X35 Earthwalker. Seven Doors

Seven Doors is an atmospheric puzzle game developed by ‘Indigo studios‘ and published by ‘Soedesco‘. Seven Doors is said to be coming out the 21st of February 2023 on the Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS5 and PS4. It’s already out on pc though. Seven Doors moving to consoles. X35 Earthwalker has nothing against doors. Let’s take a look.

Seven Doors doesn’t have a story. It’s just a series of tests and puzzles. There’s seven doors and behind each door there is a different area with a different challenge. For example the first door is called ‘The empty library’ and it’s not an active room at all. You actually have to find something to progress but nothing holds your hand or tells you what to do really. While the second door has some riddles. See what we mean. No help for you. Just raise your IQ.

X35 Earthwalker. Seven Doors

That’s it really. Seven Doors has seven doors which have their own unique puzzle to solve or mystery to figure out. It’s all intelligence and good thinking abilities. The atmosphere is said be different for each room. since the game is simple it has to make the smaller factors matter a lot. There’s apparently “dangerous and spooky situations”. We wonder what these would even look like. We do know there are some creepy things in a room. So yeah, have fun with that. What’s also cool is that chess is involved at some point. So if you don’t know how to play chess, then you gone learn… or don’t. Up to you.

X35 Earthwalker. Seven Doors

We checked out somer Seven Doors gameplay and it’s what we expected. You go through each door and solve the puzzle. Maybe even decipher languages. By the way, remember when we said there is no story. That’s true but there is one thing. Read this quote, “We’re waiting for you behind the last door… If you arrive…”. They are speaking in the plural. So multiple people or beings waiting for you if you succeed. Think about that for a minute. They hopefully better build of that and put it to use. Do not leave that information in and then forget about it.

Overall Seven Doors is what you expect. Seems like a good game. It’s for gamers who like puzzles. It’s just the player and puzzles. So get to it. The variety is there and it’s just a space for you. You can relax and have a different experience from other games. The developers ‘Indigo studios’ have done a good job. X35 Earthwalker will have to hear how this game goes with the gamers. Now Seven Doors may have puzzles but there aren’t enough doors for… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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