X35 Earthwalker Gears 5 Horde Tier list

Gears 5 has gone through a number of changes and most of them bad. Operation 8 has dropped in and it hasn’t really changed anything for us. Horde is currently the best mode for Gears 5 and it’s what we have been playing the most in groups of friends or with online random players. We wanted to do a horde class tier list because pretty much everyones sucks and they leave out crucial information. So here’s our Gears 5 horde class tier list but more of a quicker summary because it’s harder to explain through writing the than talking. Let’s take a look.

So let’s clarify. Th8s list isn’t about who does the most damage as some lists seem to be based on with heavy emphasis. High damage is very important but not everything. In the same way that having the highest top speed in a racing game doesn’t automatically make it the best car. There’s multiple factors. Turning, acceleration and some games have durability. Some tracks have many sharp turns and so a super fast car with crap turning will be terrible. So in this Gears 5 horde class list some of the things we take into account is damage, survivability, versatility and how well they fulfil their role. For example a damage class could do more damage than a support class but the support class supports the team incredibly well and is therefore better overall. So it’s not about simple silly things. X35 Earthwalker is a far better analyst and wiser than anyone else you could watch. Lastly we know that there are class combos since we invented some and wrote about it n our last Gears 5 blog post. No combos here just solo and their role. Let’s go from C tier to S tier.

C Tier 

X35 Earthwalker Robotic Expert Gears 5

Robotic Expert – This will surprise many people as we saw someone on youtube really bigging up this class. We conclude that it sucks and is the worst of the engineer classes. Sure killing enemies with an embar to heal your fortifications sounds nice in theory but practically it’s not great. For starters on inconceivable difficulty the enemies are harder to kill and require multiple shots. Also you are competing with your allies for kills. They can finish of enemies before you do. The embar has limited ammo so you have to make every shot count. If you sit back and wait for the perfect kill like a weakened scion to headshot, you aren’t pumping out much damage at all. You Could say use the embar on juvies and leeches but not only are they fast and harder to hit, they are very weak and your sentries might kill them before you do. The robotic expert does more damage than mechanic in straight up gun fights but the engineer classes are all about the fortifications and setting up strong defences. Something the robotic expert sucks at. This class doesn’t even have the card that increases your repair speed AND reduce repair cost which is something the other two engineer classes do have. Simply put, if you want damage then be something else. If you want strong defences… be something else.

X35 Earthwalker Protector Gears 5

Protector – This horde class got a major upgrade with one of the recent updates but it still isn’t enough. The protector simply put is an inferior Blade Master. Protector’s best stuff is bleed damage on melee hits and increased melee damage something a blade master also does plus more. The ultimate can create breathing room for a bit but ultimately doesn’t save you for long. The protector is fantastic for escape but not horde. The new passive of healing for 50% of bleed damage helps but it will be overwhelmed by drones with the claw and doesn’t protect you from being one shotted by boom shots and drop shots. There’s a card to boost shotgun damage but that’s pointless as the main focus and strengths is on melee attacks. If you want a strong shotgun then go for infiltrator class. The best card is the regenerative field which allows you to go in for the kill then run back to heal and get stim. Gears 5 horde classes will be tough to balance.

B Tier

X35 Earthwalker Nomad Gears 5

Nomad – We had to change our mind about Nomad. It’s all about the fear ability. People want to say armoured shot but listen up. Armoured shot is fantastic but it’s almost impossible to do as a solo player playing with random players online. The average horde player goes online with random players. You have to assume that no one will be insync with you. They do their thing and you do your thing. The only way to get stim by yourself is to execute enemies which on inconceivable difficulty is super risky. You can’t rely on chainsawing and retro charging enemies or hiding behind cover to pull them over. So many ways those things can go wrong. If you in a invited team and you had a combat medic staying sort of near you to give you stim then yeah armoured shot would make the nomad A tier for sure at a bare minimum but you most likely are solo with no one to give you stim. Nomads strength is about that fear. Spreading fear with headshots is super powerful. Combine intimidation with consecutive shots, markza mastery and acceleration with the passive of dealing double damage to fear inflicted enemies and you can really dominate the horde. The nomad has the same weakness as a number of other classes which is no defence. The nomad goes down just as fast as the others. It’s squishy and can’t stand up to anything 1v1 for the most part. Nomad can have fantastic damage but it’s a one trick class has no survivability outside of it’s ultimate, which doesn’t effect bosses. Lastly Nomads are sort of restricted to precision weapons really. So Nomad is a good class and fantastic in invited working together teams but for the average player it’s just good and we can think of other classes who are more useful or more powerful.

X35 Earthwalker Veteran Gears 5

Veteran – This class is just solid. It doesn’t have weaknesses but nothing special going on. For defence there’s a card to give damage resistance while in cover which is great. The veteran is the Gears of War representative class. It’s all about using cover and shooting with rifles. It does that well. It’s best card grants a boost to damage when your health falls below a certain threshold. This allows for the strongest rifle in the game but with a condition. The ultimate combined with the legendary card makes a deadly combo of shield and spear. The veteran is like the perfect class for beginners to pick and learn with. It’s simple gears of War. There’s nothing special or amazing about the Veteran. It has boosts to health through there passive energy upgrades, damage reduction in cover and strong lancers with protection during executions. It’s simple does exactly what it says on the box. You can’t go wrong with a veteran, good fire power but there are more powerful classes. The veteran is suppose to be all about the rifle and should have the best rifle but it doesn’t. We can think of two other classes that have stronger rifles than the Veteran and that’s embarrassing. The Veteran has to be the class we use the least. We never see a horde challenge where we look at the Veteran and say “oh yeah, it’s time”. You can’t go wrong with Veteran but you can ALWAYS do better. Two veterans in a team is not a good thing.

X35 Earthwalker Striker Gears 5

Striker – We want to put this higher. X35 Earthwalker ended up loving this class and had lots of fun with it. In the last X35 Earthwalker Gears 5 horde livestream, X35 played the striker and made the class look like it’s A/S tier. It isn’t. It’s a melee class so it shares the same weaknesses as protector and blade master. You have to get up close to your enemies which is insanely risky. Your only real weapons is also close range. If you get downed next to enemies or some distance away you put the whole team at risk. The Striker class does have tools to help though. You get stim when you inflict melee damage which is huge. You get a big speed boost when you take damage (passive ability) which can be used to run away or close the gap real fast. As you get melee kills you recharge your ultimate faster which is how the Striker gets his kills… by melee. There’s a card that gives insane bleed damage to the breaker mace which makes a huge difference. There’s also a card that gives a huge damage boost on your first attack on an enemy who has full health. So the Striker can face scions with the greatest of ease. The legendary card is weak because it only causes the explosion by melee kills and not the bleed damage that the breaker mace inflicts which is dumb design. The ultimate is like the slugger except it’s for melee. Your hits stun the enemy and has a damage boost. The ultimate + breaker mace bleed + stim on hit is a powerful combo. Then melee hits bring back your ultimate faster to repeat the process. The striker is great and only high skilled players can play this class. It’s difficult. Again this isn’t the best melee class so logically there’s no reason to pick this class either… sadly. X35 has dominated, survived and got the highest damage in horde matches with this class before.

