Unknown Fate is a new action adventure game developed by ‘Marslit Games’ and coming out later this year for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Unknown Fate is a very interesting but very strange game. Let’s take a look.

Players control a man called Richard who somehow passed seamlessly from the real world to some surreal universe. So wait. How did Richard suddenly seamlessly passed from the real world to this strange place? We demand answers. That’s also the main thing of the game that the developers hammered in, is that players will have many questions but will receive all the answers they need; however the game claims that there is still much for us to see. How mystical and strange.

In this strange surreal universe in Unknown Fate, players will encounter unfamiliar artefacts and strange creatures. There are scenes which represent or resembles Richards former life. Basically all the different things that happen in Unknown Fate will make players have many questions. Richard just has the urge to know more. He wants to learn about this place. The creatures here etc. Honestly not a lot of information is out there about Unknown Fate but enough to get what’s going on.

We checked out some gameplay and we have seen some strange creatures indeed. Some humanoid who seem to have powers and abilities. Some are in conflict with each other. Some seem to be friendly towards Richard while others are hostile. One thing we can definitely confirm is that the graphics in this game is awesome level. It looks beautiful. The visuals, the environments all are very well done indeed. 

Overall Unknown Fate looks like a real cool game. The graphics are excellent, the sounds are work very well and very good. The music creates appropriate atmospheres and works well. The level of creativity in this game is very high indeed and we like that. The developers ‘Marslit Games’ did a very good job with this game. We at X35 Earthwalker will keep an eye out for Unknown Fate. This game is worth checking out. Now this game has a lot of questions but what cannot be questioned is… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Cuphead is a classic run and gun action game developed by ‘studioMDHR Entertainment’. It’s coming out 29th of September for Xbox One and windows 10. This looks like a interesting little old game. Let’s take a look.

Straight away you can see that Cuphead is a olden time style game. Everything from the graphics to the music. Even the trailers like the announcement trailer has 1930’s written all over it. This instantly gives it a charm. Come on look at some of those hand drawn cel animation. This game is simple meaning anyone can pretty much give it a go. Would they do well? That’s a different story.

In Cuphead you play Cuphead but thankfully there is a two player co-op and the second player gets to be Mugman. How cute. The story basically is that both Cuphead at some point must have  made a deal with the devil. Which as we know never ends well. You have to be stupid to do that. Things go wrong and now they are trying to repay their debt to the devil. They will go through strange worlds with strange enemies and strange characters. Everything strange.

The game is said to be heavily focused on boss battles. So expect many bosses. We have seen some already like the cigar boss, a large flower, a bow and arrow wielding being on a cloud etc. There’s enough bosses for everyone. Cuphead has also been described as super hard. Don’t let this frighten you because many times we see people who’s job is gaming and yet they don’t do well in certain games at all. There are many enemies and it’s one of those where you have to pay attention because you could die in the next second.

The enemies are all so strange and cartoonish that you won’t see them as threatening but might creep some people out a bit. Now there are some interesting in game mechanics. We hope you like the colour pink because anything that’s pink in the game can be parried. Which will result in you not being harmed and getting a double jump which can be useful for like getting to secret areas probably.

We checked out some gameplay and it’s literally what we thought it would be. Funny but strange big bosses who some pretty much train you by forcing players to emphasise certain skills like dash while other bosses are incredibly difficult having danger come from pretty much everywhere. It seems like on of those games that anyone will just casually play and have fun and maybe get a bit frustrated.

Overall Cuphead seems like a great game. Fun and for everyone while challenging. The graphics and sounds are something that hopefully must people will just love. It’s that old style and it does it well. The music is also very good. The developers ‘studioMDHR Entertainment’ did a excellent job with this game. We at X35 Earthwalker are looking forward to this game and to get into it. This game is worth checking out. Cuphead made a deal with the devil but what has absolutely nothing to do with the devil is… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Lightfield is a new hyper futuristic racing game developed by ‘Lost in the garden’. It’s coming out the 26th of September for Xbox One and PS4. This game looks cool, sounds cool and we hear has an interesting twist to it. Let’s check it out.

