Omen of sorrow

Omen of Sorrow is another one of those games that is unique and got our attention. Omen of Sorrow is described as a classic 2D four button fighting game, developed by ‘AOne Games’. It has been stated to come out on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. The date is dodgy as well probably 2018. Now this game is said to have deep combat mechanics to mix things up and create a better experience for gamers of different skill levels. Let’s take a look.

Omen of Sorrow has gotten quite a bit of attention. The reaction from gamers have been mostly positive. Literally, most of the comments have been good. There isn’t that much information on the game but we at X35 Earthwalker checked out some gameplay. So far we aren’t impressed. We actually do not see what makes the combat deep here. We can’t see any deep combat mechanics. Off course you’ll probably find out when you play it but we don’t have the game and can only go by the information given to us.

Omen of sorrow - X35 Earthwalker

In terms of the characters we know of five currently. Gabriel who looks like Van Helsings son but didn’t keep his fighting style. Dr Hyde is well… Dr Hyde. You know… the guy who is a monster version of a normal doctor with great strength. Cabal, who is basically a combination of a werewolf and an Ing from Metroid prime 2. Zafkie, who is an angel. She has angelic wings, she descended from the sky and talks about vanquishing and stopping evil before it can hurt others. Lastly Radegonda who is like a female version of the red devils from ghouls and ghosts but more grey and has butt cheeks. These five all have nothing in common except for the two humans, that’s if Gabriel is a human. The variety is looking good right now.

Omen of Sorrow is definitely a good looking game. The graphics are great. Omen of Sorrow was made with unreal engine 4 graphics. The combat is very smooth and the action just flows nicely from each attack and strike. The sounds are good as well and works well. This game was inspired by mythology and horror. 

Overall we at X35 Earthwalker think that Omen of Sorrow is just okay right now. We don’t see why this is unique from other fighting games. We don’t see what’s so special. This doesn’t mean the game isn’t good. It’s clear that a lot of hard work went into this game and the developers, ‘AOne Games’ did a great job here. We just need to know and see more before we can change our verdict. You gamers might love this so don’t let us stop you. Omen of Sorrow is worth checking out

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