X35 Earthwalker Marksman Gears 5

Marksman – This will also surprise horde players. Marksman are very powerful and do high damage. They make certain enemies disappear. Scion? Dead! Pouncer? Dead! Snipers? Dead! Anything with a head becomes dead real quick with a marksman around. No doubt about it. Hear the weaknesses though. The marksman is in the group of classes as the squishiest classes. They have no health boosts, no damage resistances that matters, no stim, no defences AT ALL. A drone with a claw or even a hammerburst will down you so fast it’s so sad. The marksman can’t look after themselves. Plus there are some enemies that snipers aren’t good against like sires and rejects. If those come after the marksman then they might be in trouble. Also snipers are ammo box dependant and require A LOT of ammo. Sure you can build a locker fortification to get ammo but those things cost 5000 energy which could have been used for something else. Then you have to upgrade the locker for the extra space which is another 5000. So yeah, Marksman aren’t cheap. Marksman are only good against three bosses: Wardens, Stumps and kestrels. Stumps are never really a problem so you want to leave them in the back for last so sniping them out straight away is not the best option. We saw a sentinel fly through a base to the back and shot at a marksman for like a few milliseconds and the marksman went down instantly. No health. No defence. Just critical damage. So it can’t be A tier.

A Tier 

X35 Earthwalker Demolition Gears 5

Demolition – Yep. We see you shocked, astonished, maybe a little mad about this. “X35 Earthwalker doesn’t know what he’s talking about. How is demolition not S tier?” First of all shut up and calm down. Second of all, there’s a reason why X35 Earthwalker is the worlds greatest gamer and you aren’t. Know your place. The demolition has like the highest damage damage in the game. They literally can blow everything up and spread bleed damage everywhere. The bleed damage brings back their ultimate super fast for them to do another bombing. We know all that. We have done that and more. Demolition has the same problems as the marksman for the most part. THEY HAVE NO HEALTH. They are squishy. One slap and they bend over. You can have all the explosive power you want but the moment a drone elite catches you slipping just a little bit, you on the ground begging for a revive. Where’s your fire power now? The Demolition is also heavily dependent on ammo boxes. You use weapon lockers to get around that but that’s a lot of spending but once you are set up with multiple explosive weapons and maybe some grenades, you can destroy almost anything and do mad damage. Sadly it feels like the explosive damage has been nerfed (across all classes), this means less bleed damage too. We have out-damaged a fully set up demolition before with a few other classes before which is sad. The demolition should have mostly the highest damage output. The demolition is all damage, no versatility, definitely no survivability and a one trick class. It’s just got sooooooo much damage that it forces itself into A tier.

X35 Earthwalker Pilot Gears 5

Pilot – Has the second best stim card in the game. Just shot anything and you get stim. Plain and simple. Stim for yourself though. Now obviously the strength of the Pilot is the silverback ultimate. The silverback is a boss shredder. The bleed damage mulcher shreds and kills real fast. There is a bit of versatility. You can either focus on being all about the silverback as much as possible or us the hammer legendary card and be all about the dropshot. You can focus on a boosted enforcer smg which truly shreds at close range. You could focus on the freeze ability and finish of weakened enemies. The freeze is also excellent against bosses and works with the silverback. Do not underestimate this ability as it can help easily kill anything. The Pilot can boost their health meaning they aren’t squishy but thanks to their easy stim they become sort of tanky. Also, you can get your ultimate back quite fast. Not top 5 fastest naturally but there’s a card that makes it come back faster if two of your allies are dead but that’s worst case scenario and should aim to avoid this. You can spend energy to upgrade your ultimate cool down to get it back faster too. The negatives are obvious. The Pilot is considerably weaker without a silverback. If you are going for a strong dropout build then you require a set up like the marksman, requiring weapon lockers. The pilot has alright survivability, definitely versatile and has great damage but fantastic damage with the silverback. Protect the silverback as it can be destroyed… a big weakness. 

X35 Earthwalker Tactician Gears 5

Tactician – This class is powerful and does it’s role as a support very well. It has firepower as there’s an explosive damage bleed card and you start with a boomshot. The Tactician has cards to help mark as many enemies as possible giving your teammates awareness and sight. When teammates kill a marked enemy they get their ultimate back faster which is big. There’s a card that makes teammates do more damage to enemies you mark which is very powerful. Mark the boss and big guys. Then their ultimate gives ammo to your teammates which can be a big help depending on the classes you are working with. The Tactician can increase it’s help with energy upgrades meaning it isn’t as squishy as the squishy classes. Put all of this totter and you have a very solid class for sure which deals very good damage and supports the whole team very easily. Last of all you can invest energy in explosive ammo to quickly refill all your explosive weapons while in the ultimate’s circle (range). This means you can spam lancer grenade launcher missiles, spam boom shots, dropshot or whatever. This results in massive amounts of damage and it costs no ammo. The negatives is that a 50% boost to health from your passive energy upgrades just makes you survive a bit longer than squishy but not by much. The Tactician does it’s job as a support very well, it’s definitely got damage potential, has little survivability and has some versatility. Having a Tactician on your team is a good thing.

X35 Earthwalker Architect Gears 5

Architect – This class is underrated but very powerful. It has the card to make repairs faster and cheaper, something robotic expert doesn’t have for some reason. There’s a card to boost the damage of all fortifications and it’s a rare card meaning it’s not that hard to level up. So Architect saves energy when working and has high damage fortifications. Just by staying safe for a while you get free stim which you can use to attend to your fortifications. The decoy ultimate is the star here. DON’T SLEEP ON THE DECOY. X35 Earthwalker multiple times used the decoy and it distracted the boss enemies for the longest time. No joke. A scion, snatcher and something else all kept trying to kill the decoy. The decoy can last way longer thanks to a card, where if you hit enemies with ballistic rounds while the decoy is up, you extend it’s duration. Use a lancer and the decoy stays around for the whole wave practically. That’s so strong. But wait… there’s more! There’s one card which is the X factor of the Architect’s tools. The flank damage card is insane! It’s maximum is 200%. To put this in perspective quickly, the Veteran has a card to give 60% extra rifle damage, get another 50% from energy passive spending which totals 110%. If you had a level 2 flank card, you would get an additional 70% which totals 180%. The architect with one card can do more damage than a Veteran with two cards and fully upgraded damage with energy! That’s crazy. Remember that the Architect’s flank damage card is a common grade which means it’s the easiest to get to level 6. Thatr’s so cheap that it’s good. Combine this flank card with the decoy and we got some serious free damage. It’s an engineer that can really fight by itself with a powerful ultimate that can easily turn the tide of a wave, especially a boss wave. The Architect just doesn’t have any real survivability besides that regenerative field stim card. A good card for sure but other from that, Architect is squishy, has no damage unless flanking, no versatility as there’s only one way to play it.

X35 Earthwalker Blade Master Gears 5

Blade Master – The strongest of the melee classes still. Blade master has powerful bleed damage from melee which you can get through the energy passive spending. You can equip a breaker mace for increased melee damage which means more bleed damage. The highest bleed damage in the game overall. Nothing survives like three breaker mace standard swings. As you melee or melee bleed kill you heal for half your health. There’s like two damage resistance cards for close range combat. There’s natural damage resistance through energy passive spending. On top of that there is a card to gain stim if you soak up near a tap. Stim plus all these damage resistance actually makes you very tanky if played with skill. Melee classes like Blade Master are the most difficult to use and require the most skill. So even though the Blade Master is actually very tanky it doesn’t feel that way when you rush to cut up an enemy but unfortunately it doesn’t feel that way when three enemies target you down at the same time and you get downed at their feet real quick. To add to your firepower you have your ultimate which is one of the best in the game. You can have it give you instant stim to save your life, lots of shock to stun and immobilise enemies for you to cut them up too. You become almost unstoppable and dealing massive damage. The ultimate is also a Warden killer. It cuts through wardens armour and stacks bleed so much that the warden doesn’t stand a chance. Random wardens are no longer a problem when the Blade Master is around. You could dedicate a card to make sure you have a high gaming claw for ranged combat too. There’s also a blade dancer card which increases your melee damage as you melee kill stacking up to triple damage (200%). So there’s very high damage (one of the highest), lots of survivability, a little versatility and fulfils it’s role very much so. Not S tier because there’s not enough defence to truly survive out there. Enough in theory but you can go down so fast it’s scary at times.

