Light Fall

Light Fall is a new 2D platform game developed by “Bishop Games“. It’s coming out in March on the Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PC. This game has got a number of fans excited and looking forward to it. Let’s take a look.

Light Fall takes place in the forgotten world of Numbra. Off course like any other game the land is in trouble. Imminent danger. Players control a small little black flame looking dude which has the shadow core. The shadow core is key for success and survival for there are many challenges and enemies along the way. We definitely hope the enemies are actually interesting and pose a real threat to the players. 

It says on Steam that, “Control the shadow core and use it the way you see fit”. Now this can’t be true. Games like this normally have obstacles that require a certain way to get past them. This means at most there could be two ways of doing this. You can smash through certain things. Use the core as a platform meaning it’s quite limited, so we will have to see how much freedom we are actually given.

Light Fall

What’s interesting in Light Fall is that the dark prevails over the light. Probably one of the biggest mechanic of the game is the side kick. The side kick is ‘Stryx’ who is described as a old and grumpy owl. This owl will either give you useful advice to help you or will mock you when you fail. Stryx is also  Light Fall’s narrator. So players may not like this owl but we are sure it has a lot to say so make sure to listen to it.

Light Fall does offer a lot for gamers to do. It’s suppose to be a large world. There are many locations to explore like the Vipera’s Forest, Lunar Plain, the unknown Depths and even the Marshlands  of Sorrows. There are alternate paths and short cuts sort of like Super Mario Bros 3.  Also for the completionists out there are hidden Easter eggs and off course collectibles. At this point, games like this need this kind of stuff. So it’s more than just a simple platformer.

We checked out some gameplay and from what we have seen it looks cool. There is a free mode where you get complete control of the shadow core but then your character stays still. The movement seems quite quick, the wall bouncing is nice. Also when and where you jump of objects or hills effect how far you go, so things like getting a running start does change things. You can use the core to smash things, block lasers, push buttons etc. There are what seems like bosses to beat in the future like Orlog, Shen and Firas. The difficulty seems very low, especially since you can create a platform at will multiple times to cross large gaps. We hope it gets real difficult.

Overall Light Fall seems like a cool game. Graphics are excellent, animations are great here. Definitely made very well and has the setting and concept to definitely stand out but we haven’t seen anything that makes us at X35 Earthwalker want to play it. This game is similar to Outland but Outlamd set the bar far too high. Games like Light Fall do not reach that bar. So we would rather just play Outland again. Light Fall needs to answer why we should bother with this game. We will have to see.

The developers ‘Bishop Games’ did a good job with this game but we have written about other games similar and this one doesn’t stand out more than the others. We at X35 Earthwalker need to see more of what Light Fall has to offer. Now the Light there may be falling but there is one thing that can’t fall and that’s… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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