Lightfield sure does look cool but the twist makes this something else. The twist is some parkour. So basically racing but with parkour. You will be zooming alone but will have to jump to circular pillars then jump of to an oval shaped platform and then back on the original track or wherever you desire to go as Lightfield has omnidirectional routes for players to go along at their choice. There’s more than one way to race here.

In light field you can go beyond the tracks boundaries and explore for yourself. Take in the sights, check out more of the level designs. Honestly experienced gamers can figure out what this game has to offer. high speed racing with the ability to go anywhere and parkour to make reflexes and paying attention essential skills to compete. 

There are three game modes: Race, time trial and exploration. You can guess what each of these modes are about. There is an online multiplayer mode so go and take on the world. Honestly games like this need online multiplayer. There is also a leaderboard so go see who is currently leading. The electronic music was done by viennese musician Zanshin. Best of all though is the fact that it’s also 4 player local split screen mode. X35 Earthwalker himself respects games who have this.

We checked out some gameplay and everything is what we thought it would be. It’s high speed racing in a futuristic world with trailing lights. Jumping from place to place, racing up and down pillars, around corners and more. This looks real cool.

Overall this game seems excellent. The graphics are great for what it is. The sounds are just good we would say. The music though is something the developers seem very proud about. They should be as the music is very good indeed. Warning: the music may force gamers to dance a little. This game is worth checking out. Omnidirectional racing is great and all but what’s better… is the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Revolve is a new action, puzzle platformer developed by ‘Rusty Bolt’. It’s coming out September 22nd for Xbox One and PS4 but already out on PC. We at X35 Earthwalker came across this game but we have never heard about it. Let’s see what’s good.

In the world of Revolve, players control Reevo, which is a drone. Reevo is trying to escape a dystopian world. So what? another flying away to escape game? Not exactly. In Revolve, you do not control Reevo directly. You can only jump, use speed boosts, brake and switch gravity. These four actions however; require energy to do.

This is where the challenge of the game comes from. Reevo’s energy refills by itself but slowly, meaning you can’t spam jump and boost all the time. It’s up to the player to make quick and good judgments on when to boost, when to switch gravity and when to jump or brake to keep going. The timing has to be right. Don’t jump when you don’t need it, wasting energy. This is actually a good mechanic.

Revolve is said to have physics and momentum based gameplay. So take that into account.The steam version of the game has a level editor so get creative. There are 70 levels and some have zero or inversed gravity. You can also race against the ghosts of other players to see if you are top escaper or not.

Overall this game seems very interesting. The mechanic at work here is a great idea. The graphics are very good. The music and sounds are very nice also. The environment fits what’s happening in the world of Revolve. We like what we see. The developers ‘Rusty bolt’ did a very good job with this game. We at X35 Earthwalker appreciate games with interesting mechanics. This is worth checking out. You may be able to switch gravity in this game but you can’t switch… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Straight up, we at X35 Earthwalker have to declare that XCOM 2: War of the Chosen is awesome. It is without a doubt a successful DLC which is worth buying and trying for yourself. It just has to be said from the start. Let’s see why.

Don’t let the introduction fool you as the tutorial and opening story line is pretty much the same except for a cutscene which shows, a person dressed very differently, sneak into an Advent facility and locate the location of the commander. Other from that it iOS all the same but afterwards you will encounter new cutscenes which reveal a lot. You will be introduced to two new factions: Reapers and Skirmishers. Both are very different in appearance, back story, abilities and combat styles. Read our previous blog on XCOM 2: War of the Chosen for more information. Make sure to master using these two factions as they are a real force beside your regular XCOM soldiers.

Players will notice a small green meter below the health of their soldiers. This bar represents your soldiers level of tiredness. If a soldier is used in missions in a row, they will start to get tired and will require rest eventually before getting used again. So take tiredness into account. The next thing is soldier bonding. Now soldiers who work well together can eventually build a bond which starts at level 1 and can be increased through going on missions together and special facilities which you can build. The bond grants the soldiers with special abilities to use on the field. Lastly there is a intelligence level. Now this is random for each soldier. Some have average intelligence, above average, and genius. The higher the intelligence the more options of abilities they have the opportunity to learn through using action points (AP). Abilities that are not normally for that class.

