X35 Earthwalker the one true Earthwalker, the legendary and eternal soldier himself is here with another special G-blog post. This time it’s about great games. Some are even fantastic games. Sadly these games have been damaged by the terrible reviews of critics or bad judgements from fans. Criticism is good but when it’s straight up false or misunderstanding then that’s a problem. Only intelligent people like X35 Earthwalker have reviews you can call accurate and authoritative. Let’s take a look.

For the record we are going to go over these quite quick. So don’t expect full blown details here but we will tackle the main stuff. We have done big full blog posts either about these games or we talk about these games for a bit in those posts. So you can always find more information on our website.

The first great game we will talk about is Gears of War: Judgement. This game is considered the worst of all the gears of War main games by a big number of fans. We can confirm those fans are all wrong. Gears of War: Judgement is a greta game. Not fantastic though. The biggest issue some specific fans had with the game was that the gnasher shotgun wasn’t the hands down dominate gun in the multiplayer. Some weren’t a fan of the story either. No good reason actually comes to mind but it’s what we heard. There is rightful criticism though like no locust in multiplayer, smaller pool of characters and no DBNO (down but not out). Concerning the first two we mentioned. gnasher shotgun being the strongest gun is one of the things we believe damage Gears of War multiplayer. Gears of War: Judgement actually has the best weapons balance of all the Gears of War games. All weapons are viable and gets the job done unlike Gears 5. Concerning there story we really like it as it goes back to the death, darkness and fear that was in Gears of War 1. There’s dead bodies everywhere and destroyed cities. The boss was an actual big bad monster that you had to wait for and then meet in an epic battle. Gears of War: Judgement is just another great game that had a major weakness that people used as a excuse to attack the whole game. 

The next game is Metal Gear Survive. This game was mostly hated for not playing and being like the main Metal Gear games. Huge hate came because of angry joe’s review too. For what Metal Gears Survive is, it’s a great game. It’s the most survival heavy game we know. Your character gets hungry, thirsty, tired and even a whole range of sicknesses, conditions or injuries which all effects how your character acts and performs. You have limited time in the fog and you need to scavenge like crazy to get materials which you need to craft even the most basic stuff. Your weapons get damaged and worn down as you use them. You have to matin your weapons and provide the ammo. The ammo like arrows and bullets must be crafted and you have to use them wisely. You can get an infection from drinking dirty water. It’s very realistic and done very well. You literally start with nothing and then build up to have good weapons, base and even good food and clean water. We do wish the other enemy types showed up earlier. Having other big tough enemies that are about in the dust would have been awesome. The game has it’s problems and areas to improve but overall Metal Gears Survive is a great game and we had lots of fun. 

Halo 5 Guardians is another great game or should we we say excellent game. Now the only complaint we hear is the campaign… that’s it. That’s how bad the Halo fans have gotten. One aspect of the game wasn’t great but the whole game must be condemned because of that. Terrible logic. Let’s be logical here. Halo 5 Guardians has the best graphics, best animations, best cutscenes, best multiplayer, most armour customisation, most assassinations, most vehicles and weapons, the best multiplayer game mode (warzone) and the best, deepest forge mode. Halo 5 has the most advantages over the other Halo games but according to some it’s the worst because the campaign wasn’t great. While we agree that the campaign didn’t live up to our expectations we still thought it was good… not great though. There was missed opportunities for sure and they didn’t follow through with the theme of intense hunting concerning Master Chief vs Lock. There’s other issues but the campaign by itself is still good. It’s a bridge episode, not an explosion one. If you followed X35 Earthwalker then you would understand what that means. Simply put, Halo 5 Guardians is an excellent game and we say it’s the best Halo game so far. Really excited for Halo Infinite by the way. We have had a number of unpopular stances and opinions but we have always stated strong and proved our case against others. 

