Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor was one of those games that many looked forward to. It had a lot of hype and man was there a lot of content on youtube concerning this game from CoryxKenshin, Markiplier, 8-Bit Ryan and more. There was quite a lot theories being made as well. Even Game Theory got in on the action. There were multiple betas for the gamers to play and some alphas. The developers Dynamic Pixels truly did work hard on this game. We are going to talk about the disappointing stuff about Hello Neighbor. The stuff we didn’t like.

Now the difficulty of puzzles and the amount of thinking increases drastically with each Act. The sad part is that there is only three acts. We at X35 Earthwalker and some others thought there would be more. The game is actually quite short if you cut out all the time you spend on puzzles. It makes us wonder if there will be DLC in the future maybe. We actually expected a bigger adventure, more missions etc but we aren’t the developers. Now off course there were many glitches and issues but they weren’t game stopping glitches. The most annoying one is when you walk through items or boxes and then you get launched into the air for some reason. The funniest one was when X35 Earthwalker threw a box at a window to break the window but instead the box went right through the window with breaking the glass. We caught that on livestream.

There isa seed in Act three that you can plant and then it grows into large tree which is suppose to give us an item when fully grown. Sounds great but the problem is that the tree takes forever to grow. It has been stated that it takes 3 actual hours to grow completely. Three hours! That’s stupid. We ain’t got that kind of time to chill in Hello Neighbor. Now maybe Dynamic Pixels thought that if players found the seed and planted it the tree would have grown by the time they get through all the puzzle solving, searching, hiding and running away from the Neighbor. This isn’t guaranteed as the seed was pretty much the last thing X35 Earthwalker found so that means he had nothing to do while waiting for the tree to grow. It’s suppose to give a golden apple we believe. So didn’t like the tree mechanic at all.

Act three was ruined. This is because Act three is exactly the same as the beta that the developers released for gamers to play. This means that a bunch of people already knew what to do because either they played that version of the beta or they watched CoryxKenshin and Markiplier play through the whole thing. We think this is a fail on the developers side. We get that maybe they wanted to make sure everything worked properly but you can’t release an the whole actual level of Act 3 of the game as a beta. The thing is, this didn’t have much effect on us because we never played the beta so it was sort of new for us. Which is why we spent a long time trying to solve everything and do every puzzle bit by bit.

Next is how cryptic Act 3 is. Now we know that the puzzles do force gamers to slow it down and start thinking but this was too much for many. For starters unlike Act 1 we have no clues of what to do. The only ones who do know played the Hello Neighbor beta or watched it. Finding the mannequins was a hard task. One of them you can’r reach until you get a code which must be inputted through buttons on the wall. You need binoculars to see far and find the code yourself. Another mannequin is hiding in the highest room of the house directly in front of you from the front of your house. How was anyone suppose to know that one is up there? You can’t see the mannequin through the window. You need to firstly use an object and super throw something to smash open the window. Then get to the top of the house and jump of with an umbrella (which surprisingly can support our weight) and glide through the window to the grab the mannequin. Finding the four cakes is no easier and getting the gramophone with the red record wasn’t easy either. You have to get the globe, then freeze the globe, then place it back on it’s stand and then race to the top before the ice melts to get it. First of all you can’t just place the globe, you have to use the interact button to snap it in. Also the only clue we get about this globe freezing water thing is a map next to the globe which has a pin on the Antarctica. Cryptic anyone?

Hello Neighbor leaves to many things unexplained. How did the Neighbor’s children go missing? We see him crying by some missing posters. Worse we also see something dark, glowing white eyes and an evil presence watching the neighbor. What is this thing? we have seen it more than once in the game but no explanation as to what it is. Is it a symbol as in just showing that the neighbor has his own demons. Or does it represent the one who stole his children? In Act one we saw the neighbor lock something in the basement. When we get in there, we don’t see anyone or anything. He wasn’t wrestling with the air right? After being trapped in the room if you look through the keyhole, you will see a cardboard cut out of a boy rise up and unlock the door for you, allowing you to escape. Cardboard can’t do that by itsself. We don’t know what happened to the neighbor but he seems sad at times like at the end when he sees us through the window, like we mean something to him which is strange. We get an achievement which says “like father, like son”. So who’s the father and who’s the son? It can’t be the character we play as we got kidnapped by him and we ran away like he’s a stranger. Why wouldn’t he recognised the neighbor as his dada if that’s the case. maybe he was too young and didn’t know? Then why would he live exactly opposite from the neighbor. We know that the neighbours wife died and so our characters mum couldn’t be the neighbours wife. Also if we were adopted or taken away by social services then why are we put on a poster as missing or living directly opposite the man? We have come up with some awesome theories but they are all just theories… a game theory (Sorry guys). Too much questions. 

Lastly is how the Hello Neighbor ends. After protecting a young version of our self from a giant dark entity we have a quiet place with just a door and a part of the neighbours house. The neighbor looks sad and has a dark entity knocking on his door. If we go through the other door the character wakes up and starts moving his things into his house to live there again. We then watch a continuous loop of the character carrying boxes. nothing else, no hidden cutscene after the credits. Nothing! This was incredibly disappointing because of all the questions we are left with. It wasn’t satisfying at all. Now we are aware that a game like Hello Neighbor has to have secrets and hidden things that will give more clues or information. We know there has to be more but a standard player wouldn’t find those things but instead wait for others to find to find it. Like seriously we first think the neighbor is all bad but then we learn he lost his wife, kids go missing and has something dark haunting him by the looks of it. He looks sad when he sees us and tried to approach us but couldn’t. What happened to him? Is he okay? his house is burned down. Too many questions. 

