X35 Earthwalker Gears of War 6

Gears of War 6 is off course in development. There’s no way they will let Gears of War end in Gears 5. We are just going to be talking mainly about what Gears of War 6 needs to be great. It’s obvious that Gears of War has been going downhill. Many players have left the game and the developers have made bad decisions. It’s bad and things need to change. Only X35 Earthwalker is wise and intelligent enough to advise and know what needs to be done. Let’s take a look.

Now if you search right now for information of Gears of War 6, you will find websites that claim to have information with titles like ‘Everything we know’. Yet they have no information, just speculation. A complete waste of time. No shame. Desperate for views. X35 Earthwalker is greater, better and above all those others. If the developers, the Coalition, do not listen and continue down their stupid path of pleasing the Gnasher only using losers, Gears of War will continue to suffer and players will, as they have already, go to other games. Make Gears of War great again.

X35 Earthwalker Gears of War 3 is the best

First of all Gears of War 6 should be called ‘Gears of War 6’. Not Gears 6. That’s stupid. Call it Gears of War 6. We all recognise, grew with and love Gears of War. Gears isn’t good enough and doesn’t sound cool. When someone types GOW, we think Gears of War… not god of war. Next they need to bring back unlockable rewards. What do we mean? Remember Gears of War 3… otherwise known as the best Gears of War game. It had prizes and rewards for players who did certain things. For example if you got 1000 kills with the Lancer, you unlocked this and if you got 2000 kills with the retro lancer, you unlocked this, etc. These feel rewarding, gave a sense of progression, things to aim for and not everyone had everything. There was variety. Your skins and characters showed others that you accomplished this and that. Aaron Griffin was a rare one. You got him through accumulating so much wealth in horde. You had to spend a lot of time in horde to get that kind of money. So when people saw you with one of the coolest characters in Gears of War history, they knew you put in work.

Speaking of Aaron griffin, bring him back! the coalition are so stupid and have not wisdom or good decision making skills whatsoever. Gears 5 didn’t get an Aaron Griffin at all. The current best character and many players were looking forward to him but he didn’t show up at all. What a disappointment. Give players the characters they love. Not some random pilot dude who only showed up in a dlc and we didn’t even know what he looked like. We don’t care for that character at all. X35 Earthwalker does care about Aaron Griffin. Players like super star Cole as well. There’s a lot we can say but wise people don’t say everything. For example Gears of War 6 needs to bring in Beast mode from Gears of war 3. That mode was excellent in concept and just needed some touches to perfect it but a fun and very good game mode indeed. Bring that back as well. Like we said, we won’t say everything.

X35 Earthwalker Gears of War 6

Next is to make rifles useful again. We have done multiple G-blogs that have included or talked about this already. Rifles are suppose to be the main weapons of the game. Marcus holds a lancer. The Lancer is the star iconic gun of the game… not the gnasher. Rifles are a joke overall and rifles get removed or nerfed all the time to make gusher more and more dominate. It’s a gnasher only game now. Lancer is useful only when two or more players focus an enemy. Solo players suffer. Gamers like variety and we like to play with more than just one weapon.

Lastly… for now… bring back variety of weapons. Gears of War Judgement was the best at this. So many weapons and so many options which allow for different gameplay styles. Long range and support with markza. Rush and aggressive with sawed off and gnasher. Rifles made up the cover based and positioning battles. Gears 5 has no such variety of gameplay style. You play every game and match the exact same way. Lame. Stop catering to the gnasher only losers who get excited from stroking the gnasher. These guys are a much smaller size of the player base. Think about the ants and needs of the other larger size base of players. Gears of War 3 is the best hands down. Be more like 3. Bring back the Retro Lancer. If you are too trash of a player to handle players who use the retro then play with the bots and develop strategies to deal with it.

X35 Earthwalker Gears of War 6

Simply put, there’s a number of things that the coalition (the developers) need to do. If they don’t then expect Gears of War 6 to lose players also and for Gears of War to continue top be mocked and laughed at. Gears of War use to be up there with Halo… Halo! As pillars of Xbox. Not anymore. Do something right for once coalition. Use your brains. X35 Earthwalker is off course looking forward to Gears of War 6. Now the developers suck, that’s obvious and that’s according to… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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