Overall this happens more times than we know. Great games but wrongly reviewed. We will only do these three for now. We are sure you know of other examples too. Our advice is that instead of following the crowd, check out the games for yourself and think about it. We saw that a number of people who actually decided to play Metal Gears Survive with a clear head admitted that they actually enjoyed the game. So Gears of War: Judgement, Metal Gears Survive and Halo 5 Guardians are great games but they clearly aren’t as good as… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Base Camp in Metal Gear Survive

X35 Earthwalker have played Metal Gear Survive for a good long while now. It was developed by Konami. Once again many critics have wrote this game off as bad but those critics and even you tubers like Angry Joe do not know what they are talking about. All just jumping on the hate train for views and followers. It’s lame. For starters when we watched some of Angry Joe’s gameplay we saw that he wasn’t very good at the game at all. He didn’t keep his characters food and drink at 100% which is linked to another complain he made, which was that our character gets tired too easily. Our maximum stamina is directly connected to our thirst (in the game). If your drink is 40% then we only have 40% of our maximum stamina and when you are in the dust which triples the amount of stamina consumption, off course your character will get tired quick. So a part of Angry Joe hating the game is due to him being bad at the game and not understanding that it is a survival. We at X35 Earthwalker will provide our own opinion and views of Metal Gears Survive. It’s an awesome game but certainly has some flaws. Let’s take a look.

The story was interesting and twists and unexpected stuff was thrown in more than once. We will be giving some spoilers right now. For example finding out who Goodluck really was, that the Lord of Dust couldn’t naturally be destroyed and that Seth was a actually dust monster, super wanderer etc. Now some stuff was predictable like how it’s obvious the characters wouldn’t escape rite when the lord of dust first showed up to the base and that they will all stay behind to help defeat the lord of dust instead of leave and that Virgil would survive. The story wasn’t anything major, nor did it trigger any emotions either. The story was just good and interesting… that’s all.

Let’s start with the flaws of Metal Gear Survive. Having players suffer from drinking dirty water wasn’t fun in the slightest. There is a chance that your character could get infected and would require medical aid. Now we get the whole point of this as it’s survival and when worse comes to worse you may have to drink dirty water to SURVIVE. It’s a survival game after all. When you do get the means to get food and clean water, survival becomes incredibly easy in terms of food and water. What they should have done was require that players find a hanging pot or get a certain material for it, instead of only being able to craft one when the game says so, as that doesn’t make sense. If I have iron or steel, why can’t I make a pot when I can make a rifle? Again it doesn’t make sense. Some players are unfortunate to get infected frequently and soon run out of medical supplies to cure the infection while X35 Earthwalker rarely got infected.

We felt that there isn’t much need for a use in Metal Gear Survive. Initially we thought that at times we will be alerted that a random wanders attack would happen on our base in which we had to make it back and defend. so we built up the base with fences and obstacles but no. Our base only gets attacked once (excluding using the worm hole digger for collecting energy). That one attack also seems like something we could have handled without fences by the way. Defending the base should have been made more important. Also, why does crunching and going prone drains our stamina but jogging doesn’t? Off course in Rea life it costs energy to move while crouching but shouldn’t jogging be more taxing. We know… video games… fiction… balancing etc.

What’s frustrating is that it’s so easy to get a negative condition from combat. Too often we got internal bleeding or bruises or cuts etc from just one hit from an enemy. If we don’t get a negative condition after being hit, we consider that very fortunate. That’s how bad it got. nothing worse then getting hit and need to cure yourself at the start of a wave. It should be less likely to get an injury like that from one slap. The game requires so much from your exploration team. They need quite a lot before they are a high enough grade to even get materials worth getting. You should be able to get better materials more easily and in a greater amount since it costs supplies and gear to supply the exploration team. Also as you explore Dite you will mostly find lower tier materials and instead of rare materials even if you completed the game. Some items, gears and weapons are too costly to repair. Forcing players to use their weaker weapons to preserve the stronger ones. The cost should be less and allow players to freely use their strong and rarer weapons.

Harvesting materials and energy from dead enemies and animals takes far too long and ruin the pacing of the game. There was a time where X35 Earthwalker killed like 25 wanderers and left like 14 of them because it took far too long to harvest them all. It made everything boring. It meeds to be faster. What’s very disappointing is that it takes far too long to unlock the other classes: Assault, Jaeger, Medic and Scout. We unlock them after completing the game which is far too late. Also it costs far too much energy to upgrade and unlock new skills. So you never really get to enjoy the new classes and the abilities. It should be made easier. After you complete the game there isn’t much stuff to do in the single player. All there is just containers washing up, places to mine for energy and strong kuban presence. There isn’t even that people to rescue anymore. After some days we still haven’t seen much change which is disappointing.

