X35 Earthwalker No Rest for the Wicked

No Rest for the Wicked is top-down action role playing game developed by ‘Moon studios‘ and published by ‘Xbox Game Studios‘. No Rest for the Wicked is said to be coming out… Well… Maybe we know and maybe we don’t. No Rest for the Wicked is coming to the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. We at X35 Earthwalker definitely couldn’t miss this game. We got something here. No Rest for the Wicked is clearly aiming to hit hard and massive. Let’s take a look.

No Rest for the Wicked is set in the year 841. The dude King Harol is dead. Now like many great kings in history, king harol has a son who just ain’t on his level. His son is Magnus and he’s described as arrogant and untested. This alone can ruin a whole kingdom and cause massive problems. It gets worse though. There’s scarier things going down in the hollow…

X35 Earthwalker No Rest for the Wicked

On No Rest for the Wicked, there’s a pestilence described as an unholy plague. Well it’s back… crap. Hasn’t been seen in a thousand years. The pestilence is spreading fast and making its way across the land and it’s messing with everything it touches. so as you can imagine things are getting very chaotic… maybe even political. Yep, different sides and people want different things to happen and you are caught in the middle sort off. Who’s you?

Players control a Cerim. Basically part of a special mystical group of holy warriors. Cerim are wielding special powers and their sworn mission is to defeat the unholy plague, the pestilence… by any means necessary.. or at all costs. you ain’t the only thing that matters in No Rest for the Wicked. There are other significant characters in this world who are taking action. Like Madrigal Seline. She is “a ruthlessly ambitious figure in the church”. She see’s the pestilence as a chance to prove herself in the eyes of her god. Moon studios better do this character right and not disrespect religious characters like many other games do. Madrigal Seline has a plan and she about that action.

X35 Earthwalker No Rest for the Wicked

The main action takes place on the backwater Isola Sacra. The provincial government is fighting rebel groups amongst the ruins. Even events like this will make your mission more messy and complicated. You’ll get caught up in affairs of people, don’t forget the political struggle we mentioned earlier. Also this land has been through some stuff so don’t expect merry and singing locals. Decisions will need to be made amongst the chaos in No Rest for the Wicked. What direction will you allow yourself to be pulled towards?

X35 Earthwalker No Rest for the Wicked

We checked out some No Rest for the Wicked gameplay and it’s not really what we expected. No Rest for the Wicked is nothing like Ori and the Will of the Wisps in terms of graphic style, design and game genre. A whole new big thing. This top down action looks clean. We also see some mystical abilities like a fire blast of some sort. There’s fast mobility like dodges and dashes. Different weapons from a bow & arrow to a sword.  This definitely looks like it about that action. Action, plus mystical, plus story is hard to produce something bad. We definitely will like to see more.

Overall No Rest for the Wicked looks like an excellent game. No Rest for the Wicked already has us excited. Ori and the Will of the Wisps is the best game ever made. We knew Moon Studios had to be up to something all this time but staying silent. Now we see what it is. Know from seeing the trailer just once we already pieced some things together. Pretty convenient that the plague shows up when king Harol dies… hmmmmmmmm. There’s definitely going to be some lore and a deeper story here. One that will make players conflicted and torn. Maybe somebody gon cry. The developers ‘Moon Studios’ have done a excellent job so far. We at X35 Earthwalker are looking forward to playing this game. Now No Rest for the Wicked may be the secret project but it’s basically an open book in the eyes of… the ‘Earth Walk!’ 

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