Devil's Hunt

Devil’s Hunt is a new third person action game developed by ‘Layopi Games‘ and published by ‘IC Entertainment‘. Devil’s Hunt is said to be coming out in the third quarter of 2019 on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Will this Hell game be any good? Let’s take a look. 

In Devil’s Hunt players take control of Desmond was the son of a rich entrepreneur who is now in the middle of a huge war. A battle between good and evil, angels vs demons. Desmond is being called the sole factor in this war. Strange that a man is the factor in a war between super natural beings but whatever it’s a video game. So what’s special about Desmond? More like what’s smart about him as he signed a pact (that always goes well right) and now he has demonic powers and has become Hell’s executor. Who’s side will he take?

That’s right. In Devil’s Hunt, players will need to decide who’s side they are going to take. The demons or angels. Your decisions in this game will decide the fate of the world and off course humanity. Players should have much to enjoy Devil’s Hunt thanks to the story and in game lore. It’s suppose to be quite deep. The developers claim to have numerous cutscenes. On their official game site is says, “One and a half hour of high quality in-game cutscenes”. They sound very proud of their cutscenes.

Yes you will be fighting demons in Devil’s Hunt. So far Devil’s Hunt may have reminded some gamers of another Hell fighting game… Dante’s Inferno. Yep, like with Dante, you must fight demons using the demonic powers you have acquired to survive and make your way through Hell. This kind of concept hasn’t been done well most of the times by different games. Only Dante’s Inferno hell traversing, demon slaying gameplay was good. We hope Devil’s Hunt can pull it off. Besides, they aren’t going for a horror approach but an action one. 

There are a wide range of attacks and abilities for players to gain, try out and work with. Slash and tear with your demon claws, punch in the face of demons with your fists and more as you combine the new demon powers with the skills you have as a human. There are loads of enemies so off course there needs to be different strategies for facing certain types. The combat has to stand out to make this game stand out. 

We checked out some gameplay and things look quite good so far. The Doom’s grenade, ground slam and eruption attacks already show off a bit in the variety of attacks but everything, mainly the animations seem quite weak. We hope this is just because it’s early game development and not anything like the finished product. Players will need to keep their eyes open for hidden areas, secrets and mirrors which are to be smashed. We like that demons can harm their allies too in they are in the way of an attack. There are quick time events too like a demon suddenly grabbing you etc. There’s a number of good mechanics 9n Devil’s Hunt. What it needs is a quality boost and hopefully a good variety in boss or mini boss enemies.

Overall, Devil’s Hunt looks like an alright game. Once the quality and smoothness of the animations, sounds and gameplay gets boosted, this game will definitely be good. The focus and work that goes into the story is very good. Seems like a fun demon smashing game for now. The developers ‘Layopi Games’ did a good job with this game. We at X35 Earthwalker hope to see more of what Devil’s Hunt has to offer. Check out some gameplay for yourself. Now Devil’s Hunt may have demons but they are no match for…the ‘Earth walk!’  

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