Valkyria Revolution is part of the Valkyria series but considered a spin off. Valkyria Revolution was developed by ‘Media.Vision’ and is coming out June 27th (America) and June 30th (Europe) for the Xbox One, PS4 and PS Vita.

Now honestly we don’t know much about this game. We haven’t even heard of it but we have checked it out and so far it looks real good and interesting. In the trailer you see a big battle going on, people in armour with guns, then a giant mech like machine shows up and stands laying down some serious fire. Then a confident looking lady with a giant scythe stands there. She looks confident, bit cocky and had a serious entrance to the battle which means she’s powerful (in the fictional world). The two leaders on the other armies side prepares to take her on. From that trailer alone, you can pick up many things about Valkyria Revolution.

Valkyria Revolution is an RPG game with some focus on action (off course) and strategy. It won’t be turn based so stay on your guard. Amleth is the commanding officer of Jutland’s elite anti-Valkyria unit and is the character players control in Valkyria Revolution. There are more main characters like Brynhildr who is a Valkyria and is on the side of the Ruzhien Empire and Jutland’s princess Ophelia. Sorry guys but when we see the name ‘Brynhildr’ we think of the Eidolon from Final Fantasy 13, who was awesome by the way.

The action seems flow very well in Valkyria Revolution. You can switch between your characters with a click of the button to mix things up. Select and use side-arms and Ragnites during combat to dominate the field. In the trailer saw a smoke grenade like side arm which really smokes the place out. The graphics are very good in this game. The sounds are good. From what we have seen this looks very cool indeed. We hope to learn more about this game. Check it out for yourself to learn more.

Overall Valkyria Revolution has got our attention. The developers ‘Media.Vision’ did a great job. This game might be worth checking out. Whether you do or not just make sure… to do the ‘Earth Walk!’

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