Metal Gear Survive - X35 Earthwalker

Metal Gear Survive is a new game coming out developed by ‘Konami’. It’s coming out 20th of February on the Xbox One, Play Station 4 and PC. Metal Gear Survive is off course from the Metal Gear series; it’s a spin-off and it’s going in a different direction from the others. The top priority here is survival. Let’s take a look.

Now Metal Gear Survive spins-off from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. So the “intense” action from Metal Gear Solid V is being inserted into the survival action style. Honestly Metal Gear Survive seems more like a survival action tower defence as the game places emphasis strategic decisions like where to place defensive units. Why do you need defensive units? Well that because in this world there are dangerous creatures and environmental hazards that will end you real quick.

Basically here’s the story. It’s 1975 Big boss and his soldiers were at ‘Mother base’ but was attacked by an enemy force known as ‘XOF’. Big boss and his boys put up a fight but eventually lost. Big boss escaped but a worm hole opens above the base and sucks everything in. The soldier who helped big boss escape almost gets sucked in. That soldier loses consciousness and wakes up six months later. Too cut it shorter, he is infected and so heads to that dimension where the worm hole leads to find a cure and rescue those who are stuck there. What could possibly go wrong?

Metal Gear Survive - X35 Earthwalker

There are two modes in Met Gear Survive: Single player  and online co-op multiplayer. Both modes are technically needed. This is because in single player, you get to go through the Metal Gear Survive story, to know what’s going on while learning the basics of the gameplay mechanics and more. While in Online co-op, that’s where gamers have to use their skills and everything they learned from single player and see just how good they are. It’s there where you are put to the test. Now we know their are so called ‘fans’ who don’t care about the story and go straight to multiplayer so they get a head start… not here. All rewards and progress earned in both single player and multiplayer are carry over and apply in both of the modes. So you won’t fall behind.

Metal Gear Survive in single player, is more adventurous, you could say. Now we know there are creatures that will end your adventure real quick but they aren’t the biggest problem. The biggest problem is in fact hunger and thirst. So make sure to find food and water around otherwise it’s game over. What’s cool is that you can get food and water straight from your base camp. For example grow crops to get vegetables. Off course this all must be managed. Creatures can wound you and that wound must be treated as quickly as possible. Same goes for illnesses which you can get through eating contaminated food. Yep, metal Gear Survive isn’t messing around.

The other big problem is the mist. Mist is pretty much everywhere and it’s off course deadly and extremely hazardous. Good thing players have oxygen tanks to use so they can travel through it but keep an eye on how much oxygen you have left because it isn’t unlimited. Matter of fact… Oxygen is not included. Don’t forget that these creatures are also in the mist as well and the oxygen doesn’t stop being used when in combat, it still goes down so players again have to be strategic and decide whether it’s better to engage in combat or sneak around. Multiple trips are recommended in single player as there are many secrets and materials to find. So be brave and get out there. 

Metal Gear Survive X35 Earthwalker

Now in co-op there is a lot to do and it’s more action and defence here. There are Salvage missions and side missions to consider. In salvage missions your teams aim is to place and set up a worm hole digger which harvests energy. Off course it isn’t going to be easy. Now side missions pop up from time to time. Be careful though, as you don’t want everyone to leave the base to go for a side mission. We at X35 Earthwalker recommend going for these in between waves and split your team to be on the safe side. Some stay and maintain the base while others complete the side mission. they are worth it though as the rewards you get like items and good weapons are key to defending your base here.

It doesn’t stop there, how do you defend a base without defences? You can set up machine guns and even mortars to handle creatures with ease, especially if they come in a group. There are also traps available which are perfect for thinning out hordes and slowing them down. Take away that momentum. structures like fences are pretty much the most useful thing in the game. They keep the words at bay and allow you to strike them while they are halted by the great power of… the fence. Sandbag barricades are structures don’t just block enemies but players can stand on them, receiving the advantage of elevation. This all sounds fun.

Off course you can craft weapons and items and even build and design the base how you want. This is also a big decision as the design layout. You can make things easy for yourself or hard. Gather materials to develop and improve your base camp. This also falls under management. So upgrade, reinforce and find those crafting recipes to bring out the real fire power.

We checked out some gameplay and everything looks really cool and how we imagined it but we didn’t expect some of those types of traps. It was funny to see a trap that is slippery and makes everything slip right past. Kind of like a cartoon. Very creative. The building of structures like fences seems very simple and quick which is what you need in a game like that. The creatures so far do not look impressive at all. There are three types so far: Wanderer, Bomber and Tracker. Wanderers are the standard zombie like ones. Bombers are big swollen ones that can explode and trackers have enhanced legs which they use to move fast and jump high, even over the fences you built. Making them a problem.

