Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ignis 2 - X35 Earthwalker

Final Fantasy XV is getting a new DLC called ‘Episode Ignis’, developed by ‘Square Enix’. Episode Ignis will be available on the 13th of December for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. We at X35 Earthwalker certainly love the amount of effort and work that goes into the Final Fantasy DLC’s. A lot of content is on the way but now it’s Ignis’s turn. Let’s take a look.

All Final Fantasy gamers will currently know Ignis. He is the composed and serious one but stays cool. he is the tactical and brains of the group. We couldn’t play as him in Final Fantasy XV but worked with the players but now… It’s his turn to shine. In Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ignis. Players control… well… Ignis (who else?). This DLC takes place as Noctis is still unconscious after the trial of Leviathan. Ignis has an adventure of his own. He puts his tactical mastery to use in Altissia to protect the city.

Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ignis - X35 Earthwalker

Now we love Ignis at X35 Earthwalker because of his personality and because strategy and getting tactical is definitely our thing. Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ignis is suppose to be not only breath taking but emotional. The developers want to really get the players into what’s happening here. Ignis will protect his comrades, especially Noctis at any cost… even if it means sacrificing himself. Now this kind of friendship and duty they have for each other is beautiful. Friendship can be the strongest bond there is and the Bible teaches this as well.

From what we have seen of the DLC gamers can expect some huge battles, towering enemies, being out numbered and facing familiar foes once again. Everything looks smooth and the combat looks awesome. At times it looks like Ignis is more dangerous than Noctis. The tactical ones are normally the ones who win. The Zoom around the battlefield, travel from roof top to roof top and use elemental attacks and even work with allies to defeat your enemies, defend the city and off course Noctis. The action certainly hasn’t turned down here.

Already a number of Final Fantasy fans are excited and have good things to say about what they have seen already. We know Episode Ignis means serious business because Ignis means business. Seriously look at his face. Look at him straight in the eyes… now that’s serious.

Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ignis - X35 Earthwalker

Overall from what we know and have seen, this DLC might just bring some feelings to gamers. The graphics look great as always, the attention to detail is excellent as well. The sounds still sound relevant and nicely done. As you go through the game some of the stuff happening in your surroundings are just worth taking a look at like when that air ship got punched by that large humanoid being. The developers ‘Square Enix’ did an excellent job with this DLC so far. This is worth checking out. Now Ignis may have an episode now but one thing always had an episode and that’s… the Earth Walk!’

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Resident Evil 7: Biohazard - Not a hero

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is getting a brand new free DLC called, ‘Not a hero’. it’s coming out the 12th of December for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Many fans are quite hyped abut this one but also cautious. Let’s take a look.

Many gamers agreed that Resident Evil 7: biohazard was a great game. Many liked that fact that you weren’t a heavy weapons power house where you blow everything away. You had very limited ammo, items and had to really use your head to handle some areas. The sexting of being in the Bakers house and being hunted by the bakers themselves. We at X35 Earthwalker do agree that Resident evil 7: Biohazard worked well. Great news. Now the DLC, ‘Not a hero’ is actually very different.

Not a hero takes place immediately after the main story line of Resident Evil 7:Biohazard. Instead of playing a regular dude like Ethan, instead you play as a professionally trained, ready for combat, Chris Redfield. As you can see already, it’s a different style of gameplay, sounds more like Resident Evil 6 as you will have a range of tactical weaponry. Honestly, you are going to need those weapons when it comes to dealing with the enemy here.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard - Not a hero

Now Chris Redfield is after Lucas Baker. That name should haunt some players as he is considered the worse of them all overall in terms of how sadistic and smart he is. Sort of like Jigsaw (but not at that level. Now Chris Redfield has been instructed to bring lucas in alive which makes things more difficult. Lucas has already shown that he is more than a match for Chris as several umbrella operatives have gone in and tried but have lost contact with them over the radio. Are they dead or in one of Lucas’s twisted games? It sounds like a capture and rescue mission.

