Chime Sharp is an improved version of Chime, developed by ‘Ste Curran, Twistplay’ . It’s a music puzzle game that comes out or already out by now on the 24th of February which is today for Xbox One, PC and PS4. 

Straight away we must say that this game is unique. It sort of reminds us of tetris but with a musical twist to it. The main problem was that unless you know the previous game ‘Chime’ you will have a tough time figuring out what to do. We went to the official website to find information about the game but there was barely anything. Eventually it took us a while to learn that you must cover the grid as much as possible using the tetris like shapes. The more you cover the grid more music you create. This is where the puzzle side of it comes out.

The main difference between Chime Sharp and Chime is that Chime Sharp has more levels and new modes. We only know 2 of the mode: Sharp and strike. We don’t know the difference. Like we said, information isn’t easy to come by. Other than those two main differences is the improvement of graphics. The game does look very nice indeed. The colours and and the surroundings are great to look at.

There isn’t really too much that we can say about this game. It’s simple but unique at the same time. We recommend this game to only music genre gamers and secondarily those who like puzzle type games. Other from that we aren’t sure who else will enjoy this. 

Overall this game has the potential to be fun and the developers ‘Ste Curran, Twistplay’ put some work into it. Now it may be your thing or not but regardless… Always remember to do the ‘Earth Walk’!

For more information check out the link below:

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