X35 Earthwalker Space Hulk: Tactics

Space Hulk: Tactics is a very tactical game. Can get on your nerves though as off course it’s based on chance. Space Hulk: Tactics was developed by ‘Cyanide Studio‘ and published by ‘Focus Entertainment‘. Space Hulk: Tactics is a very good game. X35 Earthwalker, the greatest gamer himself’ has been playing this game and it’s been a good experience. Let’s take a look.

Space Hulk Tactics is a Warhammer 40000 game. So you know numbers and chance is a big factor. So be prepared to get screwed over by numbers. Basically there are two forces battling each other are space marines and genestealers. Which space marines? The blood angels. Those red dudes. There’s two campaigns. The two sides. Pick the one you want and get right into it. We started with the Space Marine terminators.

As you can see from our Space Hulk: Tactics gameplay video this is a slow paced game but as you get better you play faster. We recommend that you take your time. Every move matters, especially as the terminators. Even rotating costs an action point. So you can’t afford to make mistakes. So no undo. Deciding when to overwatch, split top the group, who to leave behind to hold a corridor, when to take a shot is a big thing at all times. As the Genestealers you are the real hunters. Constantly messing with the terminators head using fake blimps with your real ones to get terminators to be on guard, look a certain way or even prevent them from opening and going through a door. You come from different angles to try and get a terminator’s back or side for the guaranteed kill. The two sides play completely different with their own strengths and weaknesses.

X35 Earthwalker Space Hulk: Tactics

As you progress you unlock new modifications and weapons for your terminator units. In Space Hulk: Tactics, each weapon matters and have different effects too. For example the sergeant unit has a power sword which has the parry ability, where if you would lose the frontal melee, you preroll the highest genestealer die; however but you can unlock the thunder hammer which has a +1 for all frontal melee attacks. The hammer comes with a storm shield that gives a -1 to the genestealer in frontal melee. A heavy weapon bearer can eventually get heavy flamer weapon which has the ability to seal off a path by covering the floor in flames. Any Genestealer who attempts to cross will most likely be destroyed. So yeah, keep progressing through the story and get more options.

There’s more to Space Hulk: Tactics than just shooting and weapons. There’s cards that you can use if you have enough points (CP). You gain CP every turn. These cards can really bring there buffs or turn things in your favour. Or you can convert them for extra action points. There’s options and ways to really mix things up in Space Hulk: Tactics. Don’t forget, the Generstealers get upgrades too. So don’t be sleeping on them. For example the Bulwark Biomorph has less action points but is tougher… as in you need to hit it TWICE. So pay attention to what Generstealers are on the field and what weapons terminators are holding. It matters.

X35 Earthwalker Space Hulk: Tactics

Space Hulk: Tactics has been good fun so far. We have tried both the Space Marines and the Generstealers and both play very differently. We think it’s harder for the terminators for sure but with certain weapons things can almost seem unfair. We have to got deeper to see more. There’s a vs mode against other players but we haven’t tried that yet and don’t have any interest to try it. The campaign looks big and navigating the map is actually fun. Those genestealers can be almost anywhere. We will dive in more. X35 Earthwalker is the most intelligent gamer of all time and the universes’ ultimate strategist. So we can declare he is the best Space Hulk: Tactics player. Now Space Hulk: Tactics may have the emperors support but he’s a joke compared too… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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