They Are Billions is a new steampunk strategy game developed by ‘Numantian Games‘. It is said to come out the 5th of July on the Xbox One and 9th of July on the PlayStation 4. he early PC access is already out (but we don’t care about that). Let’s hope that this game can pull of the zombie theme well. Let’s take a look.   

The world of They Are Billions is set in a post apocalyptic planet where zombies basically rule the world. There’s as the name suggests, billions of zombies but a couple thousands of humans left. The zombies are trying to kill of humanity. The suggests that the zombies have some intelligence or something is behind the horde of zombies, getting them to work together or something. Either way this game is about survival. Keep humanity alive and fight back the billions. 

Just from looking at the game and knowing that it’s genre is strategy, experienced gamers will know what to expect. Expect mechanics like resource management, commanding armies and multiple units at the same time. Basically stay vigilant, aware and keep and eye on everything. All units are important so keep everything and everyone alive. Also, just to let players know, even though They Are Billions is a real time strategy game, you can pause it, to give yourself a breather… but wait… there’s more. You can giver orders, check all the stats and even do some structure building.

Players need to build and manage a whole colony. They Are Billions. So firstly we need something solid. So build walls, towers, gates etc to have a safe area. Next, everyone needs to eat to live… right. So gather food. For building and more you’ll need the basic resources like iron, wood, oil and stone. As your place looks great and secure, people will join you and live there. So keep an eye on the colony to make sure there are no zombie invasions, gather resources and build structures grow and secure the place. 

Let’s get to the more interesting parts. The zombies and combat. There are billions of infected creatures, not necessarily just zombies. There are big monsters with huge amounts of strength and other zombie variations. Players can only beat them by growing their army. Hire and train mercenaries who off course demand their pay and lunch. Some use flamer throwers, others rifles, some melee and more tricks. You literally cannot let a single infected get in. If just one gets inside a building then every colonist and worker with that building is automatically infected. Those newly infected will run around in pure panic and end up infecting other stuff. They Are Billions, plans to be a risky and show not much mercy. If you mess up, it can ruin everything.

We checked out some gameplay and it is what we expected. You see everything from the top but diagonal angle. The workers are hammering away and doing whatever. Your mighty units are marching around, your regular units are on patrol and keeping an eye out. The zombies are truly swarming and very reactive. There could 20ooo on the screen all at once and if you kill a couple of them in a certain location then way, way more will come I=to investigate what happened. Each zombie type has their own behaviour so keep that in mind.

Overall, They Are Billions seems just alright so far. Things are too small to see but the engine does handle the amount of enemies quite well. It’s another resource management game with zombies but the look of the game does remind us of Clash of Clans. Now the developers did an alright job with this game. We at X35 Earthwalker hope that this game does well and reaches the intended target audience. Now They Are Billions may have billions of zombies but what has more people involved is… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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