DOOM was released the 13th of May 2016. We love this game and even to this day it is still entertaining and can get you excited. The decision to make DOOM similar to the ultimate Doom and Doom 2 was for the best as that’s what all the long time Doom fans are use to and waiting for. Doom 3 and Doom 3 resurrection of evil were good games. Those games took a more survival horror approach and it worked well but just isn’t the Doom formula. DOOM is non stop action where destruction is everywhere.

The campaign has one major flaw… the story. There isn’t much. We know that the previous Doom games were like that. It was a simple story about how you need to kill everything and get from point A to point B and then point C. This isn’t a bad thing. Not every story needs to be big and complicated but with this new DOOM coming out after years, there is more than enough room for something epic to be taking place. Here you are doom guy (off course) and you wake up, chained down on a table/altar thing, to seeing some demon monsters coming for you so you break free and easily kill them. Then you learn that there is a demon outbreak happening in the facility. So you do what doom guy does best… kill everything. The game does a good job of showing that doom guy isn’t a talking character and just pure mad action, pretty much blood lusted all the time. He smashes monitor screens, doesn’t know how to take things out gently and unless you restrain him first, he will attack you. The campaign is just demons after demons and the different types makes things a quite interesting. Explosive barrels carelessly left around for you to use to your advantage and now thanks to the ability to jump, the mobility has been stepped up. Death from above anyone?

All the classic weapons are back. Pistol (no flashlight), shotgun, heavy assault rifle, chain gun, plasma gun, super shotgun (everyone’s favourite), rocket launcher, BFG 9000 and the brand new guass cannon which is basically high accuracy concentrated beam single shot blaster. What’s very new and makes a big impact is the fact that each of the weapons has mods now. Basically some small modifications to the gun. Firstly you must find the mods throughout the campaign. For example the shotgun has two mods: charged shot and explosive shot. The charge shot allows you to briefly charge your shotgun to release 3 rapid fire shots with tighter spread. While the explosive shot allows you to fire a explosive round like a grenade launcher. If that wasn’t enough each of the mods can be upgraded to make them even more devastating. like reducing the charge time for the charge shot to be available, increasing the rate of fire of the burst. Wait! It gets better. When all the upgrades have been done, you get the chance to unlock the final super upgrade by fulfilling certain conditions like hit a certain amount of enemies directly with the explosive shot. Since we at X35 Earthwalker are real nice we will tell you what the final upgrade to the explosive shot mod is. Basically any direct hit with the explosive shot will release cluster bombs that cause extra damage. Great for big demons. So getting all of these things will take some time and keep the player going. We have unlocked all and can confirm that they make things so unfair for the legions of hell.

The multiplayer is crazy. Just like the campaign it’s nothing but fast paced, weapon blasting, destruction. A lot of effort went into multiplayer. The multiplayer actually has some weapons and features that campaign doesn’t have. The new guns for multiplayer are: ‘Vortex rifle’ which is basically a chargeable sniper rifle, ‘Burst rifle’ which is as it’s called a burst firing rifle, ‘Hell shot’ which is an argent energy burst firing weapon that can be like an incendiary launcher also, ‘Lightning gun’ which fires a short range constant stream of electricity and can electrify walls and floors, ‘Static rifle’  which is a precision weapon that gains power when in constant motion so don’t stand still. There is more new ones available but with DLC though, like: the ‘grenade launcher’, ‘Reaper’ which fires hell energy blasts and ‘EMG Mark V’ which is a rapid fire pistol capable of charged shots. With all these weapons plus some guns from the campaign and the fact that you can carry two at a time, some crazy combinations can be made. Like you might want a rocket launcher to harm enemies around corners while having a super shotgun to finish them off for when they do come around that corner. There is also equipment to go along with the weapons. Basically tools that help give you an advantage depending on your play style. For example grenades straight up kills enemies, ‘shield wall’ literally creates a one sided  wall that blocks everything, ‘Hologram’ which is just a decoy for you to trick enemies, ‘Threat sensor’ which makes sounds when an enemy is nearby warning you in advance. There are more equipment like the ‘Tesla rocket’, ‘Siphon grenade’ and ‘Personal teleporter’.

If that wasn’t crazy enough in multiplayer a ‘demon rune’ can appear from time to time. When it does, everyone runs for it and with good reason because whoever is the first to touch the demon rune will transform into the demon they selected in their load out. Each demon is very different from each other and has their own ways of destroying everything. Each has a good amount of hit points (some have considerably more) and can pretty much kill everything in one attack. The Revenant relies on it’s shoulder mounted rocket launchers to blow the competition away. The ‘baron of hell’ is all melee action and can send a fire spikes through the ground. The ‘lurker’ can dash through the air and cling to walls, pouncing on everyone and carrying players away to their death. The ‘Mancubus’ is slow but has powerful blasters that obliterate foes, be careful not to over heat the guns though. So watch out for the demon rune as it can easily change the tide of a match in or against your favour.

The best thing about DOOM is ‘Snapmap’. This has to be the heart of DOOM. It’s basically like Halo’s forge mode. You get to build whatever levels you want with so many options available. You could make a survival level where hordes of demons keep coming and you must survive. You could make a a giant maze filled with invincible enemies and the player must find the exit to win. You could make a level where the player must seek and find a key or button to unlock doors and find more keys for more doors. Best of all you could make a story mode like level, with monsters, objectives and even a survival section all in one. The best part is that this is all community based. Meaning you can create levels for other Doom players to play and even rate the levels. There are over a thousand different maps created for you to play and this is what keep you playing DOOM after campaign and after when you need a break from the multiplayer. Play with your friends or join other people online. So many options and so much to do and try. X35 Earthwalker has even created a map and it’s a challenge. Matter of fact We don’t know if anyone has beat it yet (we haven’t been notified). If you want to try X35 Earthwalkers map then search for ‘get out of there’. The author name is cyber inferno (X35 Earthwalker). Designing your own level isn’t hard either as there are some good tutorials and the options are pretty much self explanatory. Just dive in and give it a go. You could make a mancubus appear by the player entering a certain room or by standing on a certain button. Let your creativity come out.

Overall we really like the game and trust that fans of first person shooters will like it too. For more information check out the link below:

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