Metal Gear Survive updates

Now Metal Gear Survive has got a lot of good points as well. First of all the developers have done some work on the game in terms of updates, fixing some bugs and stuff. That’s great and we hope they do more as more end game activities are needed in this game. 

We love that this game has a lot of things to craft. There are many gears, weapons and items for players to discover and build themselves. As you go through the game rarer and improved versions of the current weapons become available to craft. For example the simple pipe is what we start with but you can get the combat spear which is superior and more durability. Eventually some real crazy items like a frost blade and a hammer that looks like something Optimus prime would use. That’s creative and we like that.

Metal Gear Survive sets a good level of difficulty in the survival. From the start the game leaves players to find water and food. If that wasn’t enough players must be aware of how much oxygen they have when in the dust (which is 90% of the world). The dust also triples the consumption of stamina as well. Players will also need kuban energy. The player will also need medical supplies to heal infection or bleedings and more. Not only that but rest is a factor as well which without can lead to fatigue. There is multiple ways to die in Metal Gear Survive and the difficulty is fair. Players that are forget certain factors our lack supplies will suffer in this game. That was done well.

The difficulty in the missions really escalate as you progress through the game. The first ones are simply going next door to get an item from here while later you need to travel a good distance in the dust, traverse a abandon building and it’s undergrounds, go past enemies, get the item and then get back out before you run out of oxygen which isn’t as easy as some will think. It it weren’t for the ability to add oxygen through kuban energy then most players would have died long time ago. It would be brutal. Then missions get so big that they need that oxygen station that can be crafted to get enough oxygen to survive as there isn’t enough oxygen to return back to base (there isn’t). We like how difficult and how the difficulty escalates. 

Being able to create our own character is a good touch, there is a good amount of options and details there. Honestly there should be a bit more but with what we have, X35 Earthwalker made his own unique character “Chelsea” and he’s happy with it. We have seen some characters and quite a number of them look cool but some do look quite similar in many cases but even so the fact that we have a character creation is very nice and what we can create is good.

This is small but the ability to change the background music is a great touch. We have found hidden Solid Snake boxes around the game and unlocked some awesome music which we can now have playing as we move around, craft and harvest in the base. It makes the base far more lively.

Even though the extra classes came much later, they are awesome. The Jaeger takes shooting to another level. The Assault makes melee combat a breeze. The medic makes it really difficult for some to die. The Scout moves effortlessly though the lands and buffs defences. When you unlock them and can see the different abilities that each class contains, you automatically get excited as to what these could do, on top of what you already have. The extra classes are a great idea.

Two more things. We love that there are boss enemies in the game. We found a large half dragon like creature which can fling debris and charge you down. It killed X35 Earthwalker in two hits after a long battle. We have yet to encounter another boss too but the fact that these powerful guys, who can take multiple grenades, can show up reminds players that they aren’t at the top yet. What’s hilarious is that you can sprint towards animals and punch them over to make capturing them much easier. All this time man was wrong by sneaking up on them through bushes when all this time what we needed to do was run up to them and give one big punch. That was hilarious.

Overall the game is awesome. An awesome game with a flaws. No it isn’t a traditional Metal Gear game. No there isn’t any solid Snake but Metal Gear Survive is it’s own a thing. A spin off that goes in a completely different direction. It’s like Minecraft plus Ark survival evolved plus Sims. It has quite a lot in there for players and we are glad we got the game. great graphics and sounds, different enemies, lots to craft. End game does need some help though but as you play through there is lots to do. Now Metal Gear Survive may be awesome but it’s no where as awesome as… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Metal Gear Survive

Metal Gear Survive has really stirred the pot if you know what we mean. It was developed by konami. Metal Gear Survive has gotten so much hate from some players and especially the critics and some YouTubers. We at X35 Earthwalker don’t believe in following the train for views like those YouTube channels do. We have our own mind and here we will give our views and opinions about Metal Gear Survive.

