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Predecessor is a new Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game developed and published by ‘Omeda Studios‘. Predecessor is said to be coming out the 28th of March 2024 on the Xbox Series X, PS5, PS4 and PC. X35 Earthwalker is the leading expert in game design and knows what MOBA need to get right. Predecessor is not messing around when it comes to the action. Let’s take a look.

Predecessor isn’t just a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA). It’s called a Next Generation MOBA. Just one look at Predecessor and you can see that it is. Predecessor will obviously remind players of other famous games in the same genre. The two are clearly Paladins and Overwatch. Both are great games. X35 Earthwalker prefers Paladins. Predecessor so far looks like it’s easily going to better and bigger than both of these. Next Generation doesn’t just mean visually better but also can mean mechanics and depth. Predecessor isn’t playing around here.

X35 Earthwalker Predecessor

Predecessor has numerous characters. We mean over 30 characters and these lads and ladies have loads of variety and distinct from each other. We love that. Just taking a look at the cast and you can probably see them being in different games and universes. We got Narbash who looks like a tribal nature loving ork. Gadget who is all about tech with a tech suit and gadgets. Zarus looks like a reptile tribe warrior who while old school living but powerful weapons. Sparrow is the ranger, so all about bows and arrows… let those arrows fly. Iggy & Scorch are the heroic pair. One is the small mini goblins looking thing while the other is almost like a discount two legged dragon who love fire. Riktor looks like a monster that got infused with technology like an experiment gone wrong. Sevarog looks like a dark reaper of souls from Destiny or something like that. A monster for sure. There’s much more and they look from cool to straight awesome. Also the female characters look strong and beautiful. Honestly the ladies look cool and range from friendly humble looking to, ascended dangerous or evil to rocking and cool. All character design overall is fantastic.

X35 Earthwalker Predecessor

There’s tons of abilities in Predecessor. Each character has passive, basic, alternate, primary, secondary and ultimate ability. This alone is bigger than other MOBA games. 6 abilities per character opens up variety, mechanics, combos and different situations. For example let’s look at Sevarog. Passive is ‘Reaper of Souls’ which means you gain a soul when killing with an ability. Souls grant more health and siphon damage. Basic is ‘Crush’ which is a simple melee hit. Alternate is ‘Phantom Rush’ which makes you dash forwards and through enemies. Primary is ‘siphon’ which harms all enemies in front of you with a hand and then heals Sevarog. Secondary is ‘Subjugate’ which calls down a dark energy attack which roots and later slows foes. Ultimate is ‘Colossal Blow’ which is a big swing on enemies and sending them flying. So the goal with Sevarog is to get in close and smash enemies, fish off with preferably siphon to gain health, reap souls and get more health. If team weakens a group then Colossal Blow will get a big multi kill and lots of sounds. Become super tanky and trap foes with Subjugate. Remember this is just one character with 6 abilities. There’s over 30 characters in Predecessor.

X35 Earthwalker Predecessor

The main goal here in Predecessor is to complete objectives which gets you gold. So killing minions, enemy heroes and off course towers. Use gold to buy items that affect what your heroes can do. This includes going invisible, teleport and even freeze time. Items also can improve hero attributes like health, power and speed. So players are rewarded for playing well and being active. Even minion hunting matters and allows for upgrades. This reminds us of the system in Paladins. Thee upgrades truly matter and make a difference. This off course ends to more synergies with characters and items ands then the whole team for what might lead to broken stuff.  

We checked out some Predecessor gameplay and it’s what we expected. We like how the game looks graphically. Obviously more maps will been the way and all the characters will be up and ready. Over time you know more characters will be introduced. We like how some of these attacks really look. A few attacks do look lack luster though like Line Temp for Shinbi. Games like this are incredibly hard to do right, specially when int come to balancing. they can’t be quick to do patches yet. Nergs are better to do than buffs and this needs to be done carefully and with proper data. 30+ characters doing their own thing and effects is going to be tough. Especially when counters are a factor too. We look forward to seeing how all this is handled. The 1v1s on Offlanes, the chaos open the Midlanes and the fights for camps in the Jungle.  

Overall Predecessor looks fantastic. Definitely looking Next Gen and has the mechanics expected of something Next Generation. The graphics and visuals are top tier and it shows that serious work went into this game. The special effects and the attacks are worth having a viewing gallery off. The amount of abilities and mechanics, with the combinations of match factors allows for a lot to happen and variety in the game. The developers ‘Omeda studios’ have done a fantastic job so far. We at X35 Earthwalker are excited to see what this game truly brings. Now Predecessor may be Next Gen but it’s still many leagues behind… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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