X35 Earthwalker Jack Gears 5

Jack – Jack is A class for sure. His strengths and weaknesses are very clear. Jack lacks damage as it’s not his job to do damage. His health is low. Those are the weaknesses. His strengths is the amount of super support he gives. Jack’s electric shocks does a little damage but it also stuns enemies preventing them from attacking. Jack could stun a boomer scion allowing snipers and others to take it out without fear. On top of that the electric has a passive effect. Anyone attacking the stunned enemy does 50% more damage. So imagine a full powered sniper hiding a boomer scion in the head with 50% extra damage. This is easier to do as Jack can cloak. Enemies cannot see Jack or detect him at all while cloaked allowing him to move around without fear. Jack has a healing beam which can be used to heal allies. Its a strong heal overpowering the damage of most enemies. This beam can also revive downed allies and since it’s a beam, Jack can repair from a distance which is very useful. This beam also repairs fortifications which helps out engineers classes a lot with fortification maintenance. jack is also one of three classes who fit the ‘team saviour’ category. We have seen Jack be the only survivor from a slaughter and sneak around, grab tags, lure enemies away, revive team mates, stun specific enemies and bring the victory. X35 Earthwalker witnessed a Jack bring victory from certain defeat. He crowned him the best random online Jack player. Jack is amazing but it doesn’t stop there. Jack’s ultimate is game changer. He can hijack and take control of a non-boss enemy and use it against the enemy. Literally take over a scion mulched for example and stack shredding the enemy. Then there’s a card that makes those controlled enemies explode for extra big damage. The hijack saves lives. Your team could be pinned down by an annoying enemy and Jack comes in and just takes that enemy away and puts it to use. Jack is so good. Jack players do need to time their hijack ultimate carefully as while you are hijacking an enemy, you can’t revive anyone. You also can’t cancel your ultimate either. So be careful. Jack’s support abilities easily outclass any weaknesses and goes straight to near the top of A tier. We rather have a Jack on our team than a demolition… that’s how good Jack is. 

X35 Earthwalker Slugger Gears 5

Slugger – [We have to now update the slugger due to more discoveries and buffs]. This one is straight forward. It’s just straight up destruction with grenades. The only Gears 5 horde class that has some sort of explosive damage increase which shows poor design choices on behalf of the developers. There’s an epic card that increases the damage and radius of grenades. When the Slugger is carrying 8 grenades which has massively increased damage, as in much more than 110%, they destroy everything. Especially when a horde is pushing through a tight area and grouped up by a barricade, the multiple grenades make them disappear quick. The ultimate is actually very good as well. The damage increase of 50% is nice but the real thing is that your bullets now stun and knock back enemies. You can literally hold back the horde by hitting each one with bullets like from the spraying of a lancer. Keep a specific enemy busy, set foes up for your team etc. It even stuns the bosses like the matriarch and carrier. This ultimate does the most in the hands of a player with decent intelligence and tactics. What made us change our mind about slugger moving it up from B class to A is the ‘power shot’ card which is new. It makes all ballistic rounds penetrate through multiple targets and increases damage. At level 6 you do 60% increased damage! This changes everything. Think about it, remember that one of the passive horde upgrades for Slugger is damage increase which at max grants 50% increased damage. So 60 + 50 = 110. Then if you activate your ultimate you have 160% increased ballistic damage. That damage passive horde upgrade is universal damage. It applies to EVERYTHING: scorcher, ballistic, explosives, heavy weapons and even grenades making it the best damage increase in the game for a passive upgrade. This makes the granges have a maximum of 250% increased damage. This also means the slugger has the strongest tri-shot and mulcher in the game! A tri-shot with 110% increased damage, landing headshots is scary. X35 Earthwalker discovered some over powered tactics and combos with the Slugger that will make you think the Slugger is S Class but it’s not that crazy. Lastly the Slugger has 50% explosive damage resistance for explosives as it’s passive but through the horde upgrades you can have a maximum of 30% damage resistance. So the Slugger can have a maximum of 80% explosive damage resistance and 60% ballistic damage resistance when combined with the card that grants ballistic resistance within 15 meters. There’s some tankiness to the class. The negatives are obvious. Without grenades, the Slugger loses the vast majority of their damage. On top of that, the grenades cost energy. So it’s constant drainage on power which is a negative. It’s ultimate can help and it’s good but it isn’t a game changer. There’s a card for the shotgun but you have to be close range putting you at risk and the reward isn’t worth it… but again, you rather be an infiltrator for shotguns. The slugger surprises everyone. It’s now a powerful class. Real solid with serious offence and some defence. The slugger has the highest damage output for simple weapons. Their grenades out damage Gunner’s tri-shot, demolition and tactician’s explosive weapons, striker with breaker mace. Those grenades at 250% would mean that if a grenade did 2000 damage it now does 7000. That’s huge. Only the demolitions ultimate does more damage. The Slugger has come a very long way. It’s actually very good.

X35 Earthwalker Mechanic Gears 5

Mechanic – The Mechanic is the best engineer class easily. The mechanic has the card that gives repair efficiency and reduces repair cost which makes a difference. There’s a card for increased fortification damage making fences and off course sentry guns much stronger. Combine that damage boost with the energy spend passives and the damage is really strong, shredding the horde. There’s a card to give fortifications damage resistance. There’s a big common card that at max level gives fortifications 175% more health! That’s huge! To give an example if a fence had 1000 health the mechanic’s fence has 2750. Nearly three times as much. So imagine a range of fortifications that deal more damage, got damage distance and has 175% more health. The horde can’t get through that. Now unlike the robotic expert and architect, the mechanic has some actual survivability. There’s a legendary card that gives the mechanic stim when he repairs fortifications. This card is powerful. X35 Earthwalker himself has faced a group of enemies looking at him by dancing around his sentry guns while constantly repairing which grants constant stim which actually kept him alive. The mechanic WAS the decoy. He didn’t die. The mechanic is an engineer class that can stand in the middle of a fight and do his job. The other engineers have to hide. The whole point of horde since Gears of War 3 was to have strong fortifications. The mechanic represents horde. It’s pure fortifications and all fortifications. On top of everything the update gave the mechanic a new ultimate. The mechanic summons (no dark magician included) and places a turret which does a lot of damage. This turret is something any ally, except Jack off course, can use and start firing. A class that hasn’t got much firepower can use that turret instead to do immense damage. The turret did more damage than we thought. The mechanic has no real weakness. It’s damage is it’s fortifications and those things are solid. Off course a swarmak and matriarch don’t care about fortifications. Mechanics have survivability and is a must have class for a horde team. Seriously, increased damage level 4 turrets with max energy spent passive damage upgrades shreds the horde without question. 