We checked out some gameplay and we certainly like what we saw. The HUD looks cool but also simple which is how things should be. The melded are back and more mean than before. They are here in numbers as one folded certainly doesn’t stand a chance against the weapons you have. There are more dangers though. The environment is also an enemy. You are in an abandoned mine which has a deadly biohazard present. As high tech as your gas mask is… it won’t protect you forever in the cave network of the mine. So time seems like another factor in ‘Not a hero’. Also what we heard was true. In Resident Evil 7: biohazard you can finish of molded who you have knocked off balance with your fists. think of it like a glory kill from DOOM. Pretty cool and why not have that mechanic?

Overall Resident Evil 7: Biohazard’s DLC, ‘Not a hero’ seems really interesting right now. It’s a different and familiar style from the main game. This allows fans of both styles to be pleased to do what they love best, Survival or shooter. The graphics are looking very good right now. The sounds are great and the noise of getting a headshot on the molded sounds real good and crunchy. The design of the mines look nice, nothing special though. The molded do seem a bit like they are fodder for the players in this DLC but we will have to see. The developers, ‘Capcom’ did a great job with this game. This game is worth checking out. Now Chris Refield may be well equipped to handle this mission but not even he is ready… for the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Battlestar Galactica Deadlock

Battlestar Galactica Deadlock is a new 3D turn based strategy game developed by ‘Black Lab Games’. It’s coming out on Xbox One and PS4 the 8th of December. It’s already out on PC though. Being a turn based space game sounds really interesting. We at X35 Earthwalker hope they pulled it off. let’s take a look.

In Battlestar Galactica Deadlock, the Cylons and the humans were in a deadlock. The Cylons however: launched a brutal surprise attack which allowed them to eliminate the colonial fleet high command. This off course is very bad for the humans. Now it all falls down to the rear-admiral Lucinda Cain. Here is where the players step in. Battlestar Galactica Deadlock requires players to get real strategic from what we know. Every decision is important and literally one move could make or break everything.

You get to control the whole colonial fleet from the shipyard called ‘Daidalos’. Make sure to build a big and powerful fleet because the task ahead is big. There are twelve colonies that are in danger because of the Cylon. Decide what ships you should have in your fleet. Build and design it how you want it. There are many ships with some serious firepower like the Jupiter class battleship and the Manticore Corvette. Others like the Raptor scouts and viper squadrons all await your orders. Already we are liking the sound of this.

Now Battlestar Galactica Deadlock is completely 3D. This means you can rotate the camera and see from any angle. Make your units fly anywhere and everywhere to flank enemy ships, attack from behind, retreat etc. After deciding your moves and actions you can watch it all play out in real time. You can also pause the real time as well. Maybe you want a better angle and to careful see what took place. Pretty cool if you ask us. If that wasn’t detailed enough, you can rewatch your whole battle with the auto cam replay. So you can see where things went well or went wrong. What’s very useful is that there is an in game too which allows players to easily export their battles straight to YouTube.  

Now the Cylon are a serious enemy. They do not only have a charge head first strategy. this enemy actually comes at you in more than one way forcing players to stay fully alert and ready to handle multiple tasks at once. For example the Cylon may board a ship or colony meaning it’s up to your marines to defend, hold off and defeat the Centurion boarding parties. Wardriver electronic fighters may try to hack what systems you have, meaning firewalls are required to defend against them. Or the classical let’s bomb them out of the sky approach with Basestars launching missile salvos and Cylon raiders attacking. so not a simple enemy indeed.

Battlestar Galactica Deadlock

We checked out some gameplay and honestly it didn’t seem as fluent or as fun as XCOM 2: War of the Chosen. yes it is a different style but it seems like there is far to much planning instead of action. It’s great that there are many ways to go about it and that there is lots to look at but it makes it come off as slightly more boring. Off course, seeing gameplay is different from playing it and we haven’t played Battlestar Galactica Deadlock so we cannot confirmed this but who knows, it may give a different feeling when actually played. We do like the level of layers to this games strategy aspects.