Overall Metal Gear Survive looks cool and is an interesting spin-off that works. Off course fans will divided on this direction but we will see. The graphics look excellent, the visuals look real good. Off curse there is time to add more to the game and give it more meat because there is quite a lot they can do with this game. The developers, ‘Konami’ did a great drop with this game. We at X35 Earthwalker look forward to seeing what metal Gear Survive has to offer. Now wanders and mist are a big problem but they ain’t too big for… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Dynasty Warriors 9 - X35 Earthwalker

Dynasty Warriors 9 is the new hack and slash game coming out, developed by ‘Omega Force’. It’s coming out the 13th of February on Xbox One, Play Station 4 and Microsoft Windows. It’s the 9th Dynasty Warriors game and there is quite some hype from the fan base.

Dynasty Warriors 9 is a hack and slash game where players fight massive battles. Massive as in 1 vs  1000 massive. Now what’s different? Dynasty Warriors 9 does have some stealth elements which mixes things up. Also, Dynasty Warriors is now an open world environment giving players more freedom in how they play and what to do. Open world seems to be the trend lately. 

There are 83 characters! 83! That’s a large roster indeed. The characters are from the dynasty series so expect to see some of your favourites from previous games. Off course there are some new ones as well. To name two of them: Cheng Pu, a Wu officer and Zhou Cang, a Shu officer. The three kingdom story with all these characters will create something special. Everything about Dynasty Warriors 9 is improved over the previous instalments. 

Dynasty Warriors 9 - X35 Earthwalker

The combat system in Dynasty Warriors 9 has another layer added to it… the new state Combo system. There are three kinds of attacks now: ‘Trigger’, ‘Flow’ and ‘Reactive’. Basically ‘Trigger attacks’ changes an enemies state, ‘Flow attacks’ change depending on the state of the enemy and ‘Reactive attacks’ “optimally adapt to situations”. Now straight away fans of the earlier Dynasty Warriors games can see that the combat system has gotten deeper. This new layer really does force players to be aware of the surrounding conditions as this new state combo system reacts and responds to them.

Dynasty Warriors 9 has also taken interactivity to the next level too. Players can now interactive wth their environment to their advantage. For example, you can climb up walls using grapple hooks, cross rivers by swimming and even climb those mountains that use to mock you with their height. it’s even stated on their official website that players can launch fire arrows at oil barrels which will off course cause an explosion. Which is also awesome. Dynasty Warriors 9 so far sounds better in every way.

To advance the story, players need to complete the critical missions. There are also regular missions which affect the critical missions. not sure how exactly. There will be, you can call them side quests, basically requests from other characters. The in-game situation is off course affected by the missions you do and their outcomes. Off course the many and huge battles of Dynasty Warriors remains. So still be hyped for taking on a thousand warriors at one time all by yourself; or you could just surprise attack them at night. It’s up to you.

We checked out some gameplay and it’s what we thought. Lots of enemies with sharp weapons, lots of different officers to use, lots of strong strikes that send enemies flying, lots of flashy moves, lots of scenery and lots of mobility. The action is smooth and definitely fast paced when the combat is rolling. The options to strike at night or from top of buildings is really cool and is something you would expect from a game like this. So glad they done that. Some gamers may look at this style and think that the game is too simple and easy. we at X35 Earthwalker recommend you check out some gameplay for yourself and hopefully give it a go.

Overall Dynasty Warriors is a very cool game indeed. The graphics are excellent here, especially for a game like this. The sounds are what you would expect from a combat heavy game of this location and style. The developers, ‘Omega Force’ did an excellent job with this game. We at X35 Earthwalker are going to keep an eye out for this game when it lands in stores. We recommend you do as well. Now their may be 83 officers in this game but there still ain’t enough room for… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Great visuals in Skyforge - X35 Earthwalker

Skyforge is an awesome game without a doubt. X35 Earthwalker himself has been playing it for a long while now and it has been said before and we will say it again. It’s the only MMORPG that we enjoy playing. Skyforge isn’t perfect by the way and has a number of issues that we wanted to focus on this time.

The first annoying thing about Skyforge is that the game wasn’t very honest with you from the start. You get your three starting classes after trying them out, you obviously want to unlock and try out the others. The description says that you will unlock them as you play the campaign. This isn’t correct. The truth is that you will most likely unlock one by the time you finish the campaign. For every providence level that you complete first time, you get 500 sparks of transformation (we will call them sparks from now on). You need 25000 sparks to unlock another class with the revenant class being 35000 sparks. This means you will need to complete 50 levels (70 for revenant class) to unlock your next class. That’s a very long time indeed. It takes too long and it’s disappointing. We thought as we get to the next providence where you see the classes temples, we could enter there and face a test or challenge or fight a max level A.I of that class to unlock the class, showing we are worthy but no. It’s just a description and the cost. We are aware that their are group missions that upon first time completion give 1250 sparks and you can get some items that when used give you 100 sparks; but it’s never guaranteed and there are like only a few of those big missions that require a team on the providence levels. This whole class unlocking thing disappointed us greatly.