S Tier

X35 Earthwalker Infiltrator Gears 5

Infiltrator – This class is crazy. It’s basically a blade master but stronger and uses a shotgun instead of melee. The infiltrator has higher damage than the blade master, more defence than the blade master, same speed as the blade master and more survivability. There’s cards that cause immense bleed damage with the shotgun. Then there’s a card that multiplies the damage the shotgun does on bleeding enemies. Strong synergy there. Then there’s a card that gives instant stim when you kill by shotgun or shotgun bleed damage. There’s a card that grants damage resistance while you have stim. There’s also a card that increases stim capacity so you can have more stim. There’s a passive energy spend option to increase movement speed too. So the infiltrator becomes incredibly difficult to defeat. Maybe the second hardest to defeat… maybe. Then there’s the ultimate which cloaks the Infiltrator. So like Jack, can’t be seen at all. While cloaked you can execute humanoid enemies for free. So if you are trapped or about to die, you can cloak and then run away since all enemies instantly lose interest in you and go away after your team. The infiltrator truly doesn’t have a reason for dying, especially when ultimate is ready. The Infiltrator has some versatility. You can either go full shotgun and stim, being a powerful sword and shield with stim batteries and enhanced stim along with the other three shotgun cards. Or you can focus more on the cloaking as there is a card which extends the duration of the cloak called cloak batteries. There’s also a legendary card called chain which extends your ultimate every time you execute an enemy while cloaked. At level 4 each execution grants 4 more seconds. You could literally run around killing off grenadiers, elite drones, snipers and whatever you want for your team or go revive everyone and even collect cog tags to bring back alive without fear. Lastly the passive ability makes it so that the first shot you fire will automatically end your cloak but that one will do ten times (10x) more damage. One shot on a big enemy can straight up eliminate them. The infiltrator is just so strong and inflicts standard damage like no other. This is S tier without question. So don’t argue.

X35 Earthwalker Brawler Gears 5

Brawler – This is a tough one and took a lot off reasoning. The brawler is the lowest of the S tier classes. The brawler has the most versatility of any class. You can focus completely on setting enemies on fire with perfect active reloads. Use the ‘All the glory’ card to cause enemies who die from burn to explode dealing area of effect damage. You could focus solely on your ultimate with the burn and recharge card which makes your ultimate recharge faster for every enemy burning. This gets your ultimate back much faster. Then add the killing time card which extends your ultimate every time you kill an enemy with the ultimate. This allows for a seriously long and effective train of destruction. You could focus more on tackling enemies. Killing a enemy with the tackle grants instant stim to yourself. There’s a card which makes a tickle kill grant even more stim. There’s a card which let’s your tackles set enemies on fire and any enemy already burning, the tackle does even more damage, at level 5 you do 250% more damage. There’s also a card that reduces the damage you take while sprinting. You could even focus on the scorcher as there a card that increases scorcher damage and another that allows you to have more scorcher ammo. Combine scorcher cards with burn type cards and that’s a scary combo for defensive play. The Brawler can do crowd control as there’s a common crd that at max level reduces the movement speed of enemies who are burning by 60%. The brawler also is the tankiest class of them all! There’s the perk up card which at max level grants 60% more health and regeneration speed. There’s the 40% (at max) damage resistance while sprinting, There’s increasing of health through the energy spend passive system. There’s the inner fire card which grants at max level 35% damage resistance while your ultimate is available. Let’s do some quick maths. Let’s say all classes have 500 health points. Perk up makes the Brawler have 800 hp. The max energy spend gives 50% which means a total of 1050 hp. The brawler has more than double the health of snipers and demolitions and all cases with no defence. Now for the damage reduction. Assuming the Brawler has 1050 hp. Inner fire gives 35% damage resistance. So lets say a boomshot natural does 1000 damage, it now does 650. Now if the brawler was hit while sprinting with the sprint image resistance card which is 40% that’s a total of 75% resistance meaning that 1000 damage boomshot now does 250 damage on a direct hit! 250?! That’s a joke, except it’s a reality for the Brawler. That would mean a sprinting Brawler would need 5 direct hitting boom shots to get downed! No other class is close to doing that! And uneducated ignorant people want to complain and say what good is maths after school. Also the brawler has ammo regeneration which means no ammo boxes needed. Independent of ammo boxes is so good. Need we say more about the brawler? No. His only real weakness is his lack of damage. His damage is, on the grand scheme of things, weak. Relying on burn damage isn’t the best and his charge tackle like with inconceivable and master difficulty requires lots of skill and tactics to be successful. Brawler is the tankiest and more versatile of all the classes. Get great damage if focused on ultimate.

X35 Earthwalker Anchor Gears 5

Anchor – The Anchor was A class at first but then got promoted. The update helps as the Anchor now does 30% more damage with the Boltok. That makes a difference as there’s a card for Boltok perfect active reload bleed damage. More damage means more bleed damage as bleed is a percentage of the actual damage. The Anchor has good tankiness as there’s the crazy tough card which grants 60% more health. You can also increase health with the energy spend passive system. So Anchor is harder to kill and takes more. The Anchor with the passive energy spending system plus passive ability means 80% increased boltok damage. You perfectly reload your boltok and unload on an enemy, especially headshots and watch their health drain away real fast. You can increase crit damage too so even more damage which means more bleed damage. The Anchor has ammo regeneration which means you never have to pick up an ammo box. The only gun the Anchor needs is also the boltok which means the minimum amount of needs of all the classes, no need to buy a weapon or anything as the Boltok is all you need. Now let’s talk about the show stopper here which is the ultimate. That barrier literally saves lives. This barrier blocks all forms of fire including scorcher and cryo attacks. Allies can hide behind the barrier too. The passive ability of the Anchor grants any ally who shoots through the barrier 50% more damage. This is big especially if three allies rally behind the shield. There’s a card which extends your barrier for every kill you get, which is powerful. There’s a awesome card that grants stim to everyone for every bullet you take to your barrier. Get everyones attention, then stand in the open and activate ultimate and watch all your team glow with stim. Loaded. The Anchor’s ultimate comes back quite quickly so don’t worry about waiting for the life and death moment for your barrier. Use when you want. The barrier also lasts. A very long time. Incredibly long actually. We have seen the Anchor save a team with that barrier with everyone hiding behind it in the open and dealing more damage inks to the passive. The anchor has tankiness, almost invulnerability, high damage, ammo independent, gives stim to allies, quite fast recharging ultimate, doesn’t require anything, enhance damage with barrier and a team saviour class. Having an Anchor is always a good thing.  