Overall we think Battlestar Galactica Deadlock is a very good game. The graphics and environments look very nice. The music and sounds are very good as well. The story we hear goes quite deep and it’s more than a simple destroy the aliens story. The amount of emphasis that the game puts on decision making is how strategic games should be in most cases. As in it only takes one move to change everything. The developers, ‘Black Lab Games’ did a very good job with this. We at X35 Earthwalker will keep an ear open for Battlestar Galactica Deadlock. This game might be worth checking out. The Cylon may be a serious threat but they ain’t nothing once compared to… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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DOOM or what some call DOOM 4 had a lot of hype and for good reason. DOOM delivered and brought a game which follows the ways of Ultimate DOOM. It was about constantly moving to avoid numerous projectiles and attacks coming your way. DOOM did get an update and we at X35 Earthwalker believe that stepped the game up to another level. Let’s take a look.

The DOOM campaign story was a bit weak but DOOM never really had much of a story. Basically it was demons show up, so let’s kill them, then we got to hell to kill them, they come to earth, we kill them again, then they kill your rabbit and so you kill then once again but the action was done right. 

DOOM Heavy Assault rifle

The main thing about the update was the changes to multiplayer and Snapmap. Multiplayer was how DOOM should be. it was fast, matches didn’t last forever, nowhere is safe, players dying everywhere and demons at times get involved wrecking havoc and striking fear. Now the weapons actually have graphs to show the stats of each weapon and their weapon mod. For example we can now see that the heavy assault rifle has low damage, medium range and high rate of fire but when you use the Heavy assault rifles weapon mod the range is increased. This makes things easier and makes more sense. A problem that DOOM had in multiplayer was the fact that the weapon balancing. Some weapons are clearly out classed by others and therefore no reason to use them. The Heavy assault rifle was one for example and so no one pretty much used it. The balancing though has been improved and now the heavy assault rifle is actually useful as long as you get the headshots.

DOOM’s Multiplayer also got a new weapon which fits right into the roster. The grenade launcher straight up is a great weapon. X35 Earthwalker tried it himself in his first few matches and it brought him kills. The grenade launcher isn’t as strong as the rocket launcher but has that advantage of being capable of being shot around corners or to block of certain areas. The grenade launcher seems to do more damage in terms of area of effect than the rocket launcher though. The new weapon balancing has caused players to see different weapons being used like the plasma rifle and chain gun.

DOOM demons

Now there are some new demons in DOOM as well which is always exciting to see. The demons can only come when there is a demon rune and the first player to grab it gets to become a demon. It’s actually kind of scary as the type of demon can change everything. For example if a mancubus shows up then every wise player will exit the area and stay away. if a Revenant shows up then the best thing to do is deal as much damage as fast as possible because it is faster than you and will kill you first. Now the new ones are: Harvester, spectre and Cacodemon. The harvester fires a beam which damage anything it hits and that charges up detonation which once full you can release a large energy blast. The Spectre is basically an invisible pinky demon so just simply run around the map and destroy unsuspecting players at great speed. The cacodemon just flies around, crushing players with it’s huge jaws and firing a blast at enemies for longer range combat. These new ones are great additions to the demon crew. Off course they it room for more in DOOM.

Now Snapmap is exactly as you remember it except that there are more levels in there and more spotlight  maps which are maps that are normally designed very well. They have story lines it’s clear that pretty much everything was done intentionally and planned. So if you liked Snapmap then off course you will love it more now as it basically has more of everything. X35 Earthwalker himself believes that Snapmap is the best thing about DOOM. It is so worth playing as there is content for days.

Overall the update just brought good stuff to DOOM. The game has gotten better and it’s even more worth checking out if you haven’t already. We will be playing DOOM more often now. Now an update is always great to have but there’s one thing that doesn’t need an update and that’s… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Praey for the gods

Praey for the gods is a new action survival adventure game developed by ‘No Matter studios’. It’s coming out in December 2017 for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. The concept behind this game is very interesting allowing for a story worth knowing about. Let’s take a look.

In Praey for the gods players are in a dying world. A desolate frozen wasteland. Apparently the weather there is eternal winter (which would suck so bad in real life). The seriously is never ending. Players control a lone hero who has nothing but the clothes on their back. We assume we will learn more about the hero as the story develops but keeping it a mystery would work well here as well.