The next big problem that Skyforge is connected to the first problem. Lately we have been seeing a bit of a trend. Remember that we specifically mentioned the Revenant class. Isn’t it a bit strange that the Revenant class costs more that the others. We have seen more players just using the revenant for everything. PvP, group missions and whatever all the time. Matter of fact, the revenant is actually more powerful than the others from what we have seen. In a PvP match X35 Earthwalker himself was a gunner class ,who are quite tacky thanks to the natural shields they gain and personal shield ability. A revenant rushed him but was getting shot the whole time. When he got close he broke through the shields super fast and started eating away X35’s health. So off course he use the teleport ability to get out of there but as soon as he teleported away, he got pulled all the way back to where the revenant was and got killed. The revenant didn’t take as much damage as they should. The revenant is too strong, players know that because they play it all the time. The developers know that because they raised the spark price (can buy with real money). All classes weren’t created equal. The gunner class has the most epic description out of all of them. They sound so powerful but when you play the gunner, he does less damage than you you would expect. Other classes kill things faster than him. The flamethrower is too weak, it should be a area of effect attack and only sets enemies on fire for two seconds which sucks! The big bad gunner who carries a big bad gun doesn’t do big bad damage. All their are some classes that we hardly ever see or seen at all like the alchemist and witch/warlock. Something needs to change here.

Divine form in Skyforge - X35 Earthwalker

Next issue is that the progress in Skyforge is really slow. Now we get that this game was made to be played for a very long time. We can see that but not everything with this game should be at such a slow rate. We love to unlock the symbols that you get for completing bastion quests. After you unlock the second row of symbols everything gets real long there on and that’s just the second row. There are 5 rows. The third row is taking a long time and takes even longer especially when there are so many missions, tasks, invasions, story mode, directives etc. Even if you focus on bastion missions only it takes a very very long time. Just thinking about how long row 5 would take can make you not even bother some times. Slow progress is also the issue connected with unlocking other classes. It just takes too long to do it with sparks. We think progressions, especially for symbols is too long. We believe understand the angle they are coming from but just a little mercy would be great. Also let’s make it clear. Skyforge is free to play. We X35 Earthwalker do not condemn Skyforge for micro transactions and buying classes and stuff. they made a large whole game for free of great quality and it’s still a business and they need to make their money somehow. We personally think it’s right to support them after what has been done. So what’s wrong with a few skins and maybe a class or two? Nothing. Just have to make that clear.

Lastly, a big problem with Skyforge is that it’s too cryptic. This is coming from X35 Earthwalker who has even outsmarted the Riddler and batman. You see many items and terms and names and don’t know how to get them or what they are. For example with the gunner class the three attacks: full auto, pulse shot and missile salvo all trigger something called “impulse charge”. What is Impulse charge?! Seriously. We checked all the abilities, names of attacks and whatever and we don’t see a description for impulse charge anywhere. Maybe it’s revealed to PC players or something but why can’t Skyforge have a simple explanation for it. An extra slot that explains these things. Does impulse charge reduce incoming damage, do we fire faster, does it buff the damage of a certain move. What?!!! Same goes for the Necromancer. We don’t know what: Toothy grin, ritual strike, plague storm, hellfire and bared fangs do either. Maybe the ritual strike, plague storm and hellfire are the combo moves when you use the standard attack but it’s not displayed or shown like how the combos and information is showed for the paladin class. They got it right with the paladin class but gunner and necromancer doesn’t have it. This means we aren’t using gunner and necromancer to their full potential because information isn’t displayed. This is incredibly annoying and we are sure it’s just a display error but we shouldn’t have to search the wiki and websites to learn what impulse charges are. There’s more cryptic stuff that will confuse all new players.

Lastly, maybe this is because there is something we are missing or don’t know but we can’t unlock other mounts in the game. For example mounts like that jetpack looking device we can’t unlock. We have unlocked our divine form and much more and we see players with much lower health and prestige having these mounts. When the game told us to select our mount we went to the mount section and everything was still locked. We couldn’t select anything. We have the mount that we got from the Christmas season a giant ram who is very fast but all the other natural ones we can’t unlock. We checked everything and not sure. Either there’s a glitch here or we are seriously missing something and if we are, then why is it so cryptic? Why say, select your mount when everything is locked? Why not say why it’s locked? It’s not about prestige level as we have said, there are lower ranked players with the mounts. Did they buy it? We have completed the whole campaign. Makes no sense and that’s worse, when it doesn’t make sense. Now many symbols appear above the dash status and some times you don’t know what they mean. It should be clearly explained as new players will suffer from this.

