Aztez is a beat em up game developed by ‘Team Colorblind’. It’s coming to Xbox One, PS4 and Vita next year but it’s already out on PC, Mac and Linux. Aztez isn’t an ordinary beat em up game as it has something interesting mixed in. Let’s take a look.

Aztez is set in the Aztec empire (in case you haven’t guessed already). Now according to history, the Aztec times were not a joke… let’s just leave it at that but in Aztez things are far more serious. Aztez is all about expanding and maintaining the Aztec empire. This isn’t easy as there are different events happening like violent outbreaks. This stuff is handled through turn based action. That’s right. Aztez is a hybrid. Turn based and beat em up. Sort of like Hand of Fate 2 but definitely not the same.

In Aztez, the Aztez are your elite close combat warriors who you can deploy on certain missions which players are going have to think carefully about this though as you have limited deployments. When it comes to combat and settling things like reasonable adults, Aztez then becomes a beat em up game. The beat em up side of this is said to be very deep. Lots of mechanics. and there are consequences concerning the empire. This is all because of a large and powerful enemy. this enemy is approaching the valley of Mexico. Do everything you can to win.

Aztez - X35 Earthwalker

Aztez is supposed to be one of those games, you can replay multiple times. Everytime you play, players will encounter different events, different rewards, spoils and challenges. Now the cities in the empire are all large. This is an empire that grows at the expense of others, what do you expect. Not only that, you can even enter the underworld. It gets crazier. You will face mythological enemies and historical foes. So historical as in other famous groups of people in history maybe. not sure but mythological creature basically means anything. The best thing though is that you can summon the Aztec gods who have immense power to completely stomp anyone who foolish enough to defy you.

We checked out some gameplay and it does look very cool. On the strategy turn based part of the game, the scrolling around is smooth, the details and how it looks are great. Information that players need are clear and displayed nicely. When it comes to combat again, information is clear. You can see and select what cosmetics you want your Aztez to have and decide what weapons to equip. There is lots of action players can do. There are light and heavy hits, you can dash like in Cuphead, you can grab enemies and knee them to the head, you can block, dodge, hover in the air as you attack, a combo counter and more. the combat is also very smooth and active and you can tell that things will get way more complex. Aztez looks good so far.

The combat is done very well. it isn’t simple the enemies walk up to you and take a scripted swing. these enemies move forwards and back, take attacks and have wide range of them. Enemies with spears can do long range attacks and multiple stabs. Those with swords can do heavy ground slashes. Others that have magic abilities strike in unrealistic ways. They have their own special attacks and it forces players to remember what certain types of enemies can do and how to handle or avoid each one. Some leap in the air and crash down, overs go in the air and bird dive down while others stay on the ground with a shield. The A.I combat has been done better than most games definitely.

Overall we at X35 Earthwalker think Aztez is a cool game. Graphics and sounds are very good. The combat is easily the greatest things about Aztez. There are some heavy consequences for failing missions and bad decisions in Aztez so keep that in ming gamers. The developers, ‘Team Colorblind’ did a very good job with this game. We at X35 Earthwalker believe Aztez is worth checking out thanks to it’s different approach and very active combat mechanics. Now the Aztez may be elite warriors but even they are no match for… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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