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Just some nice pictures below of some gaming action. Check them out.

X35 Earthwalker: He was at one point the number 1 ranked player for a level in DOOM. It wasn’t easy. DOOM

X35 Earthwalker: It was a showdown between two Captain Cutters. Only one will reign supreme. It was a great match. Halo wars 2

X35 Earthwalker: This match went very well. 53 kills and 12 deaths. Even got the rampage medal. Halo 5

X35 Earthwalker: Completed every tier 4 level with 3 stars. Which isn’t easy to do in this game. World of van helsing deathtrap.

X35 Earthwalker: Many multi kills and killing sprees, all because of the Ghost vehicle. X35 Earthwalker’s favourite Halo 5 vehicle. Halo 5.

X35 Earthwalker: The statistics for the huge Ghost killing spree. Awesome match indeed. Halo 5.

X35 Earthwalker: X35 Earthwalker vs Ipoisonmortel and his clan member. This was an intense and awesome match. Check out the kills though. Gears of war 4.

X35 Earthwalker: 48 kills and only 2 deaths, resulting in a K/D of 24 for that match. Truly a legend he is. halo 5.

X35 Earthwalker: A new legend began that day. X35 Earthwalker is here to destroy. watch out fellow gamers. Halo wars 2.

X35 Earthwalker: His first ever immortal medal in a game of breakout. Always in the right place at the right time. Halo 5.

X35 Earthwalker: Just a picture showing the end game results of a match back during the halo wars 2 blitz beta. Halo wars 2.

X35 Earthwalker: Just a nice picture of his scarab one match with a victory. Just a scarab. Halo wars 2.

X35 Earthwalker: He’s just posing with some nice reqs for the camera. A bit vain wouldn’t you say. Halo 5.

X35 Earthwalker: A really awesome match with 28 kills and only 5 deaths. Gears of war 4.

X35 Earthwalker: He along with dan00w defeated the DUBBz clan. It was a fun match. Halo wars 2.

X35 Earthwalker: Apparently he thinks he can just pose for pics with golems now. World of van helsing deathtrap. 


X35 Earthwalker: It seems like he just unlocked a new skull in the campaign. Halo wars 2.

X35 Earthwalker: What do you get when you combine a untouchable medal with a wasp? An untouchable wasp. Halo 5. 

X35 Earthwalker: He got a killionaire medal in warzone with battle rifle and magnum only. No reqs. Halo 5.

X35 Earthwalker: This match he got 8 kills and zero deaths in the first round. Gears of war 4. 

X35 Earthwalker: Now X35 Earthwalker has an invincible tank. Where does he get this stuff? Halo 5.

X35 Earthwalker: This is one of those horrible last 3 tier 4 levels that he defeated. World of van helsing deathtrap.

X35 Earthwalker: His most epic 1v1 match yet. Lots of leader powers and explosions. Halo wars 2.

X35 Earthwalker: This is the best horde team right here. He has played with these guys for years. Gears of war 4.

X35 Earthwalker: He got another unfriggenbelievable on the battle of noctics map. Halo 5.

X35 Earthwalker: He got 20 kills and only 3 deaths. Really good if you ask us. Gears of war 4.

X35 Earthwalker: He is on a high place looking at the biome Candaria. Nice view. Trove.