Tacoma is a new Sci-fi narrative adventure game developed by ‘Fullbright’ and coming out August the 2nd on Xbox One and PC. Yes you can get it through Steam.

We are normally not a fan of these types of games but we like to give all games a chance. At least check it out and see what’s up. Tacoma is set aboard a high tech space station. The year is 2088. So not close to Halo but ahead of us now. It seems like the character that players control might be a detective because it says that you’ll explore every detail of how the crew, aboard the station, lived. Looking for and finding clues which reveal quite a big story. A story of fear, trust in midst of a disaster. By the way Tacoma is the name of the station. At the heart of Tacoma is a digital surveillance system, which has lots 3D recordings of the crews life on Tacoma. Important moments so make sure to check them out. These recordings won’t leave you alone. As you explore and look around they will echo around you. 

This game therefore requires players to focus and have attention to detail. What if you miss something? Somehow we have the ability to move, rewind and fast forward through these recorded scenes to get different angles and take a good look. Such is the life of an interactive investigator. The story will be told through multiple “fully voiced and animated interactive AR scenes”. There are 6 members aboard Tacoma. They interact like normal people. Building relationships, love and dealing with crisis together. The developers make it clear that it’s not just about what happened to the people here. Like it goes deeper than that. In the different sections of the station you’ll get to see digital representations of the crew members going along their own parallel story threads that will go one way, connect with another thread or diverge etc.

So go ahead and interact with certain objects to find what you are looking for. Open drawers, listen to records of the crews digital communications and even their personal thoughts. Unlock doors and get right in. You will have to explore Tacoma both Digitally and physically, that’s if you want to discover the story and get the full details. Leave no stone unturned. Life in the year 2088 seems quite interesting. Humanity has expanded their reach, resulting in low-Earth orbit and apparently beyond. It has been stated that the game will take around 2 to 5 hours to complete but honestly that is up to the player. By the way you don’t have to worry about Necromorphs from Dead space as there is no combat in Tacoma.

Overall this game looks good. The graphics are very nice and the sounds like the ambiance works well with the atmosphere. The environment and Tacoma, the station it’s self, is nice to look at. From gameplay that we checked out, it’s exactly what we thought. Basically a detective, move around, be in the room, listen to their words, watch their actions, hear their thoughts etc.  This game is only for certain types of gamers. Now it isn’t our type of game but it’s a good game. This might be worth checking out. Investigations can be fun but nothing is as fun… as the ‘Earth Walk!’

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