That’s some major issues we have had with the game and they are all big ones because it ruins the game in our opinion at times. New players always get confused and go online for help when it should be in the game. Like we said at the start we really like Skyforge and enjoy playing it. It’s an awesome game but it’s clearly far from perfect. Some minor issues and some majors but worth playing.  

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Past Cure - X35 Earthwalker

Past Cure is a new cinematic supernatural thriller game developed by “Phantom 8 Studio”. It’s coming out the 2nd of February on the Xbox One, Play Station 4 and PC. Past Cure attempts to combine action and stealth. Two genres that don’t always work so well together. Let’s take a look.

In Past Cure players control Ian. Ian is a former elite soldier but was held and tortured in dark prisons within Europe. Naturally all those horrible experiements took their toll on Ian and he now struggles and suffers from the consequences. His mind is messed up, gets hallucinations, clearly nothing good came from this… but; the experiments also gave Ian some awesome mental abilities. Don’t worry it’s nothing big or anything just: telekinesis and time manipulation. You know… minor stuff. 

Seriously though, why would these people give their tortured subject such powers. It never ends well. Well Ian off course wants revenge for what was done to him and how messed up he is now. Ian gets his brother to help him with two things: hunting down the ones responsible for Ian’s torment and for the truth surrounding the hallucinations and other mysteries.

Past Cure - X35 Earthwalker

Now some gamers may think it’s not all bad because Ian gets some awesome powers. You soon discover that each time you use them, it negatively impacts your sanity. The more damaged you become, the more likely you are to draw something else to yourself. Something the developers described as “nightmarish… beyond reality”. At the centre of Past Cure is the combination of both action and stealth. Action because you have guns, can get melee and have telekinesis but stealth because using your powers has consequences and so at times it’s better to just not get seen at all. Players will have to be smart about the different situations and know exactly what the best approach would be.

Now off course Past Cure isn’t just guns and stealth otherwise it wouldn’t be all that different from other games like Metal Gear Solid and the Evil Within 2. In Past Cure Ian has to face two worlds. The cruel and gun fights of the real world and the nightmarish horror of his dreams. That’s right. The real world is more action, time bending bullets and landing those headshots. The nightmares are something else. It’s there stealth becomes far more essential and puzzles give players moments of scratching their heads. The nightmares are more survival. now the developers have an interesting maths formula to describe the game. Past Cure is 50% Thriller, 50% Horror, 50% Action and 50% Stealth = 200% gameplay. Pretty cool if you ask us at X35 Earthwalker.

We checked out some gameplay and we are so far really liking what we are seeing. For example the astral projection skill sounds OP (over powered) when you think about it but awesome. Leave the body and have a look round and even have the ability while in astral to short circuit and disable electrical too. That’s important because in certain places where stealth is needed, devices like cameras  will give you away. The graphics look nice, not top range but nice. Hopefully, the overall quality of the game will increase as well. It’s currently being developed by eight people. The concept and game mechanics are definitely there. Let’s just see how they execute it.

Overall Past Cure seems like a really cool game. It isn’t of the same quality as other releases but ti can be overlooked due to such a small team. We like what we hear and see so far. The developers, “Phantom 8 Studio” did a very good job with this game. We at X35 Earthwalker, look forward to seeing how the gaming community reacts to Past Cure. Now the past may have messed up Ian but it certainly cannot mess up… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Kingdom Come: Deliverance - X35 Earthwalker

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a new open world RPG developed by ‘Warhorse Studios’. It’s coming out the 13th of February for the Xbox One, Play Station 4 and PC. In Kingdom Come: Deliverance players are thrown into the world and times of the roman empire. swords, shields and lots of yelling. Let’s take a look.

In Kingdom Come: Deliverance, you play Henry who’s the son of a blacksmith. Henry has a peaceful life but that all got ruined when a mercenary raid shows up. Your village is destroyed and burned to the ground. this raid was ordered by king Sigismund himself. Let’s get some of the back story. This all takes place in Europe 1403, in a region called ‘Bohemia’ which had everything going for it. It was had money  rich culture and structures everywhere like castles. Bohemia’s beloved ruler, Emperor, Charles IV  died. Basically one of the Emperors sons, Wenceslas took over the throne but was’t as good as Charles was. Then Wenceslas’s half brother, king Sigimund takes action, kidnaps Wencelas and takes over the place. This off course is bad.

