Sea of Thieves

Sea of thieves as you should know by now is a shared world adventure game developed by ‘Rare‘ and published by ‘Microsoft Studios‘ is one of those games that has a lot of potential. The developers,  have done a very good job with this game and there are million of players currently. As we hoped, they didn’t stop there. More has come to Sea of thieves. Now the only update that has yet to come is the Forsaken shores. We are only just talking about these different updates.

Most of the new stuff has already happen by now. The cursed sails was the second and is most likely the more obvious of the three. Basically some undead crews are also roaming the seas. This is the one of the things we mentioned in our first G-blog about Sea of Thieves we were hoping for skeleton crews who are hard to kill to sail around and give some players a serious run for their money… or should we say loot. Sort of like Captain Barbossa in pirates of the Caribbean, curse of the black pearl. Cursed sails also brought in a new alliance system and a new ship type. The skeleton battles was a temporary thing but we hope they bring it back.

Sea of Thieves

The newer one that most are talking about is the forsaken shores. This update is suppose to be available the 27th of September. Forsaken shores opens up a region called there devil’s roar. Now this area is friendly nor is it safe. There are rocks being launched from volcanoes which can destroy your ship and you along with it. There are geysers which naturally you do not want to be near when they activate and thanks to all that heat and fire, some waters are too hot for even the toughest pirates to handle, especially when it’s superheated. Those are just some hazards, so expect more. 

It’s quite obvious that the developers are working hard to make Sea of Thieves a major game. One update that got a lot of players excited was the hungering deep. A giant super shark basically that hanged out at a certain location and when conditions are met, it shows up to battle pirates. It was huge, intimidating and many didn’t know what to do about it. When you look at all these things and everything else in Sea of Thieves you can see the potential. We at X35 Earthwalker have many ideas and we hope they have the creativity that we have and get some more big exciting stuff out there.

Overall if you are already a Sea of Thieves player then you have much to look forward too especially since an open shared world game like this relies on the new updates and additions. If you have never played then do your own research and see for yourself the growth of the game and how many players are already out there before making your decision whether to join this world or not. The developers have done well. Now Sea of Thieves may have some big things coming but all of them are small when compared too… the ‘Earth Walk!’ 

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