Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker

Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker is a new online 4 vs 4 action fighting game developed by ‘Soliel Ltd‘ and published by ‘Namco-bandai‘. It’s coming out later this year on the Xbox One, PS4 and Microsoft Windows. Naruto is very popular and some of the games weren’t as successful. what about this one? Let’s take a look.

Now let’s get the main thing first. Naruto to Buroto: Shinobi Strike is a 4 vs 4 fighting game. Even crazier is that all 8 fighters are present on the field and fighting all at the same time! Imagine Dragon Ball Fighter Z but all 6 fighters are going at it at the same time. Actually that sort of sounds like Dragon ball Z anyway. This instantly creates a lot of requirements for players. firstly there is so much more to manage and watch over during the fight. There is more danger and attacks incoming that need to be evaded, and countered. So much more room for strategies and support. Do you all go for your 1 v1’s or does one break at certain points to help out another or cover for another? Do your fighters switch who they face? There is so much more going on in this fight already.

Now there are different fighter types to take into account. There is Attack, Ranged, Defence and Heal. By the way, each Ninja can be anyone of these types. Attack types have higher attack power and speed. Ranged types have powerful projectiles and excel at fighting from a distance. Defence types are all reducing, blocking damage and reinforcing defences. Healing types are just about healing themselves and the others. So basically keeping everyone alive. Players must switch between their four ninjas according to the needs of their team. Do you need more damage, keep things at a distance, heal up or get defensive. Again, quite a lot to take into account. Now that we think about it, this does remind us of Final Fantasy 13 where you have different roles like the Ravager (attack), Sentinel (defence), Medic (healing). This sounds very cool so far concerning Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker.

Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker

There are multiple game modes. We know that there is Barrier battle where the attack and defence forces go at it in full combat but attacks forces must defeat the enemy boss who is sealed away. So undo the seal first and then defeat the boss. Flag battle is basically capture the flag but off course there is a ninja twist to it. Get the flag from the enemies… but will the enemy let you? There are sub modes like Subjugation, Escort and Extermination. The names should give gamers an idea of what those are about. Each game mode does sound very different from each other in the most part. The actual differences does actually mean different strategies are required unlike game modes where the same tactics can be applied. Besides the more options the better to some extent.

We checked out some gameplay of Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker and it looks very exciting in terms of ninjas. You can run, dash, zoom, throw a shuriken and then teleport to the destination of that thrown object. There is lightning like attacks, running along walls and different surfaces and attacks coming from tress and distances. Multiple attacks and abilities. It can get quite hectic because everything is happening around you. You could be fighting an enemy and having a tough battle, chasing them around and trading attacks and then suddenly a message flashes on your screen letting you know that you have the enemies flag or they have your flag forcing you to make a decision: do you go and get your flag or do you swap ninjas or have faith in your team to handle the situation and finish the fight. Gets you thinking. Knowing when to use techniques to get you out of strings of attacks, knowing when to stay still and target with stronger ranged attacks. Lots of situations and lots of different techniques to choose between and use.

Overall Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker does look like a very good game. Some might even say explosive game. The graphics are a step up from previous Naruto games. The characters and surroundings look like an anime and a good one. The action is smooth from what we have seen even though there were some complaints concerning the beta but that’s a beta and we can trust that the end product is better. The developers ‘Soliel’ did a excellent job with this game and we at X35 Earthwalker look forward to seeing what else this game has really got for gamers. Now Ninjas are cool and Naruto is powerful but they certainly do not stand a chance against… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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