Metal Gear Survive is obviously nothing really like the previous Metal Gear games. There is no solid snake, all about survival and… there are zombies (well sort off). The best way to describe this is to think of a combination of Sims, 3rd person zombie survival and Metal Gear. Don’t listen to gamers who say that it’s nothing like the others. The sound effect you hear when an enemy spots you is there, the cardboard boxes are there and walkers and other things are all included. This game forces players to take risks, make many plans and manage many things at once. Every trip and mission you go on can easily go wrong but what you can gain is so worth it. You might get swarmed and die, you might get lost in the dust and run out of oxygen, you might even die due to infections, injuries and more. This game doesn’t go easy on players. You better be prepared.

The biggest enemy in the game is the Dust which is basically a toxic gas which covers the majority of the world of Dite. there is no way around it, you have to go into the dust only after you have acquired an oxygen tank. You have limited oxygen while in the dust so you have to be quick when you enter it. You can’t really go quick because while in the dust your stamina consumption is increased drastically so be careful of that as that also means running away from swarms of enemies is much harder to do. In the dust your visibility is greatly reduced as you can’t see that far at all ahead of you so getting your bearings is harder. It gets worse, your map most of the time doesn’t display your location in the dust, your marked spots and can’t place markers either meaning getting lost in the dust is very easy to do,  So plan before you enter. What’s worse is that enemies practically run the places in the dust so stopping to fight can put you at serious risk. The good thing though is that while in the dust you can see green and blue lights. green lights represent the location of where your nearest transporter or base is so look for those. Blue lights normally represent containers. The dust is a great enemy indeed. So why doesn’t the rain clear up the dust? hopefully the game will give us answers.

Metal Gear Survive

In terms of survival, players need food and drinks. You can die of thirst and hunger and we advise to let it get anywhere near zero anyway as the lower your hunger and thirst gets, the lower your max health and stamina gets. That’s right they are linked. Thirst to stamina and food to health which makes sense. No complaints here. Also your character may get infections or injuries that need attending to. For example if an enemy gets a clean dirty hit on you there is a chance your character may be bleeding which will prevent your health from regeneration until cured. This as you can imagine is a horrible condition in a fight. If you fall from too high you will get a sprain which represents your character from sprinting and your normal walk speed is decreased because you are limbing. There are far more negative conditions like getting an infection for drinking dirty water or food poisoning for eating raw meat or milk that’s gone bad (why would you drink bad milk anyway?). That’s part of where the game starts to feel like sims in terms of looking after your character. So make sure to craft medical equipment to handle any conditions that come your way. We like the whole survival thing going on. From the start players have to sort of scramble for supplies which we will get into more later.

Yes crafting is a vital part of the game and we at X35 Earthwalker love good crafting systems and Metal Gear Survive has one. Everything requires a decent amount of stuff craft like circuits, alcohol, chemicals, bottles, steel, iron, springs, nails, wood  and much more. The game is generous in letting you find so many materials very easily in the world of Dite. Damaged freights have some stuff inside, you could find stacks of items that need to be searched, some materials are just in some small buildings, some fall from small worm hole like things in the sky and many can be obtained through completing missions like where you must defend for a certain period of time while the worm hole digger mines. Materials are plentiful and if there is one material that is more rare and harder to find but you really need then you can use the material converter to change what you already have into what you want. The material converter is an excellent system for a game like this. X35 Earthwalker has  only used it twice and it was only because he had so much iron that he decided to give it a try. Materials are so plentiful that you don’t really need the converter but it’s always nice to have options. Aim to build stronger weapons than a rusty machete and pipe spear. before you know it, players will have hand guns, strong spears, bats and even sledge hammers for destroying your foes. Everything is about management and even bullets need crafting so don’t go firing of your loads on enemies any how you want, decide carefully when to use ammo.

There are stealth elements in the game. Walking creates noise, sprinting makes the most noise, crouching makes less than walking and king prone causes no noise. Sneaking up behind your enemies and stealth killing them is the best way to handle enemies. What’s great is that you can lure groups and even hordes of Wanderers to certain locations or directions by using ‘lures’ or kuban crystal fragments (which you always have supplies off) then pick them off one by one or light them all up with a molotov. So stealth and knowing when to strike is very big in this game because a swarm can easily kill you. There are parts in Metal Gears Survive where players must traverse underground dark areas which are full of monsters. Stealth is crucial here as making lots of noise could alert many and we mean many enemies your way and in tighter spaces, that could very well be the end of you. It’s also very easy to die in Metal Gear Survive. Wanderers can kill you in a couple of probably three connected sets of swings. Which is why a star is a bad idea. You might get grabbed by one and then caught in the middle of others and they knock you around like a ball in a pin ball machine. Negative conditions may cause you to die as in getting lots of infection due to drinking dirty water but clean water is hard to find and most of the time you have no choice but to drink the dirty thing.