Overall we did have a lot of fun playing the Hello Neighbor but we were disappointed for sure. Too cryptic, three hour waiting tree, so many questions, glitches here and there, not an epic boss battle, too many unanswered questions and a unsatisfying ending. Off course just highlighting the bigger stuff Hello Neighbor. We were really disappointed with the game. It was still fun with many laughing moments but disappointed.

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Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor is a first person puzzle game developed by ‘Dynamic Pixels’. It’s coming out the 8th of December for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Gamers are are all getting ready to move into their new house and face their cunning neighbor. Let’s take a look.

Hello Neighbor is a game that needs no introduction really. It was all over youtube and played by many of the biggest you tubers around. Millions of views and lots of videos. Gamers play a man who moves into a new neighbourhood. Things seem normal but then we become fixated on our neighbour who lives opposite us and make it our duty to break into his house, sneak around and get into his basement. I know it sounds like a game for creeps but you know you are going to play it… so what does that make you (think about it).

Hello Neighbor’s story really got the interest of gamers. Games with good mysteries have a good chance of standing out. The neighbour isn’t a normal guy. Some theories suggest that he is working with the devil. some say that he kidnaps children for rituals. Some say his mannequins contain the souls of past neighbours who got in his way. It’s so mysterious that even YouTube channel ‘Game Theory’ got involved. Either way it’s clear that something is up with the neighbor. For starters he is always wearing those black gloves like he’s messing with chemicals twenty four seven or very hygienic. Look at him!

Hello Neighbor - X35 Earthwalker

Now sneaking into the Neighbouo’s house is one thing but getting around and solving the many puzzles is a totally different situation. Go through the door, climb through a window or drop in from the roof. There are many padlocks requiring different colour keys, many items like magnets, key cards, crow bars, flash light etc which all have their own purpose. There are normal doors and then there are doors that look like they were designed by a drunk cowboy builder. Now why is this so hard? The answer is the Neighbor. He is an advanced A.I. He is constantly moving around the house minding his own business. He can hear for sounds and will investigate any unusual noises. He will at times sleep, other times work out and do stretches or even pee in the toilet. If he sees you then you have a problem.

The Neighbor in some of the beta is faster than the players but in the latest alpha you are equal speed. Either way he is fast. Meaning if you take those corners too wide, he will catch you. If you hide in a obvious place, he might check that place out, discover you and catch you. If you lock doors thinking you are safe in the storage room well he will break it down and then catch you. What happens when he catches you? No one knows but just promise us that you won’t cry. The neighbour adapts to your tactics and approaches always. So after you respawn you may find bear traps set up around doors that you like to use. You may find some doors locked. You may find some security cameras in certain hall ways which will snitch on you if they see you. He may stay by certain areas more if you are normally seen there. It gets worse.

Hello Neighbor - X35 Earthwalker

Being chased is the worse as you are blasted with loud dramatic music for the chase which also doubles as your cue for when he stops chasing you because the music then stops. He can throw glue to slow you down or at one point bear traps. We aren’t sure of other abilities and skills that the Neighbor will have as now it’s the complete and final game which must have received lots of feedback and comments. The neighbour may get a weapon as the game progresses. He may set up decoys or net traps. he may use that mechanical shark which we saw in the second beta. What we do know is that his movement and parkour skills are getting stepped up making him a bigger threat than before and harder to get away which makes sense as this is supposed to be an advanced A.I.

After finally unlocking the basement, the game is over… actually that’s not true. That’s just the start. The basement in itself is a whole new thing. Later builds revealed that the basement is pretty much a maze. Winding paths, contraptions set up, fences, gates, keys and even a dangerous presence… friendly? We think not. So Hello Neighbor isn’t going to be a simple game. it’s obviously clear that it’s large, very deep and a mysterious story. X35 Earthwalker himself and even Diamondz L45 are excited for this game and to see what is happening. What’s the real deal with the neighbor? Why does his house look like that? What’s up with the mannequins. Below is some Hello Neighbor alpha 2 gameplay by CoryxKenshin.

The final build will have a bunch of new stuff and after so many betas and alphas the gaming community just couldn’t wait for this one. Now there are some concerns from us at X35 Earthwalker about Hello Neighbor. In the latest alpha build the player can learn certain abilities to deal with the neighbor like being invisible when crouching and even knocking the neighbor of you when he grabs you. These were cool but they defeat the whole purpose of the neighbor making him less of a threat, and less scary as it’s incredibly hard to lose with those powers. Last point. Why is everyone saying that the neighbor has issues and that he’s the problem when it’s the players who have nothing better to do than spend their day breaking into their neighbor house constantly. Matter of fact, the neighbor is a nice guy for not calling the police! We know we would!

Overall Hello Neighbor is going to be a great game. we just hope the developers don’t get too carried away or mislead and end up ruining it. The graphics good for the style that it has. Surreal. Hopefully the sounds are on point. The developers ‘Dynamic Pixels’ did an amazing job. Please keep it up. We at X35 Earthwalker are definitely looking forward to Hello Neighbor. Without a doubt. Now the neighbor may be up to something but he he certainly ain’t up for… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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