Wizard of Legend

Wizard of legend is a new fast paced dungeon crawler developed by ‘Contingent99‘. It’s coming out the 15th of May on the Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Linux and PC. Lately there have been some good dungeon crawlers. Does this one fit that description? Let’s take a look.

The story in Wizard of Legend is very simple actually. Players control a wizard who’s goal is to overcome the chaos trials. Doing so they will become a wizard of Legend. That’s it. Just joking. Basically the council of magic holds the chaos trials every year in the kingdom of Lanova. The chaos trials are a gauntlet of magical challenges. So off course to become a wizard of legend, you must complete all the challenges and show your wizardly might.

Wizard of Legend

In Wizard of Legend, players must fight their way through each challenge. Each challenge has dangerous and powerful conjured enemies who are more than willing to help you fail the trials. Wizard of Legend puts a lot of emphasis on speed. The dynamic magic combat requires players use spells quickly and fast magical attacks while keeping lots of mobility. So fast movement and fast spell casting. This sort of reminds us of DOOM, in terms of always moving. 

There are different play styles thanks to the wide variety of spells. There is over 100 spells. That’s a lot. There are spells for fighting at a distance, spells for more close range, even speeds for summoning and having your minions fight for you. What’s better is that these spells can work in combinations and combos to some extent. So chain together spells that work well together. Do not forget mobility.   

Wizard of Legend

Awesome enough is that in Wizard of Legend, there is local co-op as well. This means open up your window and yell to your neighbour and tell them to come over and play. You both can take on the chaos trials together. This means now there are two play styles to take into consideration. Do you equip and use spells that create synergy between the to of you or do you forget about all that and both jump in head first and stand crushing enemies. In the case that you get crushed instead and downed, your partner has a chance to bring you back into the fight… but it won’t be easy.

Just to clear some things up yes you can play with your friend but you can also play against them as well. Last of all Wizard of Legend has full controller and gamepad support.

We checked out some gameplay of Wizard of Legend. Everything definitely fast paced. we are seeing dodges, slides, evasion, while casting many spells. This is the kind of action that we at X35 Earthwalker like. You have to stay on your feet. Some enemies use magical attacks of their own while others go melee. Different elemental attacks such as ice, fire, wind, lightning and more. This should make players wonder how hectic and crazy will fights get in PvP. Will some spells have an advantage over others like element type, recovery time, area of effect etc. Stuff to take into consideration. Probably the most coolest thing is that you can challenge and face the magic council members themselves who are at the height of magical powers.

Overall Wizard of Legend looks like a awesome game. It’s fun. fast paced, many enemies, many spells, many options, co-op and versus, mighty bosses, smooth gameplay and great graphics for it’s style. The music is good as well. The developers ‘Contingent99’ did an awesome job with this game. We at X35 Earthwalker are looking forward to Wizard of Legend. We hope that it delivers on what we have seen and know and more. Now the chaos trials have a big reward for those who win but that reward is nothing compared to the rewards of the… ‘Earth Walk!’

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