Praey for the gods

Now the adventure here in Praey for the gods isn’t a pleasant one. certainly no winter wonder land. It’s brutal and the dangers and obstacles you face are huge and at times literally. You must save and restore balance to the land which is easier said than done as you will have to slay the very gods themselves. It doesn’t get harder than that. The concept of killing the very gods that the character believes in order to save the land and faced with questions that no one has the answers too just triggers thinking and mystery.

Now you must explore and progress through the lands, discovering some items like a bow and arrow and even a grappling hook which will allow you to take powerful enemies and make progress. This game sort of reminds us of tomb raider but definitely not the same. There is more of a dark souls feel in terms of timing your actions and dodges to succeed and avoid serious damage. We hope a game like this has high emphasis on difficulty.

We checked out some gameplay and we saw some of the so called gods in Praey for the gods. They were all big. Some extremely big like that bird creature while another is like a giant alive snow golem. another looked like a ing from Metroid 2 but more windy and flies like a spirit. Basically something from a horror game. We are already appreciating the variety and games need variety to keep things interesting and to keep players guessing. Definitely looks like some exploration is required. The controls also seem like what you’d expect. Nothing complex. There

Overall we at X35 Earethwalker think that Praey for the gods is going to be a very fun and interesting game. We wouldn’t call it special but definitely interesting. We can see some of the survival elements like avoiding lesser enemies like regular wolves and bigger elements like how it’s easier for the player to be killed and so actions like dodging must be for a reason and timed well. The graphics look very good indeed. The developers ‘No Matter studios’ did a excellent job with this game. We at X35 Earthwalker will keep an eye out for Praey for the gods. This is worth checking out. Now the gods may get plain here but nothing can slay… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Skyforge is a MMORPG developed by ‘Allods Team’. It’s coming out the 29th of November for Xbox One but already out on PC and PS4. Now when it comes to MMORPG, there is much that has to be taken into consideration. Has Skyforge done it right? Let’s take a look.

The story in Skyforge is actually kind of exciting. You play an immortal warrior who will walk the path to become a mighty god (as if being immortal isn’t enough). On your path you will gain followers (who know you aren’t a god but trying to become one by the way). You must fight to protect your world. The more followers you have  Now there is a special group called the ‘order of keepers’ who are known as the most powerful and best there is. They also get to shape the fate of the world. That sounds big and sounds like quite the journey. Now the more followers you have, the more powerful you become.

Now Skyforge has been inspired by some other top action- combat games. There is animated action not just wait around and click etc. So expect everything like combos, finish moves, movement and dodging. So not point and click basically. The combat gets deeper as you can switch between your classes with one click. So if some enemies require some ranged tactics then you can switch from a close range fighter to maybe an archer. What they did right though is that you can level up and improve all your classes at the same time. Like having exp share item in pokemon.

The world is always in danger here in Skyforge. The types of dangers range from other immortals, invaders and much more. So the mortals of the world need the players to protect them. Do so well and gain followers. You can also select what type of activity you want to take part in. For example there is: group, PvE, solo, PvP, raids and more. So there is at least some options. 

There are 14 different classes each with their own powers and abilities and off course style. Some are the cryomancer, the berserker, the paladin, the gunner, the light binder, the witch, the kinetic,  and much more. The Gunners are awesome by the way. As for the players after becoming a god you become over powered but there is a higher level… the elder gods. Who take OP (over powered) to another meaning. So watch out for others gods who have a bad temper. There is lots to do in this game literally like divine forms, invasions, big raids, distortions, anomalies and much more.

We checked out some gameplay and everything looks smooth. It’s what you would expect of a MMORPG. you have your character and you are running around exploring the big world and you may see a giant spider and so you cut it up. Find quests, complete them, you know the drill. Nothing wrong with it so far but seeing it and playing are quite different. 

Overall this looks like a great game so far. The graphics are very good, the sounds are good and the different locations and environments look like they are worth exploring. Only if we play the game can we get more information. The developers ‘Allods Team’ did a very good job with this game. Skyforge is worth checking out. now the gods are pretty strong but nothing is even half as strong… as the ‘Earth Walk!’.

