X35 Earthwalker Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is a good game. It has its problems and they are very clear but we are focusing on the combat. Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin has fantastic combat gameplay and mechanics. X35 Earthwalker has gone crazy in the combat and off course mastered it. So we can take his word for it. We will keep this G-blog quite short. Let’s take a look.

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin has fast paced combat. If you aren’t trash and actually play on high difficulty then this game will be difficult. Some enemies will trash you and even making one mistake can lead to death at times. Players will need to have good reflexes and a decent level tactical mind. There’s multiple styles, mechanics and abilities. If we dived in ands broke things down then this would be large G-bog for sure.

The main thing is that there’s multiple classes which can have different weapons from maces, swords, dual blades and even your fists. Each class you can enter the battle settings which determines your weapon (if your class can handle multiple weapons), combo abilities, equipment and command abilities like Light bringer. This is where all the customisation and style design takes place. Equipment level determines your character level. Combo abilities can be done in specific sequences of attacks and can truly lower enemies break meter. command abilities allow for powerful effect that can change the course of the battle. Command and combo abilities both require MP.

Now if you are a lower level than what the level recommends, then you will actually suffer in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin. The enemies will do much bigger damage but even worse is they drain your break gauge extremely fast. Once the break gauge is drained you are temporarily just sitting there. Meaning you get punished heavily. This is another reason why combat is intense. On high difficulties and being a bit under levelled or facing a really strong enemy, the battles become very intense. You have to focus, time your attacks and dodge/block everything. Getting hit once really costs you. Also the enemies break gauge is harder to reduce as well. Sometimes those fights are the better ones.

Players must be careful of their health and, manage their MP wisely as both can go down really fast. Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin has multiple options for multiple things. You can straight up block or use the soul shield. Soul Shield lets you block an attack and restore MP while also increasing your max MP. You can also quickly follow up a successful soul shield with an attack. So why use regular block like ever? Well that’s because unlike soul shield, blocking can block against multiple attacks in rapid succession. Soul shield blocks that one attack. So any attack like a volley of projectiles counters soul shield as you block the first projectile but all the others will strike you.  Soul shield also drains your break gauge making stunning you all the more easier if used wrongly. So pick which defensive option based on the enemy and situation.

X35 Earthwalker Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

There’s a few classes that truly dabble in magic. The mages are powerful and can bring out some serious effects and attacks. The sage is better as it can use both attack types of the mages. elemental attacks and powerful buffs for yourself and the team. There’s even an Ultima attack which completely destroys all things… most of the time. Strongest attack in the game and is a boss slayer. Then there’s the Ninja class which has resources exclusive to the class which can be used to activate a few powerful abilities and even perform elemental attacks or throw shurikens (regular and big). Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, smartly, allows you to switch between your two selected classes. So switching up the abilities and getting optimal is an option here.

Overall the combat in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is excellent. The combat is the best thing about the game. When you master it, memorise enemy attacks and upgrade your classes, the combat rises to a different level. You end up really enjoying it. Soul shield, combo abilities and then finishing them off. By the way, the executions for these enemies are very good for the most part. Skeletons get stepped on, head ripped off and then used to destroy them. Flying bird hybrids get swung and smashed into the floor… hulk and Loki style. An aquatic enemy gets its back broken. Final Fantasy Origin: Stranger of Paradise do need to add more flavours to the combat and give players more free control when it comes to elemental attacks. X35 Earthwalker sees all the changes the need to make but this ain’t the G-blog for that. Now Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin may have excellent, fun combat but it’s still not up the level of… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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