Hand of Fate 2 is a new action card game developed by ‘Defiant Development’. It is the sequel to Hand of Fate and is said to be coming to Xbox One, PS4 and PC later this summer. Now honestly we have never heard of Hand of Fate but we came across the sequel and decided to check it out. 

The world of Hand of Fate 2 is built from collectible cards which are distributed by a shady magical guy who is the dealer in a meta boardgame. Sounds like fun if you ask us. The players will have to adventure and explore in this world but things can easily change up with the reveal of a card. This is because every turned over card reveals a new trial. These could be very risky but high pay out minigames, ‘Tabletop RPG style decision making’ or combat in third person. So draw your cards and play them wisely.

Hand of Fate 2 is a new table and map with new challenges which also means new cards. There are companion characters who can influence the players story and really shake things up. They can provide mini game perks and combat support. We are interested to know what kind of combat support though. Since in Hand of Fate 2 you will play for the fate of whole empires, you can take on new foes like the well trained imperial forces of the steel suit or fight the mutants of Blight. Do so with new combat styles like dual-wielding and something they call ‘heft two handed heavy arms’. Hand of Fate 2 is off course still in development but said to be better than the first game in every area.

We checked out the trailers and some game play and we like what we say of Hand of Fate 2. All the main action happens with you facing the dealer. You draw cards, make decisions, ask questions and some events get triggered like being attacked by raiders and then zoom into third person combat to fight them and the outcome effects the story. It’s an excellent style that this game has, switching between card table and the action. 

Overall this game is very cool but it does have it’s small negative but don’t forget that it is still in development. The combat doesn’t flow that great, the graphics are okay for now but the music is better. Even so this game has quite a bit going for it and the developers did a great job with Hand of Fate 2. We at X35 Earthwalker like the style. This game might be worth checking out. You may not have what it takes to deal cards but make sure you can deal… with the ‘Earth Walk!’

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