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Xbox is number 1 in the gaming world and it’s only getting stronger and stronger. X35 Earthwalker has been with Xbox for a very long time and seen the growth in fames the powerful gaming consoles and what was to come. Xbox has become the biggest giant with success after success. Loads more games, many studios, showcases, awards, living in people’s heads rent free and more. Xbox is also being unfairly treated by so called gaming media outlets and content creators and people tend to focus on those false negative things more. X35 Earthwalker himself wants to speak on this matter as a G-blog this time. Let’s take a look.

Quick note – X35 Earthwalker has talked about all and this and more in deeper details on the Spotify podcast. Below are the links for them. 

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What matters most is the games. Xbox has quality, the quantity and the variety when it comes to the fames. Much more than Playstation. Before Xbox put the four games on to Playstation, Xbox had Hi-fi Rush, Grounded, Sea of thieves, Pentiment, Minecraft, Minecraft dungeons, Flight simulator (there’s other simulators too), Diablo 4, Fallout, Stalker, Redfall, Forza Horizon 5, Gears of War 5, Palworld, Starfield, Halo Infinite off course and much more. Then on top of that there’s many Xbox exclusives on the way like Blade, Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II, Ara: History untold, Visions of Mana, Indiana Jones and Avowed. You want more? We can give more. X35 has a list he made in 2022, of xbox exclusives that were coming out and there was over 30. Off course some have come out by now while others are still to come like Bright Memory: Infinite, Tetris Effect: Connected, Gears Tactics, Stalker 3, Psychonauts 2, The Gunk, CrossfireX, Gable, Exomecha, The Ascent, Scorn, Second extinction, Warhammer 40000: dark tide and more still. Yet idiots want to Xbox has no games or trash games. Those people are morons. With Xbox having over 30 studios under them, you can expect even more games. Compare this incomplete list to what Playstation has and it’s not even close. X35 Earthwalker covered this and more in his podcast.

Next is the direction that gaming is going in. Less console focus and more services and software. X35 Earthwalker went into deep detail concerning this in his podcast. More people are getting PCs which is a win for Microsoft (Xbox). More people are on subscription services like Xbox Game Pass and PS+. Gaming isn’t the same as it was 10 years ago and even 5 years ago. Even the digital vs physical statistics show this. The whole world is going digital and even cloud. In this big area Xbox is ahead of everyone else. Matter of fact, sony is playing catch up right now. Xbox has set up an ecosystem and it’s not even in its final form yet. Xbox basically can be played anywhere. Console, PC, Tablet and Smart phones. We have tried all these out and they work well. We know there’s a new Xbox console on the way and even talks of the handheld one. Xbox Series X is already the most powerful console right now but the next one is going to be much stronger. Also the next Xbox hardwares will have AI involved and that’s another reason why Xbox is ahead… Microsoft. Microsoft is easily ahead of Sony in terms of money and power but Microsoft its also big and leading in the AI game. This is a massive advantage and it means better, more powerful and intelligent hardware and tech. It’s been reported that Microsoft owns 60-70% of the cloud gaming market. So Xbox has the majority.

Xbox also is dipping real big into the mobile gaming world too thanks to King, who is part of the ABK (Activision, Blizzard and King). King is big in the mobile gaming world. Ever heard of Candy Crush? Thought so. Then Blizzard back on good terms with Netease. Netease has many mobile games and are deep in China. Tis another connection with the east. Netease also got the Project Mugen which is huge and going to a big deal. Since Blizzard is under  Xbox, that means there’s no real reason for Project Mugen to not be on Xbox. Do you see what’s going on here.Revenue reports show that Xbox overall are doing very well and the ABK is a big factor in it. So that’s an excellent move from Xbox. On top of all this, Xbox Game Pass alone is a good of reason to own an Xbox. We spoke about this many times but the many on the Xbox Game Pass is better than the Playstation lineup. You get ALL the wolfenstein, Dead Space (including the remake), Mass Effect, Fable, Fallout, Gears of War and Halo Games plus over 100 more games including the resident evil remake game. Show me a better deal in gaming! You can’t do it! Xbox is the best and the best place for gamers. Think about it massive games like Ark Survival Ascended, Palworld and the game of the generation Starfield alone will keep you busy for hours and months on end. There are multiple people who already have over 1000 hours in Starfield. Then add the other great games and you actually don’t have enough time to play them all.

From the outside it isn’t as obvious at times because content creators, streamers and off course the gaming media outlets target Xbox and are very biased. Also known as the ‘Xbox tax’. The playstation fanboys also known as ponies join in as well. They will magnify any issues and downplay all success and good news Xbox gets. While ignoring or giving a free pass to all of playstation’s failings… as time goes on PlayStation is more of them. Playstation has suffered multiple blows and Ls. Let’s mention some of them: playstation bug that deleted some gamers digital games from their library, spider-bug 2 was overall disappointing concerning results including winning no awards, losing investors, lost 10 billion concerning stocks, final fantasy 7 rebirth wasn’t selling well, no major existing franchise release until 2025, state of play wasn’t successful, lost studios and shut down studios, basically going third party, playstation gamers aren’t playing and talking about Foamstars and helldivers 2 is being carried by pc players. On top of that Sony has decided to go day one release with PC like helldivers 2 and soon to be ghost of Tsushima. Now very recently playstation is messing up again as they are now forcing pc players of helldivers 2 to have a playstation account. Many pc players reacting aren’t happy at all. playstation when they finally get a good thing happen, they find a way to mess it up. Helldivers 2 is their only real up point except Stella blade (which they also messed up by censoring it after everyone has bought it). So as you can see, playstation has far more negative stuff going on while xbox is having a fantastic year so far.

X35 Earthwalker Xbox June showcase

Overall it’s pretty clear what’s going on. Xbox is having a fantastic year so far, even better than last year while playstation has been taking L after L. Xbox is ahead of everyone including Nintendo concerning the new direction of gaming. Mobile, service, xcloud etc. Plus Xbox will take over the hand held console gaming as they will have the strongest hand held console buffed up by AI built into their whole ecosystem. Xbox has over 30 studios under them so more games are on the way. Microsoft has the most money are so can buy more studios or set up more things. Xbox Game Pass is the best deal in all of gaming. Starfield is getting a massive update that’s going to make it take over gaming once again. Palworld went viral and brought many players in and more updates are coming for it. Xbox is ahead in money, studios, games, console, services, ecosystem and show cases. Pure Xbox has some details on the showcase. It’s clear who’s number one. That’s Xbox. We are looking for to the June showcase, Starfield update and more. Keep it up Xbox. Just don’t give our major games to playstation. Keep our big games. Gamers want to play them, they need to get an Xbox or PC. X35 Earthwalker, the worlds smartest man has spoken. Now it’s clear that Xbox is winning but what’s the true winner is… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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