Jurassic World Evolution

Jurassic World Evolution is a new strategy simulation game developed by ‘Frontier‘. It is coming out the 12th of June on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Pretty much everyone with a TV know what Jurassic Park is. Well this game is meant to keep it going. Let’s take a look.

Jurassic World Evolution put players in charge of their own Jurassic world. That’s basically it and the story. Players get to create and manage their own world. Remember Jeff Goldblum? We honestly didn’t but the Jurassic park star will be the one advising players through the game and providing useful information which is actually awesome. Getting a Jurassic Park actor for the game. 

So in your own Jurassic World build everything like research facilities and attractions. Players will be completely in control of not only their dinosaur theme park but all operations also the whole island, but also the surrounding isles as well. That’s right. It’s more than a simple building stuff game. There are many things to manage and take into account when building. Keeping everything in check and even handling the dinosaur breeding. With your technology grow new dinosaurs, get your researchers out to dig sites and discover and unearth fossils.

Jurassic World Evolution

The developers have confirmed players can run multiple parks. It’s like a business, when one park is doing well, why not branch out and have multiple. If all goes well then that’s more money for you; but also like business their is some risk to that. If one thing goes wrong, you then have to fix it which will require players to be observant and problem solving but then you make lose track of something in another park and if control is lost, players will see all their parks sparking chaos everywhere. How? Well what if a Tyrannosaurus Rex got loose and started to snack on your customers? Well… do something about it! 

The developers want players to feel the pressure when they finally realise that something small goes wrong. For example leaving out essential facilities that customers and visitors are going to need will negatively affect your theme park. Major issues, like a fence that keeps dinosaurs in, broke down then well it’s Jurassic park all over again. The issue may be that a roller coaster breaks down and that off course will require lots of money and time to repair and handle but do you have the money and time? Stuff like this will turn the sweat factor up for players when handling their theme park

Overall from what we know, as not much information is given, is that Jurassic World Evolution is definitely for a certain audience for people. Some have described this Jurassic World Evolution as Jurassic world combined with ‘Rollercoaster Tycoon‘. This should explain a lot about this game. There is so far nothing about this game that interests us at X35 Earthwalker. The developers ‘Frontier’ are making an interesting direction with their game. We at X35 Earthwalker will not be looking forward to this game but we know there are some gamers who will. Now Jurassic World Evolution has many dinosaurs but not even those old creatures are enough to stop… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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