X35 Earthwalker Combat Medic Gears 5

Combat Medic – Here we are. This class is super. Where do we begin? The Combat medic through the energy spending passive system can have more health making it tougher than other classes with no health boost at all. The combat medic has a natural rifle damage boost of 30% as a passive. This combined with it’s 60% rifle damage boost card plus the damage boost from the enemy spending passive system means the Combat Medic has a stronger rifle than the Veteran. Think about that. The combat medic has a stronger lancer than a class build around rifles and cover. That’s silly. So the Combat Medic has damage and can defend itself. The combat medic has a card to have multiple grenades which means multiple explosive damage. That’s just the simple stuff. The combat medic has helpful headshots which means that any headshot you make grants stim to yourself and all nearby allies. The combat medic is handing out free stim. This means tankiness for the whole team, not just himself like Infiltrator and Pilot. The combat medic has intervention which means that if you kill an enemy sort of near a downed ally, that ally is instantly revived. This ability is so amazing. You can wait for a juvie to come near an ally or throw a grenade to get the job done. As long as it’s a kill. Two allies once was down and X35 Earthwalker just chainsawed a reject some distance away and they both got up. The Combat medic review better than Jack who is an awesome reviver too. At level 3 the intervention card has a range of 14 meters! That’s huge. The Combat Medic has maybe the best ultimate in the game. It revives every downed ally. If all four members are down, the combat medic can bring them back up no matter where they are on the map. The ultimate also works on yourself. If the Combat Medic is downed he can still use his ultimate to get himself up. Not the best use but it works. Once the whole team was down including X35 Earthwalker. He timed it as allies crawled away. Then bam, everything got up. That’s the most epic feeling in the game. The true definition of team saviour. The Combat Medic also has the fastest Ultimate recharge in the game thanks to one card. There’s a grenade card which recharges the ultimate over halfway if you kill something with a grenade. This means that if you kill two enemies with grenades you instantly recharge your ultimate. That’s too good. You can revive a downed roaming team mate like an Infiltrator or Blade master, then use your 8 grenades and throw them all to blow up and kill enemies and get your ultimate back ready to revive another player, while giving everyone stim and dishing out good damage with rifles like the Retro lancer. The Combat medic could get a torque bow or long shot sniper and headshot drones to make the distance reviving of downed allies with intervention easier. You could instead use the damage resistance cards to make the Combat medic tougher. There’s a card that makes your team revive repair fortifications. There’s even a card that makes it so that if anyone kills an enemy you marked, the killer gets a ton of health for it. We talking 1500 health. There is different ways to play the Combat Medic but one style completely outclasses the others but there are still options though. The only real downside is that the Combat Medic is ammo dependant. X35 Earthwalker has never failed a horde while being the Combat Medic. Combat Medic is in our opinion the second best class in the game. Solid damage, more than a veteran. Good survivability, the only class able to do something after getting downed. Versatility, multiple ways to play but there’s a clear best way. The ultimate team saviour, it’s ultimate is too good. Excellent team support, it gives free stims and has the best stim card in the game and can revive others at a distance. 

X35 Earthwalker Gunner Gears 5

Gunner – Last but the exact opposite of the least. The Gunner is in our opinion the best class in the game! It’s the best combination of attack and defence overall. The clear negative is that you need to hold a heavy weapon but once you have one, it’s a whole new game. All damage you inflict with a heavy weapon heals the Gunner. So you can stay in the fight longer than others. On top of that there’s a card called bait armour which makes it so that whenever you take damage you gain damage resistance for a period of time up to a maximum of 60%. 60% is huge, so combine that with the self heal willow damaging. The gunner beats elite drones and their claw weapon blow for blow. The heal and damage resistance over powers the damage. If you rock with the tri shot you deal immense damage. Tri shot alone is so darn powerful but it can get headshots which is even more damage which means even more healing. The Gunner has ammo regeneration for chain guns like the tri shot and mulcher making the Gunner ammo independent as heavy weapons are the only guns it needs. The ultimate is one of the best in the game. You become completely invulnerable to damage. Melee, flames, explosives, bullets, torque bow… it doesn’t matter. No damage at all. Also The Gunner is the only class that can survive a torque bow stuck in him. If you get hit, you can activate your ultimate before it explodes, you negate all damage. There’s a card that recharges your ultimate for every bullet you hit enemies with mulcher or tri shot. This makes your ultimate come back incredibly fast. Second fastest in the game. By the way, your Ultimate doesn’t just make you invulnerable, it also reflects the damage enemies send your way (if it’s ballistic rounds) right back at them. This is further enhanced by the bleed card where every damage reflected back causes bleed damage. This allows for gunners to 1v1 bosses like stumps, Kestrel and swarmak. These three use ballistic weapons. A Gunner can just stand in front of them and activate the ultimate when it shoots at you. Watch it’s health drain away. It’s actually funny. The Gunner also has a team resist card which grants huge damage resistance to the whole team for 6 second the moment you activate your ultimate. This can easily save your team in a serious fight. There’s also a battery card which makes it so that as you get hit by enemies your allies ultimate recharge faster. This is a very good support card also. There’s even a card that gives yourself and nearby allies explosive damage resistance up to 32%. This has easily saved lives before like from boomshot area of effect damage. The Gunner has very high damage, the best survivability, great support effects and INVULNERABILITY. The Gunner is the only class that can solo the horde by itself. The Gunner can stand up the horde and survive… X35 Earthwalker has done it before. Matter of fact, we had a match where the whole team abandoned us at wave 6. X35 Earthwalker was a Gunner and the other ally was a Gunner too. They beat the whole horde match by themselves. Off course those cowardly traitors were replaced by bots but bots aren’t as good as good players. Still all the waves even wave 12 was defeated by two Gunners. No other two horde classes can do that. Not even two Combat Medics, definitely not two demolitions. Maybe two mechanics… if the stars aligned but even then things can easily go wrong. Only the gunner can do that. We will upload a video of the last wave as proof. The one true Gunner weakness is sires. Even the ultimate doesn’t save you from their grab ability, it will stick rip your head off. Even so, the Gunner is the best. Number 1.

That’s our tier list. The best tier list. The list isn’t in order amongst the tiers themselves. We just wrote about them in whatever order we felt like within the tiers themselves. We aren’t saying the protector is better than robotic expert. We just wanted to write about the robotic expert first. The information we put here isn’t in full eat as it’s long to write and we are way better at talking about points than writing. So take this as the summary. Now it’s clear some classes are better than others but none are better than… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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X35 Earthwalker Warden Gears 5

Gears 5 has another huge problem caused by the developers, ‘The Coalition’. This is terrible as Horde mode is the best thing about Gears 5 currently. Versus isn’t fun. We already spoke about the problems with versus and so won’t echo it here. This is about the Horde mode. Yes we are aware of the changes coming in the next content drop and what changes are coming to certain horde classes. That has it’s own problems too but that’s for another time. Let’s take a look.

Now Horde has a big new problem that we noticed for some time now and it’s completely turned us off of horde. When you get to wave 8-12 the game will sometimes throw in a ‘Random Warden’. We call it a random warden because it feels random even though there is most likely a pattern. The problem here is that it makes everything so much harder and ruins everything for the most part. First of all who’s the guy or person who said that Horde on inconceivable difficulty wasn’t hard enough? Who was the guy who requested or suggested adding a ‘Random Warden’ to spice things up? Idiot! Many players like X35 Earthwalker (obviously not as good as X35) play with random players so the amount of team work we have is considerably less. Dealing with a warden is more of a teamwork thing, not a solo thing.

X35 Earthwalker Gears 5 Horde

If you don’t have the right horde classes on your team, then beating a warden becomes a massive problem. The blade master is an easy counter but most players aren’t blade masters. The Warden most of the time sprints straight towards you and requires attention while the horde pushes on you. X35 Earthwalker as a gunner was holding down the entire left hand side of the map all by himself… after all he is the best Gears 5 player in the world. Hie entire team was on the right fighting at the base. Warden shows up in the wave. Eventually X35 see’s the downed symbol of a teammate, then two downed, then someone executed. X35 can’t go over there because he’s facing DR-1 oppressors, annihilators, and numerous enemies. Soon only one guy was left alive over there. Then X35 was the sole survivor. Then almost solo-ed the entire horde by himself while being chased by a warden. By the way, the survivor modifiers was on for that horde frenzy meaning if the whole team dies, it’s all over. That wasn’t fun. No one on the right side of the map had the actual means to beat that warden by the looks of it. All four got folded… like hoes. That’s not fun. We even in another match had two bosses show up which is normal but they got joined by a warden. Why?!! Who’s dumb idea is this. Once again the coalition has no idea what they are doing. 

