Spelunky 2 will be here and that’s exciting. It has to be the most exciting thing, in terms of gaming, that we have heard all year. Literally we are more excited for Spelunky 2 than Destiny 2, Evil within 2, Emily wants to play too etc. Spelunky was an excellent game and certainly worth playing. It was difficult, exciting and had a lot for players to do and try out. Spelunky 2 will eventually be here. Let’s take a look.

Now from what know about Spelunky it is safe to assume that the play style will all be the same. The developer ‘Derek Yu’ made it clear that some new things will arrive and some old stuff will make a return. The new things will have to be items, enemies, mechanisms etc but the old things will probably have to be the stuff that were signature to Spelunky like the ghost that shows up when you run out of time.

The developer also revealed his influence for the story of Spelunky 2. He got married and had a daughter (congratulations by the way and continue to have a great marriage Derek Yu). This is what’s happening to mr Spelunky as in the trailer he has a beard which shows time has passed. The child receives mr Spelunky’s signature hat as if passing on the mantle to his daughter but he fades away. His daughter looks out the window in deep thought but diligent. 

This all makes sense. Think about it. mr Spelunky gets out of the strange cave that he explored for treasure. If you completed Spelunky then you know that he found a lot of treasure, treasure which would easily gain him fame and a comfortable life. He can afford a house and to have a child. The child is easily amazed and super interested in her fathers adventures and judging from her clothes wants to do what he did or does. Maybe Mr spelunky went on one more adventure and hasn’t returned yet which is why he faded away. Does she go after him using the knowledge she learnt from her dad? A much deeper story here.

Now Derek Yu did say that he wants to keep what made Spelunky unique. Well that obviously has to be the whole cartoony feel of it all. Little characters with unbelievable upper body strength to carry three friends at once while climbing a rope for example. It was anything serious but casual fun. Casual fun but very challenging and you would see that if you watch the Northernlion plays Spelunky serious on Youtube. Another unique thing was off course the ghost the horrible moment of encountering the ghost for the first time, knowing you can’t stop it but it’s coming for you. Also what’s unique is the silly cartoony physics chain of events. For example you throw a pot at a powder keg to set it off. it blows up but the explosion throws a rock at you, which hit you in your head, which knocks you of the platform, which makes you fall unto spikes which results in your death. There are many wacky chain of events that people wouldn’t believe until they see it. Lastly that is definitely unique would be the tough shopkeepers who make you learn the hard way that you shoplifting is wrong. Also don’t try anything funny. Below is a video of X35 Earthwalker doing his first ever Spelunker run on the Xbox One:

Spelunky was considered by many to be almost perfect. Our suggestions for Spelunky 2 would be to make it bigger. After all, when you master Spelunky you can actually beat the game quite quickly and a bit easily. It becomes no where near the challenge it was. It needs more levels and maybe pathways like instead of heading to the jungle, you can go towards the dry land area or something like that, allowing more time spent and exploration. Maybe secret door ways that have various conditions for entry like number of enemy kills on that run. Make levels more chaotic as in more danger can show up at almost any time forcing players to be on their guard much more instead of casually causing through levels. We have more ideas.

Overall we at X35 Earthwalker are so excited for Spelunky 2 but disappointed that it will not be on Xbox One as that means we can’t play it until much later by the looks of it but we aren’t the developers and so it’s not our decision to make. As long as Spelunky 2 is released for many to enjoy that’s fine with us. Not much information has been released on Spelunky 2 and so we encourage everyone to be on the lookout for new information. Spelunky 2 is something you have to check out. Now we are excited for Spelunky 2 but nothing is more exciting than… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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