With no where to go, family ruined and off course some sort of vengeance in your heart, you end up in the service of Lord Radzig Kobyla who just so happens to be forming a resistance to combat and fight against the invaders. Now you, Henry, the player are now in the middle of a very bloody civil war. Bohemia needs an hero. Fight and do your best. It certainly won’t be easy. The enemy isn’t a rage tag group of soldiers, they now how to wield a sword as well. Don’t forget that.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance - X35 Earthwalker

The developers wanted to make sure that gamers had as many options as possible about how you do things in the game. Use your reputation and charisma to your advantage. Maybe get some residents or characters on your side or get what you need from them. So your responses, words and what you do with certain individual characters and who you impress will definitely matter. So how will you handle your situations? Handle with your words and very polite or will you use force, raise your sword and make them hand it over. It’s up to you. Just don’t forget that freedom of choice is the main thing about this game. There are many ways to complete a quest and it’s up to the player how you do it but never forget that whatever you do will have consequences.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance also payed attention to some smaller details as well. The developers wanted to make this game very realistic as well. NPCs in the game will react to what you do, even if that means reporting you to the authorities. So snitching is a real thing here. There are actually weather patterns in Kingdom Come: Deliverance so rain, probably fog as well. That sounds real cool. It gets better though. There is a functioning day and night system. This is awesome. It adds more layers to the game. You could attack at night in the rain. Or wait for a sunny day. 

We checked out some gameplay and we can confirm that this won’t be a hack and slasher at all. Each fight will require players to use their head and have good timing. Wait for an opening and then exploit it. It’s all European sword fighting. Wield many weapons like swords, maces, off course axes and more like the bow and arrow. Join large battles with many soldiers yelling and swinging their swords and even help with castle sieges. The action is far from dull. It’s definitely something you should check out for yourself. The 1v1 fights can go so wrong very quickly so have the right armour and don’t rush.

Overall Kingdom Come: Deliverance seems like a very cool RPG. The graphics are excellent for a game this large. High attention to details. The animations and weapon control of the characters are all done through motion capture with “experienced sword fighters” (X35 Earthwalker could easily beat them). A lot of effort and time went into Kingdom Come: Deliverance. The developers, ‘Warhorse Studios’ did an amazing job with this game. We at X35 Earthwalker are looking forward to see what this game has to offer on a full scale. Now the 15th century is not for everyone but there’s one thing that’s too much for the 15 century and that’s… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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mutant league football - X35 Earthwalker

Mutant Football League is 3D arcade style sports game developed by ‘Digital Dreams Entertainment LLC’. It’s coming out the 19th of January for the Xbox One and Play Station 4 but already out on PC. If you like football, monsters and over the top violence then Mutant Football League has got it. Let’s take a look.

In the world of Mutant Football League, monsters and mutants take their skills and expertise to the gridiron. Here they American football but there’s a twist. There isn’t really any rules. So the result is some arcade style, violent games filled with a dangerous sense of humour. At least the fans from the stands love it (that’s what matters). So expect all kinds of creatures like aliens, skeletons, trolls, demons and battle bots. Who would have thought these guys could play American football.

Now the matches are simple to some extent. It does play like normal 7 on 7 matches except their are two ways to win. Either by having the highest score or by killing and destroying your opponents. This makes the game more strategic and gives more options. Now their are 18 teams and each team have what Mutant Football league calls ‘Dirty tricks’. Now ‘Dirty tricks’ are abilities which help put things in the teams favour. Such dirty tricks allows you to bribe the ref to make him cancel or overturn a call he made, make your player ginormous allowing them to crush and smash the competition away, equip your players with chainsaws and even throw bombs. Now that’s crazy.

mutant league football - X35 Earthwalker

The commentary is done by NBA Jam and NFL Blitz hall of fame, ‘Tim Kitzrow’. He does the play by play. There are Mutant League Football all-stars who own the fields with their powerful abilities and high kill counts just waiting for players to put to use like: Ghoulio Bones, Bomb Shady, Wham Neutron and much more. There are multiple game modes to try out like Play off, exhibition and practice but if you are really good then try out for the The mayhem bowl. There are 18 different arenas to play in and they have dangerous obstacles like lava, fire pits, buzz saws and even landmines so watch your step and where you run.

We checked out some gameplay of Mutant Football league and we can confirm that it is fully 3D violent American football mutant, monster game with dirty tricks. That’s literally what the game is. It’s for gamers who like violent and very silly commentary. It’s more in your face funny than subtle at all. The matches are quick action, no long waiting for the whistle and thanks to the abilities and lack of rules for this sport, it’s hard for an opponent to stay away with the ball to stall for time. Tackling your opponents is easier to do as you just really need to get on them and let them have it. We have seen players get dropped, kicked, slammed and smashed. almost makes you not want to have the ball. You can either do 4 player local multiplayer or two players online allowing the mayhem to spread across the world.