X35 Earthwalker horde modifiers Gears 5

Next issue is the some of the modifiers themselves. They make things too ridiculous. Once again you are mainly with random players who do whatever they want for the most part. There’s a modifier called ‘even stronger enemies’ which makes enemies do 3 times more damage. That’s stupid. Remember that when you beat wave 4 the enemies do 2 times more damage. Then another 50% damage boost after wave 8. We talking about 350% more damage! A simple drone elite and even a simple deebee bot will down the whole team solo if not careful. It’s stupid. Then there’s modifiers that create chaos in combos. The freezing bullets modifiers is an example. The grenadier with the overkill was able to instant freeze a sniper class character from a good distance away. This caused instant death. The worst is when the drones can freeze you. Snipers, not so much at all. Some modifiers just straight up make things boring, prevents you from playing how the class should be played. The elite drones do too much damage as well but we have already talked about that. So imagine trying to deal with a rushing warden who’s got twice as much health, with random players, none has a direct counter, with a horde that has cheap modifiers coming after you. Again it’s not fun. We have beaten horde with ‘Random Wardens’ multiple times but it was boring and ruined things. 

This is just two issues we brought up here. There’s more to say like how slow class progression is and that it takes too long to level up. Which is harder to do with the increased difficulty, single modifiers and ‘Random Warden’. When you fail, you don’t get the big prizes meaning you spent all that time getting to wave 12 just to get nothing. Those pity cards and 1 star doesn’t make up for it. We have been playing Gears 5 much less now. Since Horde was what we came back for but now that’s not fun a lot of the time. The Coalition once again is messing up and making decisions that ruin their game and makes their numbers get smaller and smaller. Now Gears 5 may be getting new content but it’s current state isn’t good enough for… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Gears 5 horde classes X35 Earthwalker

Gears 5‘s current best mode is easily horde. No question about it. Due to the coalition never listening to actual wise feedback versus has lost so much players and attention. Escape is fun most of the time  as some challenges are just unfair and you need an actual team to get good results. Horde is the best and it’s gotten some changes, so X35 Earthwalker the best gamer in the world and universes ultimate strategies, is going to just talk about horde classes. Let’s take a look.

Now some of the classes got recent updates. Let’s just cover those first. Anchor and Combat medic got buffs. Anchor now does 30% additional pistol damage while Combat medic have 30% additional rifle damage. These were good changes and should have been done a long time ago. Anchor and Combat medic were underpowered. Demolitions mark duration actually lasts far longer now, like it was suppose too. The Brawlers soothing warmth card works with scorchers now. Not sure why it didn’t work before. There was a few others but you can go to the official website to read about them. Now that’s out of the way.

Demolition and infiltrator Gears 5 horde classes

We heard some people doing what seems like a tier list for the horde classes and majority of these guys aren’t that good at it. Someone said that demolition and infiltration are S tier classes even though they were suppose to take everything into account. Here’s our problem with this. Infiltrator should be A class because it has a major problem. You have to get close range! That alone is a big problem if you are playing on Inconceivable difficulty where a elite drone can down you with what feels like 4 bullets from their rifle. If you make one mistake or even miss a shotgun shot, you will die. Demolition’s problem is the same as infiltrator as they both have no health boosts meaning they go down the fastest out of everyone. The difference is that Demolition doesn’t have to get close. They can stay in the back but if they ever get pushed, it can be a serious problem. Both classes are pretty much the kings of damage though with consistency if done right. The demolitions ability to blow up everything, get their ultimate back real fast and then blow things up again, makes it the top not just boss but horde killer. Infiltrator can evaporate a boss if they firstly make the boss bleed, cloak, get a perfect active reload and then fire their shotgun (overkill preferred). If you master these two, then there’s truly nothing that can stand against you. X35 Earthwalker plays both classes and he is said to be the best player of these classes in the world. His main frustration with them is, as we mention before, how fast they die. A pouncer can one shot you. So if you make a tier list then take EVERYTHING into consideration like how much health they have and survivability. Sure they are the kings of damage but other classes like Combat Medic, Brawler and Tactician all survive longer and takes more hits. So demolition should be S class while infiltrator should be A class.

Gunner Gears 5 horde classes

Now let’s talk about gunner class. Overall the Gunner class is the most solid class in the entire game. It’s has the best balance of offence and defence. Good versatility too, with the best ultimate ability in the game overall thanks to what it can do in various situations. Sure the demolition does the most damage with his ultimate but you need to set it up and if something runs up to you your ultimate can’t save you in time. Not a problem for Gunner though. Let’s break this down semi style. The gunner can do heavy damage if equipped with a tri shot can do immense damage, especially when you get headshots. There’s a card called bait armour which gives excellent damage resistance for every bullet you take making you harder to kill. Your ultimate makes you invincible. You also reflect all ballistic damage back to the sender. You combine this with the bleed card and you have the nastiest combos. Multiple times I would see a group of ballistic weapon wielding enemies and just rush out there get their attention then activate ultimate. Watching them kill themselves is so much fun. Big enemies like DR-1’s and guardians with tri shots are worthless against Gunners. Bosses like stump and kestrel get completely demolished by gunners. 1v1 the Gunner class beats everything. Only a few things like a matriarch gives real problems. The Gunner overall therefore is the best class with solid offence and defence with the best ultimate. Gunner is so powerful. We sort of recently uploaded a gameplay video of Gunner gameplay against the horde on inconceivable difficulty. Go check it out, it’s on our Bitchute and youtube channel.

Anchor Gears 5 horde classesGunner Gears 5 horde classes

Class combos are where it’s at. Gunners work fantastically with Anchors. Anchors especially with their buff is now pumping out big damage. The Anchor’s ultimate is powerful. It stops everything. Ice, fire, explosives, bullets, torque bow etc. It stops everything (except something walking through it). It also lasts for a very long time, especially with supportive cards, which make it last longer or extends based on specific kills. This shield brings one of the nastiest combos in the game. X35 Earthwalker, Diamondz L45 and N63 Prodigy not held back the horde but pushed the horde back. Big difference. Diamondz L45 as the Anchor used the shield. X35 and N63 were both Gunners and stayed behind the shield firing at everything. Remember that firing through the barrier increases damage by 50%. It didn’t matter what was in the way. It died. All their attacks failed while we destroyed with loads of bleeding damage and heavy weapons. Seriously, we pushed the horde back. We were the monsters. Then when the barrier finally went down, one of us gunners went in front and used our ultimate. Funny thing was this was during a bold wave and our two teammates were back up in the base running for their lives from a matriarch. Now there are many more combos that make some things overpowered. Literally broken… but figure them out for yourself.

Robotic expert Gears 5 horde classesMechanic Gears 5 horde classes

Now we saw someone online say that the Robotic expert is better than the mechanic. That is terrible thinking. People can have an opinion but some opinions are just dumb. We compared the two classes with their cards and it’s one sided. Mechanic is better hands down. This doesn’t mean robotic expert is bad. Not at all. It’s still good just that when it comes to their main function which is building fortifications, strong defense that keep the horde back, Mechanic does it better. Straight up Mechanic has the card ‘Reinforced Fabrication’ which at max level increases all fortification health by 175%. That’s nearly 3 times the amount. So a quick example if the standard barricade has 1000 health, then the Mechanic’s barricade would have 2750 health! Huge difference. Remember this applies to all fortifications including guns, decoys etc. Not only more health but there’s a card called ‘Overload’ which increases the damage of ALL your fortifications, not just guns. At level 4 the damage increase is 30%. Combine that with your personal upgrades (which you spend energy on) you can increase the damage even more to make guns shred like no other. There’s also the ‘Efficient Fabrication’ card which reduces the initial cost of fortifications. At level 3 this card has a 25% cost reduction. All those savings add up.