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Spelunky 2 will be here and that’s exciting. It has to be the most exciting thing, in terms of gaming, that we have heard all year. Literally we are more excited for Spelunky 2 than Destiny 2, Evil within 2, Emily wants to play too etc. Spelunky was an excellent game and certainly worth playing. It was difficult, exciting and had a lot for players to do and try out. Spelunky 2 will eventually be here. Let’s take a look.

Now from what know about Spelunky it is safe to assume that the play style will all be the same. The developer ‘Derek Yu’ made it clear that some new things will arrive and some old stuff will make a return. The new things will have to be items, enemies, mechanisms etc but the old things will probably have to be the stuff that were signature to Spelunky like the ghost that shows up when you run out of time.

The developer also revealed his influence for the story of Spelunky 2. He got married and had a daughter (congratulations by the way and continue to have a great marriage Derek Yu). This is what’s happening to mr Spelunky as in the trailer he has a beard which shows time has passed. The child receives mr Spelunky’s signature hat as if passing on the mantle to his daughter but he fades away. His daughter looks out the window in deep thought but diligent. 

This all makes sense. Think about it. mr Spelunky gets out of the strange cave that he explored for treasure. If you completed Spelunky then you know that he found a lot of treasure, treasure which would easily gain him fame and a comfortable life. He can afford a house and to have a child. The child is easily amazed and super interested in her fathers adventures and judging from her clothes wants to do what he did or does. Maybe Mr spelunky went on one more adventure and hasn’t returned yet which is why he faded away. Does she go after him using the knowledge she learnt from her dad? A much deeper story here.

Now Derek Yu did say that he wants to keep what made Spelunky unique. Well that obviously has to be the whole cartoony feel of it all. Little characters with unbelievable upper body strength to carry three friends at once while climbing a rope for example. It was anything serious but casual fun. Casual fun but very challenging and you would see that if you watch the Northernlion plays Spelunky serious on Youtube. Another unique thing was off course the ghost the horrible moment of encountering the ghost for the first time, knowing you can’t stop it but it’s coming for you. Also what’s unique is the silly cartoony physics chain of events. For example you throw a pot at a powder keg to set it off. it blows up but the explosion throws a rock at you, which hit you in your head, which knocks you of the platform, which makes you fall unto spikes which results in your death. There are many wacky chain of events that people wouldn’t believe until they see it. Lastly that is definitely unique would be the tough shopkeepers who make you learn the hard way that you shoplifting is wrong. Also don’t try anything funny. Below is a video of X35 Earthwalker doing his first ever Spelunker run on the Xbox One:

Spelunky was considered by many to be almost perfect. Our suggestions for Spelunky 2 would be to make it bigger. After all, when you master Spelunky you can actually beat the game quite quickly and a bit easily. It becomes no where near the challenge it was. It needs more levels and maybe pathways like instead of heading to the jungle, you can go towards the dry land area or something like that, allowing more time spent and exploration. Maybe secret door ways that have various conditions for entry like number of enemy kills on that run. Make levels more chaotic as in more danger can show up at almost any time forcing players to be on their guard much more instead of casually causing through levels. We have more ideas.

Overall we at X35 Earthwalker are so excited for Spelunky 2 but disappointed that it will not be on Xbox One as that means we can’t play it until much later by the looks of it but we aren’t the developers and so it’s not our decision to make. As long as Spelunky 2 is released for many to enjoy that’s fine with us. Not much information has been released on Spelunky 2 and so we encourage everyone to be on the lookout for new information. Spelunky 2 is something you have to check out. Now we are excited for Spelunky 2 but nothing is more exciting than… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Outcast: Second Contact is a action adventure open world game developed by ‘Appeal’. It’s coming out the 14th of November for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Outcast: Second Contact is a complete remake of the original1999 Outcast game. That’s 18 years. Let’s take a look.