Which brings our attention to some of the things we hate about this game or doesn’t make sense. Firstly is the drinking dirty water. Players have no choice but to at the beginning parts of the game. You can find some clean water but it will never be enough. You go to the camp fire and you see the option to make clean water from dirty water but you need a ‘hanging pot’ which you see but can’t craft yet. The game is teasing you. you have no choice put to risk infecting your character. Second what we hate is how long it takes to collect materials, crystals whatever from dead enemies and animals. It takes forever. too long. Sure there is an upgrade to speed this up but it’s not by that much, should be faster as it really slows down the pace of the game we once had a large pile of enemy bodies but left so many of them behind because we knew how long it was taking, making things boring. Third that we hate is why does going prone cost me stamina but our characters regular jogging doesn’t? We have gone prone to test this and it doesn’t get us tired. Going prone shouldn’t cost us stamina. It doesn’t make sense. Fourth is that it takes too long in our opinion to bring in new enemies. It took a while but we finally found some more that we wish weren’t in the game because of how horrible they are as in bad for our life expectancy. Fifth is that the iron watch towers are obviously stronger and better than the wooden ones but it look no where near as cool. The wooden one has a roof as shelter so at least you are dry up there. the iron one s just a flat platform. It gets worse, it look perfect for a machine gun to be placed up there for that elevated advantage but no, the game won’t let you place machine guns up on your platforms which we think is completely stupid.

In terms of enemies there are some. Wanderers are the basic common zombie like ones which are dumb, at times slow but dangerous in groups and can even play dead. Bombers are humanoid but have a really large swollen looking sack for a head which they use to hit you with but after enough damage their heads explode. There are some flying mechanical birds that fire projectiles at you, they are heard to fight because they fly around so guns, bow and arrows are the best counters but ammo is limited. Worse are Crawlers. Large spider creatures that stay in really big groups and look scary. They can curl up and stay on ceilings and walls and if you make too much noise, you will wake them up. When we encountered them in the dark underground all of a sudden Metal Gear survive turned into a horror game. trackers have enhanced legs which they use for speedy travel, jumping high and chasing you down. Last that we know off is a colossus monster know as the lord of the dust. This thing terrifies players. Where it shows up, you have to run. It’s far to large and powerful to fight. It’s colours may camouflage it in the dust so don’t accidentally walk towards it. We ain’t messing with that thing.

Eventually when you get further you will get the chance to find and rescue survivors. this will require players to manage their people and base to keep everyone fed, and alive. So that means stocking up on medical supplies, food and drinks. The people will obviously use up your stuff so that means being aware of this and preparing in advance. Also your people can also get sick and negative conditions which we hate. These people have a flu side they can help you get materials, manage the base and supplies (or more like help themselves) and even improve certain things like healing and food quality. So finding survivors is overall a beneficial thing.

The last thing we will talk about which is the other system that makes reminds us of Sims is the base builder. You can construct, place, move and organise your base how you see fit. Maybe have all the benches to the east side. Maybe have a line of fences behind them to protect them in case of an attack. Will you have short wooden fences to protect your base so you can strike over or just tall iron fences? Where will your water supply go? What about your farms? Which farms do you actually need? Eventually you will unlock watch towers, more spaces and even better stations for cooking. What’s awesome is that some of the meals you make in the game actually give you a buff like faster sprint speed, faster melee speed, reduce hunger consumption and even increase damage. Mum was right… never skip dinner!

Metal Gear Survive truly is a survival game. Large places and many areas to explore. Constant risk from multiple sides. Giant and even some scary monsters (we ain’t going underground ever again… until the next time). Many many items to craft and use. Lots of options in weaponry. Excellent graphics and it has so much in it. We even found Zebras! Like seriously Zebras are in this game. We also almost got killed by a bear. Can make and eat roasted gerbil. the counter ability is so awesome to watch and man is it brutal. Those wanderers got the hands! Notice we haven’t commented on the story because we have completed it yet (no rush) so we will withhold judgement for now; however we are excited to get our co-op going with our good gaming friends as that was what made us like the game from the start was the team work survival.