Quick example. You start horde with 10000 energy. You can normally buy 5 barricades with that as they cost 2000 (we are not counting the passive ability discount). For mechanic each barricade costs 1500. So the mechanic can buy 6 barricades and have 1000 left over to go towards something else or for repairs etc. Also the mechanic has healing repair which grants stem as you repair. This helps with survivability immensely. Where the robotic expert and others would fall, the mechanic would survive. I, X35, have stayed at the front lines repair and moving behind my fortifications and repairing as they got damaged which gave me stem. The horde was mostly focused on me, who they couldn’t kill while my team killed the horde with my sentry guns. Robotic expert has ‘Precision repairs’ which means that every time you kill something with a precision weapon like ember or sniper, your fortifications get healed which is very powerful. You can communicate with your team to leave wet enemies for you to kill to instantly heal your stuff with having to spend energy big saving. That’s the best thing about robotic expert. Also Robotic expert has the MUCH better ultimate. A DR-1 is always better than two tracker balls. developers need to buff Mechanic ultimate or give entirely new one.

Architect Gears 5 horde classes

Speaking of engineers. The Architect class is one that we slept on the most. This class we can argue is actually better than the robotic expert class. I know, that’s crazy talk, especially since we hate the promotion classes as they are garbage. Still are… except Architect. Regenerative field gives stem if you don’t take damage for 8 seconds. Combine that with stem capacity which increase the maximum amount of stem you can have, makes you hard to kill.. harder than the robotic expert. Top of the line is the same as the Mechanics ‘Overload’ card which boosts fortification damage but it’s a rare card, not epic so it’s easier to get and max out. Architect fortifications do far more damage than robotic expert’s. Hologram extent seems like that one brown card. It at level 1 extends the duration of the hologram ultimate ability by 50% when you hit an enemy that isn’t facing you. This means, in theory, your hologram which detracts the horde and attracts them, can last the whole horde wave as long as you hit enemies with the snub pistol from the side or back. That’s over powered if it works as described. So you have easy to get shields, distract enemies with ultimate, fortifications shrewd and do massive damage and then keep the ultimate lasting forever with a few snub pistol shots. Sounds like an epic plan to me. We have seen someone use the architect and they actually impressed us. Only one player did it so well. Not our strategy but they did better than the mechanic or robotic expert we had before on the same map and conditions. We might just try this class next.

Now we saw someone make a tier list for the horde classes. They had a category labelled ‘never use’. He put nothing in there which automatically tells us he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Yes, there are three classes that should never be used on inconceivable difficulty… for the most part. Slugger, Striker and protector are the worst things in the game. Protector is the worst but this the best ultimate of the three. The protector to sum up is an inferior Blademaster. Anything the protector can do, the Blademaster does better and more. Striker can be good IF you have a breaker mace but then those cost money (energy) at the fabricator and can be destroyed by enemy ballistics which is stupid by the way and should be taken out of the game. Enemies can literally break your breaker mace by firing at it. The ultimate is basically useless as it’s no damage increase but does knock enemies away which is bad if you are a melee class. You want enemies close to you. We tested the ‘stem siphon’ card and it didn’t work properly at all. Not all the hits generated stim. So it’s trash. If you have breaker mace, get in, hit something to killl and get out. then you can work with this but progression in levelling up classes is horribly slow in this game and the best cards are too far away. Again Blademaster is better is every way. Lastly Slugger is the only one that stands above the other two and can be used but in only one way. The ultimate can be useful. Your shots knock back and stun enemies. You could activate your ultimate and shoot each enemy you see with one bulle6 from your lancer and that will stun them. Meaning you can lock down all the enemies or critical ones allowing your team breathing room and time to fight back. So the ultimate could save the day. There’s two cards that give some power: Grenade capacity and Modified frag. So increase the number of grenades you can carry and then increase grenade damage. Think about it. Grenades only cost 500 and every time you buy them, you get the maximum amount you can hold. Imagine a group of enemies approaching you and you hurl 8 grenades at them which do increased damage. That’s destruction. Then quickly by more by staying near the fabricator and repeat. If only the slugger had grenade bleed damage, then it would rise up the ranks rapidly but sadly no. It’s described as a shotgun class but it’s an inferior Infiltrator. So there’s truly no reason to ever use Protector (2nd hand Blademaster) and striker (3rd hand Blademaster). Slugger (2nd hand Infiltrator) can be used but only in one way and there’s always a better class.

We could go on for a very long time about the classes, their strengths, weaknesses, combos, issues, nerfs and buffs and more but we have to leave it there. Ended up typing more than originally planned. So yeah, appreciate that. Now there is lots to say about the classes but there’s far more to say about… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Gears of war 4 is going on strong and most gamers seem to be happy so far with only a few complaints. X35 Earthwalker himself is very vocal about this. What many consider to be the hardest thing about this game is completing horde mode. Normal difficulty is too hard for just your standard gamer. Hardcore difficulty is is impossible for most gamers while ‘insane’ difficulty is impossible unless you have a fully organised team who communicate and has some moves on them (skills). Our favourite part of horde is the class skill system. This must have been carried over from gears of war Judgement but improved. You can be any class you want with any character you want. For example if you select ‘Hoffman’, you can make him any class you want.

There are five classes in horde. They are: Soldier, Engineer, Heavy, Sniper and Scout. Each one has their own strengths (obviously). To complete or stand a chance against normal, hardcore and insane, you will need to have high skills for the class you want to be and in order to do that, you must play as that class to level up to unlock extra skill slots (max = 5) and collect horde skill cards from booster packs. The skills for your class add small extras that add up like reduced reloading time,  increased weapon damage, more ammo or even fabricator abilities. We must say though that the fabricator abilities can really be game changers. If you choose to master all classes then that’s up to you. We truly prefer to have at least two or three classes and focus on building them up instead.

Scout is basically the one who never stays still. They are in charge of collecting fabricator energy as they can have the skill to get extra energy everytime they drop it off at the fabricator. So a high level Scout can change a 1000 energy drop off into a 1500 energy drop off. That extra amount can make a difference. The Scout has power skills that when combined are destructive that you may mistake the Scout for the main assaulter. They also have other skills that, makes your health regenerate faster, increase movement speed, increase shotgun damage, increase your health and more. There are two epic skills for the Scout: Rage and X-Ray. Rage allows you to gain health whenever you deal melee or shotgun damage while X-Ray allows you to see enemies through walls while in Tac-Com. When you combine 5 different skills together you can make an invincible Scout. You could combine Rage, health regeneration, health boost, brawler and shotgun damage to make a near impossible to kill, close range monster. 

Heavy is the one that dishes out heavy damage with big guns and explosives for days. If there’s a big monster that needs taking out (and not to dinner) the call in the heavy. Heavys have skills that boost there explosive and heavy weapons damage making them even stronger than before. At a high enough level your boom shot will be able to to pretty much one shot everything. Don’t get me started on what happens when you give a high level heavy a salvo. They also have skills that, increase explosive weapon capacity, increase turret damage, increase turret capacity, increase your damage dealt to marked targets and more. There are two epic skills for the heavy: Mortar strike and Pistol Expert. Mortar strike is a fabricator ability that calls down mortars to strike and harm numerous enemies all at once. Pistol Expert increases the damage dealt with the pistol per bullet. When you combine 5 different skills together you can make an endless explosive Heavy. You could combine explosive launcher capacity, explosive launcher damage, Explosive launcher reload, marked damage and mortar strike to make a grim reaper who constantly keeps blowing things up regardless of where they are.

