Far: Lone Sails

Far: Lone Sails is a new vehicle led adventure game developed by ‘Okomotive‘. It’s coming out somewhere later this quarter of the year on the PC but even later for the Xbox One and PS4. This game looks very different but how good is it. Let’s take a look.

Far: Lone Sails sounds quite simple. Basically you control and travel across an ocean but their a plot twist… the ocean has turned into a desert. Players are following tracks of a once flourishing civilisation. Who they are, where they went and what happened is not known. It won’t be a simple journey as there will off course be obstacles and worse hazardous weather. This means players will have to recognise what weather is happening and what must be done to the ship in response. This game sounds a whole lot more like a vehicle simulator than an adventure.

If you haven’t guessed by now, players can upgrade their vehicle to match and overcome the obstacles and natural hazards in Far: Lone Sails. As you continue this journey and get further along you will come across buildings and relics that provide information concerning the people or civilisation that the players are currently tracking. So basically creating a sense of progress and reward. 

Far: Lone Sails

Now Far: Lone Sails is taking a different direction from everyone else. The scenery and surroundings look perfect for certain dried monsters to rise up and attack but this will not be the case here. Far: Lone Sails will have no monsters, no zombies, no rebels etc. Instead it’s just the player, their vehicle and probably the weather or ocean or whatever you want to call it. We at X35 Earthwalker appreciate this direction the developer are taking but so far we haven’t heard anything that gets us interested. We don’t need monsters and blood but so far nothing has caught us. 

Vehicle maintenance is key here. You will have to put out any fires, repair any damages received.  and operate the whole thing yourself like raising and lowering sails, adjusting vehicle settings and more. The whole game looks very nice too. the details to the vehicle are excellent. You can see everything. Very cool. The background and visuals have a very nice art style. Giving some clouds that smoky effect. There is no doubt that a lot of work and effort went into Far: Lone Sails.

We checked out some gameplay and it’s a bit more than what we thought at the start but not that much more. You re a little person with a big vehicle which you control. Going from left to right. Slow movement, stopping to make adjustments and then moving on. Yes you can leave the vehicle to do stuff but your main key is the vehicle, never forget that. Again we have not been grabbed by this game. Is it interesting… yes. Is it exciting… no.

Overall Far: Lone Sails is a good game. It’s good when you look at it for what it is. No it doesn’t compare to Gears of war, Outland or Super Mario. It’s a totally different game and must be seen that way. We conclude that it is good. Only some gamers will like this type. The graphics and music are very good. The developers ‘Okomotive’ did a good job with this game. We at X35 Earthwalker aren’t looking forward to this game but we know others are. No matter how much you upgrade a vehicle it can’t keep up with… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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