X35 Earthwalker Minecraft Dungeons The Tower

Minecraft Dungeons is an excellent game and Minecraft gamers have enjoyed it. X35 Earthwalker and friends have faced the numerous dungeons and bosses in this game and came out on top. Even the hardest difficulty. There its lots to do in Minecraft Dungeons but one thing in the game that seems to stand out from the rest for the most part is the The Tower. Going to talk about it for a bit. Let’s take a look.

Minecraft Dungeons is loaded with lots of battles. The difficulty can really reach the ceiling and beyond. So off course players got get themselves new and better weapons, armour and equipment. The best way to get new stronger stuff is the Tower. The tower is excellent. Basically it’s a solo gauntlet. You have to fight through and survive a series of floors in a tower to reach the top. The amount of floors varies for each tower and the tower changes after a week or something like that. So players need too get ready.

X35 Earthwalker Minecraft Dungeons The Tower

There’s a twist to it though. You can’t enter the Tower as you are. Players get an avatar. A light blue character who is low level, has a basic sword, basic armour and no artefacts. Nothing compare to your actual character. The point is you start of weak but every completed floor rewards you with a selection. The selection consists of weapons, armour, bows and artefacts. You can only pick one though. That’s how you slowly build up… as you progress. This is cool. At certain intervals there are markets where you can come across a NPC who either increases the power of your equipment, makes an equipment guided or makes the equipment unique. A powerful upgrade basically.

X35 Earthwalker Minecraft Dungeons The Tower

Minecraft Dungeons doesn’t make things easy for ya’ll. At certain intervals also there are boss floors. These bosses are mostly tough, with some actually too strong and unfair. Very few are weak. Minecraft Dungeons has lots of room for strategy. The Tower is all about strategy. What you pick as a reward each floor matters! “If you pick like a sorry loser then expect to get hoed later on” to use the words from a certain someone. Seriously though, it’s like that. You need to think ahead and pick the weapons and equipment that will make you powerful, offer some survivability and off course the firepower.

Now the final prize if you win the whole thing is normally a powerful top tier equipment, or weapon. When you are in the end game of Minecraft Dungeons, the Tower is the best way to get awesome stuff. We have seen crazy stuff that we wouldn’t have gotten anywhere else by the looks of it. The gear has a certain mimic limit too. You won’t get something that’s weaker than what you already have. It’s always something stronger. So there’s always a good reason to try it. That’s if you win off course. If you lose, your consolation prize sucks.  So make sue to not lose as it would be a big waste of time. Each run is like an hour. At least you get knowledge of that tower for your next try.

That’s the point of this G-blog was just to talk about the Tower in Minecraft Dungeons and how much fun it is. It’s lots of fun but at times, some floors aren’t well designed or fair. Most are actually clever and well done. We have lots experience with the Tower and it’s mostly a good time. We don’t even know the entire prize pool of the equipment. With Minecraft Legends on the way, it makes us wonder what will be the equivalent of the Tower… if there is going to be one.

Overall in Minecraft Dungeons, the Tower is the way to go. You will get a different experience every time and since you can play the same tower multiple times, you can make different choices and discover different combinations and se what works rom what doesn’t. The majority of our strongest and craziest equipment comes from prizes won from successful runs through the Towers. X35 Earthwalker is the best Minecraft Dungeons player in the world and the most tactical when it comes to the Towers. Make sure to check out the X35 Earthwalker gaming livestream on twitch, especially when he faces another Tower in Minecraft Dungeons. Now Minecraft Dungeons may have the Tower but it’s not even a problem for… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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