Stay is a new pixel adventure game developed by ‘Appnormals team‘. Stay is coming out on Xbox One the 23rd of May but already out on Mac and PC the 16th of May. This game is meant to be very deep. let’s take a look.

In Stay players are put to the serious test. The players are speaking to someone, named, Quinn who has been abducted and their fate in in players hands… well finger tips really. Your decisions and words will determine whether Quinn lives or dies.

Now off course like anyone who has been kidnapped, Quinn is not exactly stable right now. He’s on edge to put it nicely. You have to get build trust. You need him to trust you or he might go against what you say. So be careful of your responses and what you say.

If you thought the situation was bad then stick around. Stay is real time! So all the time you are away from the game is how long you leave Quinn alone for. If Quinn is left alone or ignored for too long, he might try things by himself and end up dead. Do not stay glued to your games, make sure to take breaks. 

There are 24 chapters and multiple story branches. This game is quite deep in terms of content as well. Also Stay has high repayable value as there are 7 different endings. That’s almost as much as Catherine

We checked out some gameplay and it’s not very interesting but then again it’s all about communicating through a computer and watching some web cam footage. Nothing action packed there. You select your choice of words, take note of his reactions and be aware. Definitely not a game for everyone.

Overall Stay is well thought of and quite a lot of work went into this game. Quinn might also tell the players lies too, so that’s another thing to think about too. The graphics are good for this pixel style. Again this isn’t our kind of game. The developers ‘Appnormals team’ did a good job with this game. We at X35 Earthwalker, aren’t looking forward to STAY but others probably are. Now helping Quinn may be difficult but what’s not difficult is… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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