X35 Earthwalker Go Mecha Ball

Go Mecha Ball is a twin stick shooter roguelite action game developed by ‘Whale peak games’ and published by ‘Super rare originals’. Go Mecha Ball is said to be coming out the 25th of January 2024 on the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One and pc. Go Mecha Ball can also be called an Xbox exclusive. X35 Earthwalker will give this a look over. Go Mecha Ball will need to be all kinds of fun. Let’s take a look.

Go Mecha Ball is pretty easy to understand. Arcade style, jump into the action and blast through levels. The players is chasing after a glitch infected rouge AI. Players better get on with it as this AI is getting worse and more glitch infected. This futuristic looking place is going to be all arcade action.

X35 Earthwalker Go Mecha Ball

Now off course an arcade twin shooter action game needs to be all about the action and keep things being new and cool for players. Go Mecha Ball has lots of enhancements, weapons and skills for players to discover. This is encouraging. You have two modes by the looks of it. Walking weapon using mech and then there’s the ball which allows for quick and fast traversing. So either blast and shoot your way through or run foes over. 

X35 Earthwalker Go Mecha Ball

Go Mecha Ball has 4 unique worlds. Each one has numerous lots of enemies. Expect destructive robots and what would each world be without a boss. What about a colossal boss? They got them apparently. Now let’s hope that they won’t be disappointing. 

Now concerning the sphere ball mode, there’s whole mechanics regarding it. Devices that you’d expect on a pinball machine are here. Zoom up slopes, bounce of rebounders and even utilise the fans. So get use to being a ball. will come in handy.

X35 Earthwalker Go Mecha Ball

We checked out some Go Mecha Ball gameplay and it’s what we expected. Players who can master the mechanics can easily make this as fast paced game where you are zooming and catapulting yourself from area to area to fight. Also to dodge projectiles, ram foes and even go up walls to come down with a mighty smash. It’s all action here. Think about it. Who else you know has a suit with weapons and then goes into a ball mode. Yep Samus Aran. A cool comparison. Let’s see what Go Mecha Ball has really got.

Overall Go Mecha Ball seems like a very good game as of now. Clear easy skill measurement for players. The levels looks very arcade and colourful. Graphics are excellent for this type of game. Gameplay definitely looks smooth and the action flows. Hopefully the differences between the 4 worlds are clear including the enemies too. The weapons and skills variety need to live up to the official description given. The developers ‘Whale peak games’ have done an excellent job so far. We at X35 Earthwalker will keep an ear open for this game. Now Go Mecha Ball may have fast paced action but it’s still too slow for… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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