So once again we must make it clear that whatever these critics are saying, we don’t see it. they don’t know what they are talking about and those YouTubers are even worse all just copying each other just for views because many are hating the game so they want to pitch in. Metal Gear Survive didn’t destroy the franchise, the developers got experimental and tried out another direction and we believe they did a excellent job. Now w perfect game but a very good one indeed. To be honest it doesn’t matter how fortified your base is as it still won’t be able to keep out… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Metal Gear Survive

Metal Gear Survive has gotten some gamers talking, especially the fans of the Metal Gear series. Off course Metal Gear Survive was developed by Konami. The beta for Metal Gear Survive has been out for a good short time. X35 Earthwalker himself has played the beta allowing us a taste of what is to come. Let’s take a look.

As you are reading this, remember that it is a beta and not a full release so things can get better. The beta let’s you select and customise to some extent your avatar, basically your character. So choose from male or female, then change the hair but restricted to short hair, following the style of the military, face, cheek, eyes etc. Hopefully we will get more options for customising our avatars in the full release. When you enter you are in this space that makes you feel like you are inside a computer. There you can organise and select your inventory, craft items, repair stuff like weapons etc. it’s like the central hub for everything. The action starts when you begin your first salvage mission. 

In salvage missions your job is to plant the wormhole digger which harvests energy. The harvesting always seems to attracts the creatures. So players must defend the wormhole digger at all times. The creatures will come in waves and each wave gets more difficult with more mixture of creature types and watching the timer for the wave to end doesn’t help. The drill will start automatically so make sure to get there and organise yourself or team if playing with others. You have a good amount of time, five minutes, to actually look around the map first which is highly recommended. as you look around you will come objects that can be destroyed for materials, like drums for iron, boxes for wood plus other stuff within, trees for wood and solid energy plant like things which when broken drop energy; however those things require a heavy weapon to smash like the mallet. Collect as much as you can.

Metal Gear Survive - X35 Earthwalker

You can use whatever is in your inventory to your advantage, so build up fences, plant mines, set traps etc, whatever that will help you get through the wave. There is one horrible catch though. At the end of the wave a shockwave blasts out from the machine that kills all remaining enemies but also destroys the stuff you set up like traps, mines, heavy machine guns etc. we actually hate this mechanic. So if you get carried away and fully set up using almost everything for the first wave, you will lose it all and have nothing for the later waves. This is something we recommend shouldn’t be in the Metal Gear Survive. So please don’t Konami. What they did do right was the controls. Each d-pad direction has their own section of items or weapons. There is much things you can equip and selecting between them is very easy. Just cycle through with your d-pad and then use your action buttons accordingly. It takes only a little time to get use to.

Now in the level available in the beta, creatures can come from many directions. North, East, South and West. There is no mercy in this game either and that’s how it should be done. The creatures will all be running towards your location, all trying to get to the machine. So expect, Wanderers, Bombers and variants of the wanderers. The Wanderers are your typical zombies that we all know and hate. They can sprint but when near you they act slow and typical, swinging at you. The bombers are the biggest threats and must be handled straight away. They are pretty much always running and as the name suggests they can explode doing immense damage to players and your traps, fences etc so don’t let them get close. They can even head butt you! There are some variants of the wanderers like the armoured one who has good armour meaning attacks are much less effective. Their is another that has explosives strapped to it and will explode so watch out. By the way the weakness for a bomber is their legs, so don’t waste all your armour trying unloading on their heads. not worth it.

Metal Gear Survive makes it also that you have to be careful with how you use your weapons and items. You hand gun will never have enough ammo to handle the entire wave, you players must decide which enemies are worth using the bullets on. Should you fire to fin out a crowd, or do you use a molotov to set them on fire? Do you get melee with them using your spears, axes, and blades or do you wait until they gather and then use a planted heavy machine gun? Maybe the best thing to do is to run up to an enemy and do a powerful sprint strike with a mallet. So many decisions. It gets worse as you have to prioritise what which enemies over others, which traps to use this wave (since everything gets destroyed). Stealth killing the creatures feels really good here. just get behind them and let them have it but take into account that running creates the most noise, then walking, then crouching but going prone makes zero noise but you are slowest then. The rewards you get for passing a mission are very generous, you get a lot of stuff which allows you to replenish ammo, repair weapons and gear and get more thing. We like the rewards here.