Overall Mutant Football league seems like a fun and good game. It’s for casual gamers who just like to have fun and smash their opponents in totally unrealistic but crazy ways. You may not even be good at gaming but at least you would enjoy beating your friends to death on the field (who doesn’t enjoy that?). This doesn’t mean their isn’t any strategy or deep gameplay involved. The graphics are good, the sounds need to be better, the commentary in our opinion is lame but the action isn’t. Being a multiplayer game again adds more options and a range of players to face. The developers, ‘Digital Dreams Entertainment LLC’ did a good job with this game. We at X35 Earthwalker don’t have an interest in this game but will keep and ear out for it. Mutant Football League has the violent matches but even that’s not enough to match… the ‘Earth Walk’.

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Outbreak: The new Nightmare

Outbreak: The new Nightmare is a new co-op survival horror developed by ‘Dead Drop Studios LLC’. It’s coming out the 3rd of January for Xbox One but already out on PC. In Outbreak: The new Nightmare is all about survival. Let’s take a look.

Outbreak: The new Nightmare is all about survival. Harsh survival. You are a survivor and your aim is to keep on surviving. There is a zombie horde after you and we all have watched some zombie movies to know how that normally ends. Now you have to think carefully about what to do and how you do it. Do you explore this place, do you go this way, you do engage the enemy here, or do you run away, do you use a gun or do you take them down melee style? It’s all up to the player. There will be many moments where players will have to decide whether to choose certain tools, new weapons or items for healing. So “choose wisely”.

Outbreak: The new nightmare will punish players who make mistakes. The difficulty is said to be very high. You have to be on-point with your inventory management. Basically strict management of your stuff is crucial. So don’t go firing of all your rounds on every zombie you see. The camera angles and style of Outbreak: The new nightmare should instantly remind certain gamers of a certain game. Resident Evil. Well the early ones. It’s clear that’s what the developers were aiming for when they made this game. Have that style but make it a full fledge zombie survival that makes players want to keep playing and trying different strategies. 

Outbreak: The new nightmare has a lot of content and stuff going on. There is a campaign and Nightmare mode which is a very hard narrative story mode. Campaign can be played as 4 player co-op or solo. Onslaught mode, it’s in the name, where you face endless enemies alone or with friends. By the way, all the modes can be played off-line as well. There are even playable characters and off course each one has their own starting equipment and attributes. There are some puzzles in this game meaning as you go around exploring and enter certain places expect a puzzle or two in order to make progress. Lots of weapons to choose from and use, including both firearm and melee weapons. 

We checked out some gameplay and after a few seconds we could easily see why this reminds everyone of the early Resident Evil games, which is a good thing by the way. The camera angles, the movement. The graphic style. The zombies and just even the combat. This is why some gamers are already happy about it as it’s like Resident Evil but more survival horror and about being smart. Plus the best thing about Outbreak: The new Nightmare is that it’s a co-op survival meaning you can scavenge around, run away and fight with friends. Co-op makes all the difference in many games.

Overall Outbreak: The new Nightmare is what we would call a specific game as in only certain kinds of gamers would like this. Mainly resident evil fans and off course survival horror fans. Otherwise it’s hard to sell. It’s graphics are not great at all but that’s what the developers were aiming for. They wanted that old resident evil look and feel, with the camera angles and the zombies etc. It’s something that you gamers will have to decide for yourself. The developers, ‘Dead Drop Studios LLC’ did a good job. We at X35 Earthwalker are not interested in this but some gamers will be interested. Outbreak: The new nightmare may be a nightmare for some but not even this can scare away… the ‘Earth Walk!’ 

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Hello to everyone and happy new year. I, X35 Earthwalker, thank God that you all made it into the new year. Since it’s now 2018 I wanted to encourage everyone with some words. It’s the new year, so let’s start it right.

2018 already confirmed is going to be an even greater year and boy are we expecting many great things. We gamers have a lot to look forward to as well. Many big games and releases will be taking place this year also and off course new technology and more for our gaming pleasure but let’s also use wisdom.

There’s nothing wrong with gaming but do not let gaming become more serious than it’s intended to be. Games are for entertainment. Not something that rules your life or takes priority over real life important things in your life. I’m a gamer too and if there was a definition of a true gamer then that would be me. I came from a gaming family and was playing video games from when I was a child. I spend many hours playing games too so i am a gamer but I have wisdom to place limits.

Make sure to spend time with your family. Don’t be one of those gamers who forever stay in their rooms and only come out when it’s dinner time. Not smart and not healthy. Eat with your family and have some family time with them. It will greatly benefit you now and in the future. Don’t skip work or school for more gaming time. Your life is more important than any game (even Halo 6). If you have to study or be at work then fulfil your duties first and prove yourself as a good student who is going somewhere in life and a essential employee and makes a difference in the business.