In Outcast: second contact, players control Cutter Slade who is an former special forces operative who was sent on a mission to the planet Adelpha which is the home of an ancient and advanced alien civilisation. Cutter Slade went with a group of scientists but not everything went according to plan. The game has quite a bit of emphasis on how your choices and actions will determine the fate of the two worlds.

Outcast: Second Contact has superior graphics and reworked controls. Basically they are improving the game in every way possible and straight up we can confirm that the game looks real good. As players go about trying to prevent a terrible catastrophe, they will notice some new things… things that even the players of the 1999 original will be surprised by. So expect a lot of new things coming your way which is how it’s suppose to be; because having just an improved graphics game is great but at least add some new stuff.

In this strange parallel world, magic and science mixes together at times, which means players can expect some strange stuff that you would only see in fantasy worlds. Outcast: second Contact have some cool and advanced exotic cities to discover and explore. An alien planet means alien enemies with are normally fierce enemies. expect everything from lush jungle ares to lava rocky places to frozen, snowy looking lands. in total there are 6 different continents. 

New moves for Cutter Slade which players need to master like: sprint, a cover system, dodges and rolls. Go absolutely anywhere from the start, meaning complete freedom. The weapons you have are nor normal at all but think about your situation and use the right high tech gadgets and evolving weapons for success.

We checked out some gameplay and it looks like the game is going for the same feel that the original has but obviously improved. It doesn’t look as impressive to us as others will say it is. It’s clear that a good amount of work went into this but we can tell they could have done more but are trying to still keep it classic.

Overall Outcast: second Contact looks like a trip down memory lane for the original fans but a new adventure for newer gamers. This game has everything from the original but some extras. The graphics are good but the music and sounds are better. The world design and environments are definitely very good indeed. It’s what you would typically expect from a remake. The developers ‘Appeal’ did a very good job with this game. Outcast: Second Contact might be worth checking out. Now this game might be a remake but you can never remake… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Assault Android Cactus is a arcade style twin stick shooter game developed by ‘Witch Beam Games’. It’s coming to the Xbox One the 7th of November but already out for PC and PS4. This game does look fun but let’s take a look.

In the Assault Android Cactus universe players control junior constable Cactus who takes on a task bigger than herself. Basically she responds to a distress call but ends up stranded on a space freighter. It gets worse. The worker robots on the crippled space freighter are after her as in going to attack her. She needs to reach the brain of the ship. She might find other fellow androids along the way.

Instead of lives Cactus uses a mechanical device that works like a battery. Like a battery it loses power over time. So Assault Android Cactus forces players to move fast, think fast and whatever you ned to do, do it fast. The battery drains very quickly over time. So expect bullets and explosions everywhere. 

There are 9 playable characters or should we say Androids. Each one has different play styles and personalities. So maybe stats like speed, damage etc. There are 25 stages in the campaign and they are split into 5 areas which are different parts of the ship. There is a mode called ‘Infinity drive’ where you can take on daily challenges and test your skills and might. It’s also here where you can get competitive with the rest of the Assault Android Cactus community. 

We know this game has been out for a long time now but we at X35 Earthwalker have never heard of Assault Android Cactus. We checked out some gameplay and Assault Android Cactus does look like a fun game. It is fast paced and the bullets are definitely everywhere which is what you would expect from a twin stick shooter game. Best of all about this game is that there is co-op action up to 4 player.

Overall this game has a good amount of cool stuff to offer. Assault Android Cactus did not get our interest or attention but we can see that it is a good game. The developers ‘Witch Beam Games’ did a good job with this game. Assault Android Games might be worth checking out. Now androids may run out of batteries but guess what never runs out… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Let Them Come has so far been a lot of fun. This game is simple and because it is simple you just know that there is going to be a bigger skill gap. All you have to do is aim higher or lower with the gun and fire primarily. That’s it, so you know things are going to get mixed up.