Konami went real deep with the in game mechanics of Metal Gear Survive. There isn’t just only health, there is also your thirst and hunger. Meaning you have to make sure to have food and drink available. your stats can be seen from the main menu which looks awesome by the way. Keep track of all these things. Now when it comes to your equipment and weapon they all have weight. That’s right watching your weight isn’t just for real life but also in Metal Gear Survive. Being too heavy will cause you some problems on the field…. remember that. Straight away you can see that the graphics are excellent in Metal Gear Survive. The attention to detail is pretty cool as well like the markings and rust on some materials is all cool. Notice that when cycling through and selecting in the menu menu, your characters thumb moves as well showing that your actions control your character interacting with the device. Little stuff like that make a big difference in our books here at X35 Earthwalker. Real cool.

Metal Gear Survive main menu - X35 Earthwalker

The rewards you get for completing each salvage mission is great. Lots of materials allowing players to replenish and gear up for the next ones and then some. So they did well with that. it makes using your traps and items that you spent resources to build not a problem as you can easily make more after missions. The side missions that appear are definitely worth completing while on the salvage missions. Diamondz L45 stayed at the base to defend while X35 Earthwalker went to a side mission and found some machines that walk, run over enemies and has a heavy machine gun attached which easily cleared out the zombies saving them in that wave. So go for side missions when you can as they make a big difference, you may get mortars, heavy machine guns and other fancy stuff. 

The Metal Gear Survive beta showed many things and done it’s job right. It showed that players have to be aware of what enemies are coming and how to deal with them efficiently. It showed that weight, health, hunger and thirst are factors here. It showed that crafting and maintenance of your equipment is important. It showed the wide range of weapons that can be used. it showed how dangerous the enemy is and how merciless the waves can be. Co-op mode is definitely where it’s at, get some friends and defend together. Spend energy for support at the wormhole digger or bonuses like speeding up the digging. Timing is also important, for example if you attack an enemy but you get interrupted by an creature’s attack, your attack won’t go through. So using a mallet is powerful and will destroy all but so slow that it becomes easy to interrupt. So choose wisely and get your distance right or get swarmed by the horde. There is so much going on in Metal Gear Survive.

Overall the beta did what it was suppose to do. It gave us a serious taste of what’s to come and showed off many strong points of the game. Off course there are some negatives: destroying all our stuff at the end of the wave, the crafting system and what materials you have in and outside of missioned what in storage is actually quite confusing, you think you have enough materials but then it shows you have nothing in a mission and we think that should be made more clear. Connection gets unstable at times but ti’s a beta so we won’t stone them for it just yet. The parry ability is very clear and how it works and the timing at all. They need to make the whole ammo on person or in storage thing more clear too. Metal Gear Survive looks like a special game right now. We at X35 Earthwalker can say that we are looking forward to this game and that Konami has so far done an outstanding job. You can even choose what your character says and have emotes like in Destiny 2 but not as large selection yet. Metal Gear Survive is worth checking out. Now there is lots to do but not more than… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Metal Gear Survive

Metal Gear Survive is a new game coming out developed by ‘Konami’. It’s coming out 20th of February on the Xbox One, Play Station 4 and PC. Metal Gear Survive is off course from the Metal Gear series; it’s a spin-off and it’s going in a different direction from the others. The top priority here is survival. Let’s take a look.

Now Metal Gear Survive spins-off from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. So the “intense” action from Metal Gear Solid V is being inserted into the survival action style. Honestly Metal Gear Survive seems more like a survival action tower defence as the game places emphasis strategic decisions like where to place defensive units. Why do you need defensive units? Well that because in this world there are dangerous creatures and environmental hazards that will end you real quick.

