Hunt: Showdown is a new first person monster hunter game, developed by ‘Crytek’. We believe it is coming out on Xbox One, PC and PS4 but not comfirmed. There isn’t a release date just yet either. We can confirm that this game will be awesome.

You are a hunter. Not the normal types that shoot deer and pigeons. Players are a part of something called the American hunters association. This association has been around for many years and have been having big operations but not know by people. They stay silent. This association makes it clear that they aren’t responsible if you die. They have said tat you will die but state that “without risk, there can be no reward”. We at X35 Earthwalker don’t agree with that. In the American hunters association there are many hunters and not all of them are friendly. If you get in the way of some, they may end up killing you instead. So remember that. These hunters fight evil beings that dwell in the wilds. The association are the ones who keep the “world freed from monstrous, mindless cannibalistic beings; free from those empty, corrupted shells once human now looking only to fill that rotting vessel with your flesh”.

Now when you check this game out, it will most likely in some ways remind you of Evolve. Simply because you are hunters going to hunt down and kill monsters who have overrun the world. Kill them and collect the bounty. Your character isn’t alone. He has a partner and they must track and kill the monsters together because alone is suicide. The monsters aren’t docile creatures who only bother you if you bother them. They want to gorge themselves on your flesh and apparently devour your soul (somehow). We at X35 Earthwalker are fine because our souls are in the hands of Jesus. Now this game has placed some emphasis on punishing mistakes. Making one mistake can cost you everything. This includes your life, bounty and equipment so don’t just rush in heads first. Come up with a plan and work with your partner or as the game states, end up in hell.

 So what will Hunters use to defeat these creatures? Each hunter can carry one double handed weapon, one single handed weapon, three tools and three consumables. What is equipped is left completely up to the players. The Sparks LRR is a powerful big game rifle which does heavy damage and even at long distances but it has one shot and has quite the reload time so pick your shots carefully and don’t miss. The Cadwell rival 78 handcannon is basically the sawed of shotgun from Gears of war 3 (it’s back, you sawed of haters). It’s wide spread let’s you rip things apart at close range. The Electric lamp, as a lamp allows you to see things much better and light up areas but it also means everyone else can see you like someone with a rifle from far away. Maybe you can use it to lyre things to you for an ambush. We said Maybe. First aid kit is self explanatory. Get hurt, use it to heal. It heals one health bar though. Fire bomb aka molotov cocktail is there for one purpose. Set things on fire and watch them burn alive. Mean but when you are up against monsters, it’s neccessary. The barbed bomb is a grenade that has spikes on it which allows it to be lodged into a surface or flesh of something and then explode. Sticky bomb ladies and gentlemen. There’s also a tool that function as both a wirecutter and hammer. It can also be modified like with a integrated lo pick for more features and uses. This is only a portion of the full range of weapons, equipments and more like a crossbow, chain pistol etc.

The monsters themselves are being kept mostly hidden but there is some information on them. They are terrifying and merciless but not as bad as titans from ‘Attack on titans’. The ‘Meathead’ is a large bloated humanoid creature who is headless by the way and has leeches for hair. It already sounds horrifying. He is seen carrying a blade so it will chase you down and slice you up. Another one is called ‘The Hive’. The hive comes alive only when a insect spirit possesses a person, turning their bodies into The Hive itself. Not much is known about this thing but now spirits are involved. So what good are guns against spirits? There are other monsters, rumour has it that they are worse. They have been kept totally secret. One looks like a giant spider while another looks sort of like a Ing from Metroid prime 2. All we know is that all these monsters will be a problem.

We checked out some gameplay and everything looks real good right now. The environment looks like a proper dangerous, dark, abandoned area. The sky looks quite realistic. The graphics are very good. Very good indeed. There are other smaller monsters in the levels as well. The ones we saw were zombie like enemies. Some actually looked like zombie scarecrows.  There is some stealth in this game like sneaking around into better positions before taking shots. The Meathead monster from what we saw looked disappointing but it’s not the finished edition though so will give it a chance. 

Overall Hunt: Showdown looks very good right now. We hope they make the dark levels more scary. The official gameplay made the game look easy but we’ll have to see. The graphics, sounds and environments are all very good. The story is quite interesting. This game is definitely worth checking out.

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