 24 is a sports baseball game developed by ‘San Diego Studio’ and published by ‘MLB’. MLB The Show 24 is said to be coming out the 19th of March 2024 on the Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS5, PS4 and PC. X35 Earthwalker can swing a bat harder than anyone in history. MLB The Show 24 is really trying to come out swinging. Let’s take a look.

MLB The Show 24 is baseball season. You know what the MLB is all about. Throw the ball and the dude swings at it and then starts running. Baseball ladies and gentlemen.

X35 Earthwalker MLB The Show 24

MLB The Show 24 is multiplatform and is also available on Xbox, Nintendo and PC. This means more players are possible. There could be a whole new league now… or maybe more trouble makers. Stick to the rules people.

There’s a storyline mode which takes players to the past. Maybe get to see some lesser known baseball legends/heroes. Education included.

X35 Earthwalker MLB The Show 24

MLB The Show 24 gives players that good ol baseball story. Start of a minor, a low level scrub, probably living in your mothers basement. You play ball and aim for the big leagues and hopefully the world series champions. Maybe then you’ll finally be able to afford your rent.

There’s also franchise which gives you the team manager experience. Lead your team to victory and all the way to the world series. Rumour has it that there are new features.

X35 Earthwalker MLB The Show 24

Diamond dynasty is back. MLB The Show 24 is out here letting players build their own ideal or should we say fantasy team. Pick from different times in baseball’s history. Grab those player cards and take your skills online to face other baseball bums just like yourself. Team against team. 

We checked out some MLB The Show 24 gameplay and it’s what we expected. We like the option to customise your team’s look. There’s more competition with MLB The Show 24 being cross-platform concerning all platforms. Listen to this, “cross-progression, continue your progress and earn and use content on other console platforms”.

Overall MLB The Show 24 looks like a good baseball game. The finer details will obviously be revealed later. It’s just baseball but giving more options and things for players to do by the looks of it. We aren’t happy with the graphics though. Does look weak for the year 2024. Visuals need to be upgraded but as long as the core is great. The developers ‘San Diego Studio’ have done a good job so far. We at X35 Earthwalker will have to see how far the ball can be launched. Now MLB The Show 24 may have the big leagues but it’s all little in the eyes of… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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