Basically here’s the story. It’s 1975 Big boss and his soldiers were at ‘Mother base’ but was attacked by an enemy force known as ‘XOF’. Big boss and his boys put up a fight but eventually lost. Big boss escaped but a worm hole opens above the base and sucks everything in. The soldier who helped big boss escape almost gets sucked in. That soldier loses consciousness and wakes up six months later. Too cut it shorter, he is infected and so heads to that dimension where the worm hole leads to find a cure and rescue those who are stuck there. What could possibly go wrong?

Metal Gear Survive - X35 Earthwalker

There are two modes in Met Gear Survive: Single player  and online co-op multiplayer. Both modes are technically needed. This is because in single player, you get to go through the Metal Gear Survive story, to know what’s going on while learning the basics of the gameplay mechanics and more. While in Online co-op, that’s where gamers have to use their skills and everything they learned from single player and see just how good they are. It’s there where you are put to the test. Now we know their are so called ‘fans’ who don’t care about the story and go straight to multiplayer so they get a head start… not here. All rewards and progress earned in both single player and multiplayer are carry over and apply in both of the modes. So you won’t fall behind.

Metal Gear Survive in single player, is more adventurous, you could say. Now we know there are creatures that will end your adventure real quick but they aren’t the biggest problem. The biggest problem is in fact hunger and thirst. So make sure to find food and water around otherwise it’s game over. What’s cool is that you can get food and water straight from your base camp. For example grow crops to get vegetables. Off course this all must be managed. Creatures can wound you and that wound must be treated as quickly as possible. Same goes for illnesses which you can get through eating contaminated food. Yep, metal Gear Survive isn’t messing around.

The other big problem is the mist. Mist is pretty much everywhere and it’s off course deadly and extremely hazardous. Good thing players have oxygen tanks to use so they can travel through it but keep an eye on how much oxygen you have left because it isn’t unlimited. Matter of fact… Oxygen is not included. Don’t forget that these creatures are also in the mist as well and the oxygen doesn’t stop being used when in combat, it still goes down so players again have to be strategic and decide whether it’s better to engage in combat or sneak around. Multiple trips are recommended in single player as there are many secrets and materials to find. So be brave and get out there. 

Metal Gear Survive X35 Earthwalker

Now in co-op there is a lot to do and it’s more action and defence here. There are Salvage missions and side missions to consider. In salvage missions your teams aim is to place and set up a worm hole digger which harvests energy. Off course it isn’t going to be easy. Now side missions pop up from time to time. Be careful though, as you don’t want everyone to leave the base to go for a side mission. We at X35 Earthwalker recommend going for these in between waves and split your team to be on the safe side. Some stay and maintain the base while others complete the side mission. they are worth it though as the rewards you get like items and good weapons are key to defending your base here.

It doesn’t stop there, how do you defend a base without defences? You can set up machine guns and even mortars to handle creatures with ease, especially if they come in a group. There are also traps available which are perfect for thinning out hordes and slowing them down. Take away that momentum. structures like fences are pretty much the most useful thing in the game. They keep the words at bay and allow you to strike them while they are halted by the great power of… the fence. Sandbag barricades are structures don’t just block enemies but players can stand on them, receiving the advantage of elevation. This all sounds fun.

Off course you can craft weapons and items and even build and design the base how you want. This is also a big decision as the design layout. You can make things easy for yourself or hard. Gather materials to develop and improve your base camp. This also falls under management. So upgrade, reinforce and find those crafting recipes to bring out the real fire power.

We checked out some gameplay and everything looks really cool and how we imagined it but we didn’t expect some of those types of traps. It was funny to see a trap that is slippery and makes everything slip right past. Kind of like a cartoon. Very creative. The building of structures like fences seems very simple and quick which is what you need in a game like that. The creatures so far do not look impressive at all. There are three types so far: Wanderer, Bomber and Tracker. Wanderers are the standard zombie like ones. Bombers are big swollen ones that can explode and trackers have enhanced legs which they use to move fast and jump high, even over the fences you built. Making them a problem.

Overall Metal Gear Survive looks cool and is an interesting spin-off that works. Off course fans will divided on this direction but we will see. The graphics look excellent, the visuals look real good. Off curse there is time to add more to the game and give it more meat because there is quite a lot they can do with this game. The developers, ‘Konami’ did a great drop with this game. We at X35 Earthwalker look forward to seeing what metal Gear Survive has to offer. Now wanders and mist are a big problem but they ain’t too big for… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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