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Bright Memory: Infinite is a fantastic game. X35 Earthwalker declares that right of the bat. Matter of fact we won’t make you wait. It’s a 10/10 under one condition. The fact that it’s got one developer! Many know by now that Bright Memory: Infinite was developed by one guy. The developer FYQD-Studio. For one person, yes, Bright Memory: Infinite is easily 10/10. bigger developer groups have made games not as good as Bright Memory: Infinite. We just wanted to do a quick G-Blog out of respect for this game. Let’s take a look.

X35 Earthwalker always was interested in Bright Memory: Infinite. X35 played the platinum version of Bright Memory: Infinite. This game is all about action. Players control Shelia, who wields multiple guns and a sword. On top of that she has special tech that allows control over her enemies. For example you can pull enemies towards you and have them stuck in the air in slow motion for you to finish off or blast away. You can do a repelling blast also. Your sword allows for quick and strong slices to destroy foes. Let’s get more into it.

X35 Earthwalker Bright Memory Infinite

Bright Memory: Infinite has combos. You can do a sliding rising slice to launch enemies into the air for you to dice them up before they hit the ground. Unlock skills for more abilities like charging up your blade to release a flying slash attack. Leap into the air to do a powerful electric charged downwards strike. Charge up your fist for a shocking electric punch. Upgrade that same skill for the ultimate power as it becomes a literal flaming explosive punch that one shots everything except big bosses. That fire punch blasts through shields as well. 

The gun play in Bright Memory: Infinite is fantastic. Hit registration is clean allowing for accurate shots and quick dealing with enemies. There’s the assault rifle, shotgun, automatic pistol and sniper rifle. A weapon for all situations. Each gun has alternate fire modes which are all powerful. Assault rifle has tracking mini missiles, Shotgun has incendiary rounds, Automatic pistol has a massive explosive shot and sniper rifle has sticky bombs. Again, more layers to the combat. Some enemies truly get destroyed by certain weapons. For example, even big bosses get stunned and interrupted by the explosive pistol bomb shot.

X35 Earthwalker Bright Memory Infinite

Some dumb reviewers wanted to deduct marks from Bright Memory: Infinite because of how short the game is and how simple the story is or lack thereof. Well of course it’s going to be a short game without an expansive story. Bright Memory: Infinite wasn’t made by 343 industries or Fromsoftware. It’s made by ONE GUY. Bright Memory: Infinite obviously took him a very long time. Of course it’s not going to be a massive game with tons of deep lore. Review and judge games taking into consideration what the game is. Context matters. 

Bright Memory: Infinite isn’t all action as there is a stealth section because your equipment stopped working thanks to the anomaly. You find a nearby lethal weapon and get to work sneaking past enemies soldiers and assassinate whoever you please. There’s also a part where you get support with a vehicle. You have a drive sequence with a powerful rocket launcher to take out enemy vehicles and escape a collapsing cave. Shelia also has excellent mobility. she can double jump, evade dash and even run along walls. Again, it’s all action. You can time your block to help stagger enemies and even reflect certain projectiles back at opponents. For example you can reflect shotgun fire and flaming arrows back at enemies.

Overall Bright Memory: Infinite is a fantastic Xbox exclusive game. Bright Memory: Infinite Platinum Edition shines best off course on the Xbox Series X. There’s the option to play in either first or third person mode. There’s different skins for Shelia as well from casual clothes to her default combat gear. Bright Memory: Infinite especially with the affordable price is worth playing even today. No regrets over here. The developer FYQD-Studio did a fantastic top tier job. We at X35 Earthwalker look forward to what’s next for this game and the developer. Now Bright Memory: Infinite may be fantastic but not on the same level as… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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