Do not let games control how you feel. Don’t be a silly rager who smashes their good equipment like key boards, chairs, tables and worse your consoles. It’s stupid, bad for your health and a huge waste of money. Be the one who has self control and knows when to take a break or able to laugh it off.

Lastly, I am a Christian, born again and have a wonderful relationship with Jesus. I pray for many people, including my followers, viewers, supporters, fellow gamers etc. It’s up to you but I recommend you learning your purpose in life by seeking God. Know Hm for yourself, have an actual encounter with Him as I can guarantee it’s better than any awesome game. I say this out of love for you all. If you have any questions then please contact X35 Earthwalker.

Have fun blasting aliens, defending the planet, racing at top speed and fighting dragons in your games. Have an awesome year. Be joyful and have a good time. Push yourselves to achieve and do your best in everything that you do. Start 2018 right and with wisdom. 

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Monster Hunter: World

Monster Hunter: World is a new action role playing game. The latest installment in the monster hunter series, developed by ‘Capcom’. It’s coming out the 26th of January 2018 for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and later for PC. A bunch of large monsters need hunting down. How can this go wrong? Let’s take a look.

The story in Monster Hunter: World is pretty interesting. Once every decade, beasts called elder dragons, all head across the sea to an land which is called the ‘New world’ (One piece anyone?). Now off course humans are too curious for their own good so the guild  created a research commission. They go out in huge fleets  to the ‘New world’ to learn what’s going on. Now the elder dragon called Zorah Magdolas, who is really huge by the way, is the one that has grabbed everyones attention. The fifth fleet sent by the Commission are after that dragon.  One hunter, the player is about to have a crazy adventure. All you green horns who wanted to see elder dragon up close, this is your lucky day!

Monster Hunter: World

Players are a hunter and it’s their job to hunt down monsters across  many different habitats. Now overtime you hunt and defeat a monster you can get materials from them which you can use to build even bigger and more powerful weapons, which you will use to take down more powerful monsters. It’s all about progression. This will not be an easy hunt though as their will be surprises and not everything will go according to plan. 

Now Monster Hunter: World is suppose to be a huge game. Come on… you didn’t think a game about travelling and hunting giant monster will be some small linear game did you? There are many different locations and they are filled with wildlife. Wherever you go, you will get some suprises. We at X35 Earthwalker are glad that Monster Hunter: World issuing more creative and experimental with this instalment because a game about hunting large powerful monsters has so much potential and room to work with.

Some locations are: ‘Wildspire Waste’ which is basically a desert which conjoined with a swampland. ‘Rotten Vale’ which is a deep valley which has a layer of decomposing remains which is formed from corpses falling from above… eww. The ‘Ancient forest’ which has a big and complex ecosystem. it also has a huge ancient tree that stands over the forest. It’s actually made from a network of trees. The ‘Coral Highlands’ which is basically the ocean and sea but on land as in above water. It has corals and look like something in the seas of Australia but it’s all dry land. Now each of these locations mentioned here are connected to each other. The Wildspire Waste receives water from the Ancient Forest. The Rotten Vale is below the Coral Highlands and the Coral Highlands  spreads eggs to the rest of the world where creatures become a part of the food chain there naturally.

Monster Hunter: World

As the name suggests, Monster Hunter: world has a wide range of monsters for you to contend with and see for yourself. In the Ancient Forest there is the Anjanath which is basically a large furry-isa T-rex. A Ratholos which is basically a giant wyvern that has poisonous claws and shoot fire from it’s mouth. In the Rotten Vale you may find an Odogaron which is sort of like a red, spiky sabre tooth tiger  but really aggressive. Radobaan which is a giant wyvern but covered with bones as armour and can curl up and roll like Behemoth from Evolve. In the Coral Highlands there is the Tzitzi-Ya-Ku which is like a velociraptor but has the ability to blind enemies and it’s prey. Paolumu which is basically a large bat that can puff up like a puffer fish to fly, watch out for the tail. In Wildspire Waste there is the Jyuratodus which is basically a flexible amphibian monster that travels through mud like a sea creature. The Barroth is like a rocky dinosaur that uses mud to help hinder and trap enemies to ready up for a charge attack. This isn’t nowhere near all the monsters in the game.