Sniper is obviously the sniper who relies on the headshots bring things down real quick or finish them off. When there is something at a distance that has a head, a sniper will be able to one shot it. Snipers have skills that boost the damage of sniper weapons like markza and sniper rifle and the damage that headshots do. A high level sniper can help thin out the horde before they get to the team. They also have skills that, reduce the reload time of precision, increase the number of enemies you can mark, fabricator ability to mark all enemies at once and a bit more. There are two epic skills for the sniper: Explosive headshot and Sniper strike. Explosive headshot makes any kill by headshot explode damaging anything nearby. Sniper strike is a fabricator ability that allows you to hit numerous enemies with sniper shots to the head. When you combine 5 different skills together you make a one shot one kill marksman. You could combine precision rifle damage, headshot damage, precision rifle capacity, precision rifle reload and sniper strike to make the sounds on shattering skulls a constant tune for your team to listen to.

Engineer is the one who is in charge of building and maintaining the base and it’s fortifications. When you want a turret, barricade or to repair then the engineer is hands down the best at it. Engineers have skills that increase the health of fortifications that he/she builds (it has to be the engineer), reduces the cost of fortifications that he/she builds and some more. A high level Engineer can prevent anything from being destroyed and make the base defend its self. They also have skills that increase sentry capacity, reduce sentry cost, increase sentry firing rate and efficiency of the repair tool. There are no epic skills for the Engineer. When you combine 5 different skills together you can become the best building/repair man ever known. You could combine the repair boost, two turret skills and two sentry skills to make machines of mass destruction which will be hard to kill if you are nearby.

Soldiers are the ones who fight main combat force of your team. There job is to fight, fight and fight some more. They lay down heavy fire and protect your team. Soldiers have skills that enhance the traditional fighting style of gears of war. There are skills that increase the damage bonus you get for getting an active reload, reduce the amount of damage they take when in cover making you harder to kill while giving out more damage. A high level soldier can take down anything with ease become the wall you need between your team and the horde. They have skills that increase rifle ammo capacity, increase rifle magazine size, increases the damage of grenades, increases the amount of grenades you can carry and more. The soldier has one epic skill and it’s the most epic of them all:. It’s called ‘Hammer strike’. Hammer strike is a fabricator ability that allows you to call in a hammer of dawn on numerous enemies, destroying them all like a boss. When you start combining the different skills you can make a true slayer of every kind of monster. You could combine rifle damage with rifle ammo capacity and grenade damage with grande capacity and finally with hammer strike to make it so that little enemies and big enemies can be taken out in an instance and save your team when surrounded.

The soldier is by far our favourite class and is also the favourite of N63 Prodigy and X35 Earthwalker himself. Diamondz L45’s favourite is the ‘heavy’. Each class is useful and serve their own purpose; however we feel that the one class that a team can do without is the sniper. Don’t get us wrong they can be destructive but we feel that heaves and soldiers could kill better. Put a sniper in a soldiers hand who has the active reload skill card can do more damage than normal anyway. You only need one scout to collect fabricator energy and doesn’t need another in their way. Have at a least two soldiers, one engineer to hold down the fort at least one heavy to blow stuff up. The combinations are plentiful and what makes hide even more fun. Lastly there are general skills that can be equipped to any class. They are: Build cost which reduces the cost of everything you build with the fabricator, Carry speed which increases your speed while carrying the fabricator or heavy weapons, Execution bonus which increases the amount of energy executed enemies drop, Fortification health which increases the health of all fortifications you built (this stacks with other skills) and Team revive which is a fabricator ability that instantly brings back all downed and dead allies. So many combinations.  

So take it easy with horde and don’t get discouraged if you fail a few times, I am sure everyone has. Keep playing to get the coins to get booster packs and get much stronger. For more information check out the link below:



Gears of war has always been a game loved by us for years. We have played the game since gears of war 1 and each release has made us happy. Gears of war 4 has made a big success and pleased many gear fans from campaign players, to horde players. Gears of war 4 was released October 11th 2016. The campaign was our least favourite of the game modes. This is not because of the fact that the ‘swarm’ aren’t as cool as the ‘locust’ at all. This is because we feel they could have done much more concerning the plot. You discover that the ‘locust’ (spoiler alert) didn’t really die but instead have been mutated into a new enemy. We felt that this new enemy which didn’t make a large impact. When the locust showed up they had the whole of humanities attention and really did rock the earth. The swarm felt like a private matter that literally a handful of soldiers was able to deal with. We didn’t get much action from the cog. We thought maybe the cog would tackle the swarm themselves and in the game we would see a scene where an army of ‘Deebee’ machine soldiers going up against the swarm in a big battle… but nope. Instead we see five robots fight a small group of swarm and that’s it. Gears of war 4 could have done more with all this. Also we felt that ‘Del’ was just the one liner, comical relief guy. He didn’t come of as significant really and really disappointed in that. Dom from earlier gears of war games was way more significant.

The mutiplayer is very good. The multiplayer game mechanics here feels like a mix between gears of war ultimate edition and gears of war 3. It would have been better if they kept it like gears of war 3. It seems harder to casually play the game types that you want as social is based on votes while match making is all ranked or versus bots. Again gears of war 3 felt better but we do see why they done it this way. This way game types that are less popular have a higher chance of being played. The shotgun once again feels like the only weapon to use in the game, especially once they nerfed the hammer burst. Now there isn’t really that much to help players counter the ‘gnasher’ shotgun. The ‘Enforcer’ smg is not good enough. The clip size is too small, if you miss a bit then you won’t have enough to down an enemy. In gears of war 3 you have the sawed off and retro lancer to help stop ‘gnasher’ shotgun worshippers in their tracks. Off course those ‘gnasher’ users complained everytime they died to one and the game developers removed them to please those gamers making this game less beginner friendly as new gamers will die all the time until they learn to use the ‘gnasher’. Judgement was the best at balancing weapons we believe as rifles were actually ruling the mid range battles (Like they should), after all they are rifles. From when a shotgun can beat a rifle at mid range shows there is something wrong. The executions of the weapons are back and there are some awesome ones, especially the ‘tri-shot’ execution. There seems to be less executions than ever before in gears of war 4.

Horde mode is back and better overall. As usual it’s up to 50 waves and they can get brutal real quick. The difficulty has been amped up. Many say that it is in fact too hard. Some can’t beat it on normal difficulty. X35 Earthwalker himself has completed fifty waves of horde on insane in gears of war 3 but explains that horde in gears of war 4 is more than a step up in difficulty. This is also due to the fact that getting fortifications is harder because of the new ‘fabricator’ system. In order to build anything, even caltrops, you need to collect fabrticator energy which you primarily collect from the dead bodies of enemies and secondly from completing wave challenges. The amount you get unless, you are the highest level scout, is so small that you must go many waves without anything which should not be the way to play horde. Horde is about having base and placing defences to help you survive the whole thing. Not going fifteen waves without anything because you really need to save. The bosses make the whole getting and keeping fortifications harder as two of the bosses make the whole process pointless. The ‘Snatcher’ and ‘Kestrel’ are the worst. The Snatcher can leap and just straight up charge right through everything and reach you within seconds. Kestrel just fires over cover and flies wherever it wants,bombing everything you ever held dear to you. In the higher difficulties these two almost means instant death. The horde class and skill system is good though as it adds more replay value and adds a new layer to horde. Upgrading skills is a real pain though as you need packs to get more skill cards but getting packs require golden coins which take long to get. It does become a grind.

Overall the whole game is great and having a lot of fun killing, executing and receiving hate mail from online gamers. Just add options to counter the gnasher, create an free add on to the campaign, give more gold coins per horde and multiplayer matches and readjust the fabricator system in horde and the game will be multiple steps better. The devlopers, ‘The Coalition’ has done a great job.

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