X35 Earthwalker Lords of the Fallen (2023)

Lords of the Fallen (2023) is the new massive action Role Playing Game developed by ‘Hexworks‘ and published by ‘CI Games‘. Lords of the Fallen is said to be coming out the 13th of October 2023 on the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PS5 and pc.  X35 Earthwalker conquered the first Lord of the Fallen game. Lords of the Fallen coming back bigger and better. Let’s take a look.

Lords of the Fallen (2023) is stepping everything up from the first game, which was a lot of fun, good experience and good game. This new Lords of the Fallen game takes place “more than a thousand years after the events of the first game” in Mornstead. So so much has clearly happened. X35 Earthwalker was a honourable person in the first game and lived through all those many years. For you regular gamer bums out there, you died and will dive into this whole new world… crazy world.  So pick up your weapon and get to it… Ready or not.

X35 Earthwalker Lords of the Fallen (2023)

Now what’s happening? In Lords of the Fallen there’s this demon god called Adyr who was a cruel tyrant. He got defeated. These gods will always come back eventually. Adyr is trying to pull off a resurrection. You as “one of the fabled dark crusaders” is going to stop this… hopefully. So this means players will need to journey through both the realms of the living and the dead which off course will be loaded with threats, dangers and bosses. So expect a big story with lore and encounters.

The enemies are always going to be a big focus of games like this. When you create a big fantasy world, especially a dark world. The expectations for there fore’s and monsters are going to be big. We need dangers of every size. We need creatures that look hellish or cursed. We need threats that can intimidate the player on first sighting. We need foes that can’t be handled and maybe best to avoid… for now. We need things that give chase and punish cocky players. We need things that are deceptive and give players the wrong idea when encountered. There’s so much room for darkness and scary stuff that it has to be used. Lords of the Fallen need an excellent cast of monsters and creatures roaming and alive in this world AND the expectations are higher when it comes to the realm of the dead. We want hellish creatures in the true sense.

X35 Earthwalker Lords of the Fallen (2023)

Lords of the Fallen now has a “vast, interconnected world, more than five times larger than the original game.” This alone is a big step up from the first game and already changes the experience. We hear there’s going to be lots of NPC quests thanks to there being multiple characters. Who they are, what they say and their behaviour will matter due to the setting here in Lords of the Fallen.

What’s the best thing about Lords of the Fallen? Maybe the fact that you can invite a second player into your adventure in “uninterrupted online co-op”. Why it’s not the best thing though is that it’s online co-op and not local. What is with game developers who lack the wisdom to understand that gamers want to play with family and friends OVER online friends. X35 Earthwalker rather grab a second controller and explore with a sibling over random dan online. MAKE MORE GAMES LOCAL CO-OP!!!  

X35 Earthwalker Lords of the Fallen (2023)

The realm of the living and dead are both big and described as expansive in Lords of the Fallen. They are obviously parallel so maybe remember this. Both have their own style of obstacles. It’s actually quite common sense. The realm of the living will have buildings, groups, intelligent life, armies, wild creatures, curses and stuff you would imagine in a weapon wielding, cursed open field world. The realm of the dead is about the darkness and nightmares. Expect terrors to be there… lurking. By the way, you travel through both realms thanks to your special but dark lantern. 

Lords of the Fallen has character customisation. Apparently there’s a “wide array of visuals options”. We will be the judge of that. There’s also 9 character classes. This is actually exciting. They can get so creative with it. Don’t let us down. Some classes are: Rouge, knight and a fire apprentice. Interesting. Like before, players can upgrade their stats, spells, armour and weapons. Lords of the Fallen did have a better system concerning the weapons and stats over Dark souls. We actually preferred Lords of the Fallen over Dark souls as well. Rumour has it, that there are “100s of uniquely brutal weapons”. There are off course spells and attacks of arcane. Very interested to see how spells and arcane is used in Lords of the Fallen especially seeing what Elden Ring did with theirs. 

X35 Earthwalker Lords of the Fallen (2023)

We checked out some Lords of the Fallen gameplay and it’s what we expected. Definitely looking good too. We like the buildings designs of some. The dark looking age is clearly seen. The imagery are still a bit cowardly. There should be more disturbing images for the setting of Mornstead and what it’s gone through historically. Some foes look monstrous but we aren’t intimidated yet. We see snow, mines, destroyed places, burning places, some valley and rocks too. Variety is there. The combat looks familiar. there’s clearly;y a Loy going on here and that’s good to see. Apparently you can “even manipulate the very soul of your foe” thanks to the lantern. We wonder how this will be implemented in a consistent and meaningful way.

Overall Lords of the Fallen is looking like a fantastic game so far. Clearly lots of work went into this and we respect that. We also like the whole death system where if you die, you have one chance to return to the living and you must do so before the creatures of hellish nature get you first. The combat is looking sort of fast paced. bosses will either be around out size or enormous. Hopefully we can meet some characters who become allies. The developers ‘Hexworks’ have done an excellent job so far. We at X35 Earthwalker will keep an eye on this game. Now Lords of the Fallen (2023) may have a vast deadly world but this world is too safe for work for… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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