In terms of weapons and equipment, the Monster Hunters aren’t short by any stretch of the imagination. They have fourteen different weapons to use to take down these monsters so forget revolvers and handguns we need something bigger. These weapons are: Insect glaive, Long sword,  Switch axe, Bow, Sword and shield, Light bowgun, Lance, Great sword, Gunlance, Dual blades, Heavy bowgun, Hunting horn, Charge blade and Hammer. Take your pick. They each have their own attacks and style. Pros and cons indeed. Do you want to learn many or be a master in a few or one. It’s up to the gamers to decide. Obviously as you go through Monster Hunter: World you will encounter different monsters who are very different in combat and movement, meaning players will benefit from picking the best weapon for the job. Possibly the Great sword for heavy melee damage and good blocking against a creature that stays on the ground and has telegraphed attacks. A bow and heavy bowgun for areal enemies that never seem to land but the damage needs to continue.

The Monster Hunters’s equipment doesn’t stop there. They also have Scoutflies which are perfect for hunting monsters. these Scoutflies remember the scent of monsters and guid you from monster tracks to tracks, eventually finding the monster. The slinger allows hunters to launch stones and nuts at whatever you feel like. Some nuts have certain effects while a big rock hits like a big rock. Hey, a weapon is a weapon. You can even use it to distract monsters or get it’s attention else where. remember that. There are specialised tools that have powerful effects. They are easy to use and you can have two at a time activated so get ready for some combinations and planning to work best with your weapons. Paliceos are basically evolved cats that stand by the hunters side and considered a equal member of a hunter team. They can support with restorative, offensive and defensive abilities and more. Treat these guys right and they will literally fight with you.

We checked out some gameplay and it is what we expected. Large worlds that have many monsters around. Keep going until you find the monster that you’ve been looking for and then engage it in combat. Off course there are many things to interact with in Monster Hunter: World like bee nests, fruits, plants and more. Use everything to your advantage and even plan ahead for fights. Don’t just run in, even thought that’s fun too. Lay some traps, have an area to retreat to in case of an emergency. A spot for your team to gather and where to head to for the advantage, high or low ground, rock or mud etc. None of these fights should be easy and we hope they keep it that way. Nothing ruins a massive powerful looking boss fight more, than a simple win, with bosses have predictable easy patterns. There needs to be a clear threat. We should be on our guard and concentrating at all times.

Overall Monster Hunter: World so far has a lot of hype going on and for good reason. The graphics from what we have seen recently look amazing. The sounds are very good especially when the weapons collide with monsters. The combat is smooth and to some extent reminds us of Dark Souls. The rag doll effects are great too. More realistic than other games. The boss fights do look epic. The developers ‘Capcom’ did an amazing job so far. We at X35 Earthwalker are actually excited for Monster Hunter: World. We never cared for the other Monster Hunter games but this one has got our attention. Now Monster may be giving the hunters problems but one thing even the monsters can’t handle is… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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celeste - X35 Earthwalker

Celeste is a new Platformer game developed by ‘Matt Makes Games inc’. It’s coming out in January 2018 for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Apparently this isn’t some ordinary mountain. Let’s take a look.

Celeste is simply about climbing a mountain. The mountain is said to a power, which is pretty much the main mystery of the game. Everything else is what you would expect from a platform game. Celeste has over 600 levels! That’s huge!This won’t be some game that you complete in a day by the looks of it, which is a good thing. The 600 levels are split into 8 chapters and for those completionists out there, there is said to be a lot of secrets in across these levels.

The graphic style off celeste course should remind most gamers of Terraria. Now players control Madeline. She has simple controls. She is a great climber as she can climb any surface and cover distance using her air-dash. If we know games (and we do), simple controls means a bigger skill gap and potential. We are off course correct. Celeste is meant to be a very difficult game. Like with some rage games you are expected to die a lot. 

The most interesting obstacle in Celeste is the fact that you can get chased by your own reflection. This is a very awesome but scary mechanic. X35 Earthwalker when he was much younger played one of the early Rayman games and had a level where a dark version of Rayman will follow you and do everything you do at the moment in time when you did it. This meant if you ran at point A and the shadow spawned at point B further behind it will walk to point A and then start to run like you did. If you collide with your reflection then you die. 

We checked out some gameplay and we at X35 Earthwalker like what we see. It’s pure platforming. nothing but jumping, moving, dashing and evading. There are traps around the levels sort of with a similar style to Spelunky. Blocks falling down to crush you, spikes around to impair you and off course drops to your death. Lots to keep up with. Mastering the air-dash will save players a lot of deaths and pain. 

Overall Celeste is an awesome looking game. It’s pure platforming. Serious platforming at that. The graphic look good for it’s styler. The sounds are good also but the music is excellent. The difficulty is suitable for a platform like this where dying is frequent. Off course we are sure there is more to Celeste and the secrets of the mountain. The developers ‘Matt Makes Games inc’  did a fantastic job with this game. We at X35 Earthwalker look forward to seeing what else Celeste has to offer gamers. Now mountain climbing can be too much for some but guess what’s too much for everyone… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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