Let Them Come throws you straight into the action with Rock Gunar smoking a cigar (he will get cancer if the aliens don’t get him) but warned that the aliens are coming. he takes out the cigar, turns on some music and starts up his gun. players now take over and attempt to fend of a large group of aliens charging for him. we say “attempt” because you can’t… well not for long anyway. The combination of Grunts and Spiderlings will eventually overwhelm you. Overtime you die you get to restart the wave but first have the option to access the storage. here you can buy new items, weapons, ammo etc. So you get your first item to support you which is the knife. this is useful for cutting any enemies like spiderlings that try to jump on you. Now you stand a chance.

The missions all continue like that. You fight hard to build as much cash (or credits or whatever) as possible. Then you die (and you will die), which gives the opportunity to purchase upgrades like ‘Rapid fire’ which increases your fire rate. Then maybe get some grades as the group of aliens are coming in larger numbers at once and one grenade could solve all your problems. The problem though is what grenade should you use. There are many inn Let Them Come. There are molotov to set ground and aliens on fire, shock which electrifies an area damaging all aliens that come through or the cluster grenade which explodes into smaller fragments which also explode. This game is deeper than just pointing and shooting. It’s get crazy. Almost as crazy as Rock Gunar’s attitude. He doesn’t seem to mind that the aliens are coming, matter of fact he looks happy. As he fires the gun the excitement becomes too obvious on his face. before they come he is just casually sitting down having a cigar. Too calm.

The amount of different ammo you can purchase in Let Them Come makes things cooler. There is the regular ammo which is unlimited. Next is piercing ammo which… well… pierces through all enemies. Explosive ammo is heavy duty and the explosion ain’t weak either, it literally destroys everything. Frost ammo to slow down and freeze enemies buying you more time. All other ammo aren’t unlimited. Ammo runs out faster than players initially think. So don’t think you can just buy some ammo and then destroy everything. not going to happen. you have to manage how you use your ammo. Maybe wait until a long line of aliens come for you and then use your piecing ammo to damage all of them at the same time. So being strategic and quick thinking is essential. also learning how to properly use the gun as it is at times difficult to hit a spiderling on the floor or at an angle. Also don’t overheat your gun. Yep, over heating is a problem as well.

The aliens are the ones who make everything interesting. There are so many types of enemies that you have to adjust and think how you should handle the wave of aliens that come your way in Let Them Come. For example spiderlings force players to aim high and low at times and time when to swing your knife or bat to kill them when they jump at you which momentarily stops you from firing. Bursters force players to focus on them as they are pretty much an instant kill if they touch you but their evolved version the Whirler takes more damage and releases eggs when destroyed if pink so players have to watch multiple things and certain details. Then you have the gorger who won’t stop eating and negating your grenades meaning shooting alone and off course the Shielder which blocks all incoming fire with it’s rock hard shield arms. This sin’t even half the cast of aliens. The campaign has bosses as well which really bring the fight. The video below is X35 Earthwalker taking on the blog boss:

So when they come in combinations and numbers things get real crazy. Imagine hounds which are bigger versions of grunts charging at you protected by a shielder in front followed by some whirlers. sounds bad right? It’s a lot of fun and certainly will make players concentrate. However Let Them Come does have some serious negatives though. Firstly on the Xbox One, if you try to record a clip or take a screen shot using the game DVR the game restarts you back at the level that you started from. So if you turned on your game and continued from wave 9, played to wave 12 and did something awesome so you recorded the last 30 seconds the game will bring you back to wave 9 with the money and items that you had on wave 9. It;’s really frustrating. what’s worse is that Let Them Come got an update and for some reason X35 Earthwalker lost his in game progress which is so bad as X35 Earthwalker completed the campaign and was on the campaign plus which was more difficult. This sucks completely and it better not happen again. Lastly YouTubers beware when recording this game as the music from the music box is copyrighted so you can’t use that on YouTube so be careful. Ye were warned.

Overall Let Them Come is a great game. It’s simple meaning that anyone can play it but skills is certainly needed to get anywhere as things get real difficult real quick. The range of options for ammo and items are really good and allows you to mix things up. There is a boss challenge mode and a rampage mode but we haven’t tried that yet as our progress got erased. So we do recommend that you try Let Them Come as you will get your moneys worth and more of fun. Your progress may get reseted or erased but you can never erase… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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