X35 Earthwalker Valheim

Valheim is a survival adventure game developed by ‘Iron Gate‘ and published by ‘Coffee Stain studios‘. Valheim is said to be coming out the 14th of March 2023 on the Xbox Series X and Xbox One. It’s already out on pc and when it was we never heard of this game. Valheim is making its way to Xbox. This game has finally caught the attention of X35 Earthwalker. Let’s take a look. 

Valheim is set in a sort of purgatory but viking style. Basically you died in battle because you suck. You got carried to the ‘tenth world’. Now you have show that you’re the boss here. So face the monsters that odin dropped here a long time ago. Hopefully you can earn odin’s favour and get out of here… maybe to valhalla.

X35 Earthwalker Valheim

Valheim large world and there’s lots to see here. So get to it. Exploration is a big part of this game. Check out the locations when you have the time. There’s forests and we mean big forests. There’s mountains and rumour has it they are quite cold. Valleys that look a little too friendly and off course the sea. Get a ship and start sailing. Maybe build a little place for yourself.

That’s right… build. You can build in Valheim. Construct bases, fancy buildings, viking longhouses and maybe more. There is customisation for your buildings both the inside and outside. There’s a building tier system as well. The higher the tier the more you can upgrade, expand and have the means to defend your base. Hopefully there’s a base defence system and actual events. 

X35 Earthwalker Valheim

Not just building in Valheim but also crafting off course. Make sure to gather materials to craft your weapons, armour, tools and ships. You can even grow fruits and vegetables. You got to eat off course. Survival is at the core of Valheim. So there’s progression for sure. You will do the traditional  start of trash and make your way up to the top. 

X35 Earthwalker Valheim

Now off course is the bosses. More like monsters who are a menace. Apparently odin dropped these guys here, so beating them should prove your worth and allow for progression in this world of Valheim. We currently don’t have any faith in these monsters being impressive, scary or even intimidating. Hopefully they are something to talk about.

We checked out some Valheim gameplay and it’s sort of what we expected. It’s got something going on, that’s for sure. The world is the strongest point about Valheim. Nothing else is truly standing out but we are interested in the level of depth to the crafting, building and customisation. The caves be looking kind of clean though.

Overall Valheim is looks like a good game so far. We aren’t impressed with it though but these kind of games is what some gamers truly dive into. The graphics are good for the graphic style. The world is excellent. Some factors aren’t clear but oh well. The developers ‘Iron Gate’ have done an alright job. X35 Earthwalker know exactly what survival games need to be top tier. Now Valheim may have a large purgatory like world but it would have been conquered instantly  by… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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