Song of Horror

Song of Horror is a new cinematic third person survival horror game developed by ‘Protocol Games‘. It’s coming out on Xbox One, PS4 and PC later this year. Now this is one song that you don’t want to sing. To be honest survival isn’t guaranteed either but this game does look interesting. Let’s take a look.

Song of Horror takes place in an ordinary world. It’s a Friday. Players control Daniel Noyer who is a advertiser and former entrepreneur. Probably guessed it but Daniel has fallen on some tough times recently. At a publishers house, Daniel receives an urgent but, appears simple, assignment. You must find Sebastian P. Hunter. Why is there always a Sebastian? Sebastian P. Hunter is the company’s top client and most important. Strange thing though, is that no one has heard from him in weeks.

Song of Horror

You realise something is wrong when you arrive at gushers mansion. Like in all other horror games and movies, the lights are all out. Even though it’s night time. This suggests that no one is home. There is even a beware of the dog sign but yet there isn’t a dog around at all. No one is home by the looks of it. We could always just turn around, head home, maybe call the police but noo. Daniel isn’t Caribbean or African so off course he still investigates and goes in through the main door left ajar. 

Song of Horror aims to give players a thrilling movie like experience. The camera in this game is fully automated and could be your downfall simply because it does whatever it wants. It follows the player, turns to face you, backs away and more to create tension and mess with your head concerning what’s about to happen. Song of Horror is also quite large. There is 16 different characters for players to take control off. Yes the main protagonist is Daniel but these other characters are normal everyday men and women who are also exploring the mansion and locations. They must solve riddles, check item and off course stay alive. Can you keep them all alive or will they all receive an untimely end?

Song of Horror

Players must make sure to investigate and check everything in Song of Horror as every clue and observation could be really crucial. You can’t afford to miss anything. Survival is off course the main thing in this game. Staying alive isn’t easy as all it takes to die is to make one mistake or one bad decision. Song of Horror is quite big on mysteries as there are many puzzles and riddles around ranging full on enigmas to simple locked doors. So basically from basic and straight forward to dangerous sneaky and deceptive.

At the start of most chapters, you get the choice of which character to use to face the dangers. All the characters except Daniel have one life. That’s right! Permanent death is here. So truly be careful. If you lose everyone then you have to start the chapter again. To make things even more tense and difficult, there is no going back. No manual saving! So no saving before entering a room, then when you die, load your last save. That’s cowardly.

Last of all you’ve us mention death and dying  before but what enemies are we facing. There are no enemies (sort off) and there is no combat. In Song of Horror players will face ‘The Presence’ which is a manifestations of an eldritch. The presence will warp reality and mess with you in many ways. It will lie in wait for you or simply haunt you. It can effect lighting and even the very atmosphere. It will even set traps which could kill you. So be on your guard and make sure to know when to run, hide, react etc. The presence is no joke.

We checked out some gameplay and it’s looking real cool right now. We like how it’s going for the skeleton undead looking creatures like from the mummy returns at the end. We truly hope that Song of Horror’s decisions and situations does sort of play like a great series we know (which we won’t name). A good number of things to look at and take into account, sudden breaking mirror for miniature jump scares. The Presence though looks like a real problem. It has different forms and springs out at annoying moments. Forcing all players to constantly be on guard.

Overall Song of Horror looks like a very good game. The horror is alright, the jump scares are in nice supply. The graphics are good, nothing special but the sounds are better, adding to the atmosphere. We need to see a bit more of the automated camera though. The developers ‘Protocol games’ did a very good job with this game. We at X35 Earthwalker look forward to seeing what Song of Horror has to offer gamers. Now Songs can be wonderful but no where near as wonderful as… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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