X35 Earthwalker. Not for Broadcast

Not for Broadcast is a simulation game developed by ‘NotGames‘ and published by ‘tinyBuild‘. Not for Broadcast is said to be coming out the 23rd of March 2023 on the Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PS5 and PS4. It’s already out on pc though but the typical case applies here. X35 Earthwalker can see through the lies on the news. This game wants to control the narrative. Let’s take a look.

Not for Broadcast is all about controlling the news. Showing what you want on TV. It;’s about what you want them to see. That’s the simulation of Not for Broadcast. So there isn’t that much to say about this game as it’s cut and clear.

X35 Earthwalker. Not for Broadcast

Speaking of cut, you can cut the feed when you want. Switch to different video footage. Display a different video and even change the angle of the video to maybe make certain people look bad. That’s right, you can totally screw over certain celebrities or mess things up. Or be honest.

You get to choose which sponsors you want and what ads to throw out to the viewers. Now some of these ads can be real sus. We mean dodgy. As in hold up, wait a minute, this ain’t right type of ads but the choice is yours and there’s no refunds.  

X35 Earthwalker. Not for Broadcast

Also don’t forget that this is a business… sort of. You got to make money. So be corrupt like the actual news and paint narrative. Make some people look bad and do what it takes to keep things entertaining. You got to get those sponsors and put some ads in to make that extra money. So do what you got to do. We won’t as we have morales… unlike you. 

We checked out some Not for Broadcast gameplay and it’s what we expected. You literally are messing with the news. Controlling what the viewers see. You switch between videos, but things off and even censor. That’s right. You can bleep out certain words, censor what’s being said. IUrt can be quite funny at the time. 

Overall Not for Broadcast looks like an alright game. For a news controlling and manipulating world, they do offer you a number of tools and ways to mess with the viewers. There’s multiple ways to go about all this too. It’s standard and you get what you ask for from what it seems. The develops ‘NotGames’ have done an alright job so far. We at X35 Earthwalker wished this game came at a different angle itself. Now Not for Broadcast may have options concerning the news but those are too limited for… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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