The new enemy faction, ‘The Lost’, are an excellent addition to the game.You can’t fight them the same way you fight Advent. You forget about cover and instead just get as many of them in sight as possible and create as much safe distance as possible. The Lost are so weak that they normally have 2 or 3 health (few have 4) meaning you can one shot them. if you do one shot one of them, then you get a free action, which is awesome. Thank goodness they have that mechanic in place. This is because they apple in swarms. You might even get 8 coming after you at one time. Worse (or at times better) the Lost might show up while you are fighting Advent which means they could swarm you and make life hard but on the good side they may come for advent instead making your fight easier.

The worst and probably best addition of XCOM 2: War of the Chosen has to be the Chosen themselves. The three powerful aliens that just don’t stay dead and relentlessly chase and hunt you down. The sniper one, the slashing one and the psionic one are all very powerful, got good health and command fear and attention on the battlefield. They can hang out in certain (identified) parts of the globe and if you do a mission in that area, there is a chance that they can show up and believe us when we say, you do not want that. When X35 Earthwalker himself encountered the assassin it was a problem. The assassin (Day-Mai Dessurik) came out of no where and slashed one soldier knocking them into a daze and then ran of safely into cover. X35 had to corner her and deliver the final blow. It wasn’t easy.

As you play, you will notice all the new things like knew enemy units, new maps, new interface screens for talking characters and more. There is even special missions for your soldiers and your ally factions to two together. Your soldiers will be unavailable for the period of the mission but it can be worth it. Seriously though, this DLC is excellent. Check it out for yourself before buying to see if you would be interested. Now what we can guarantee is interesting is… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Super Hydorah is a non-linear horizontal shoot em up game developed by ‘Abylight, Locomaltio and Gryzor86’. It’s coming out the 20th of September Xbox One and PC. Super Hydorah from the looks of it might be trying to go back to old school gaming styles. Let’s take a look.

In the world of Super Hydorah an evil force has started an invasion over Omios star. Players take control of the most skilful and deadly pilot in the galaxy (quite the claim there) to take on the Meroptians. The Meroptians are bio-mechanical creatures that are on a conquering campaign pretty much. So players must go from planet to planet fighting, destroying and taking on the Meroptians wherever they are.

Now Super Hydorah is basically one of those what you see is pretty much what you will get. It has the old school graphics style. It has taken from older games but adapted them to make something challenging, fun and appeal a lot to the old and new gamers. Now there are routes in this game and you must choose the one you want to go. Super Hydorah is larger than you initially think though.

There is said to be 21 different levels and those levels are split into 35 sublevels. 35 bosses which is a lot by the way and over 100 enemies. You must watch out for not just projectiles but enemies and even the environment. Over a sound track with 60 tracks, multiple endings, secrets and 3 game modes: single player, co-op multiplayer and a mini game called “robot chase”. So there is a lot here.

Overall Super Hydorah is another horizontal shoot em up game with many enemies, dangerous environments, large bosses and many levels. So it is what you probably expected but it’s got a lot in it. So if you liked retro games or the old school types then this game might be your thing. The developers ‘Abylight, Locomaltio and Gryzor86’ did a great job with this game. Super Hydorah might be worth checking out. Now old school games may be your thing but what’s everyones thing is… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Tricky Towers is a multiplayer physics based tower building game, developed by ‘WeirdBeard’. It’s coming out on Xbox One the 15th of September but already out on PS4 and PC. This game is strange but interesting.

Tricky Towers is basically Tetris but with some modifications. Yes, if you liked Tetris then Tricky Towers should be your thing instantly. The aim here is simple. You must build your tower using Tetris like pieces but while you are building, your opponent is building their Tricky Tower as well. The aim is to build yours before they do. So what’s the modifications? Well not only do you want your tower to grow but you can use magic to protect your towers and use dark spells to ruin things for your opponents. 

This is another fun and simple multiplayer game for gamers to enjoy with their friends and family. We honestly need more good multiplayer games. Tricky Towers gets it right by making the game simple and best of all, it has four player local multiplayer. Off course their is online as well so practice first for a while and then head online to beat or get beaten by random strangers around the world. Things can get chaotic though when bricks are falling off ands peels are just being cast everywhere.

Now there is more to Tricky Towers then just bricks. For the single player gamers out there, there are 50 single player trials for you to take on. They will test your skills and give you all the training you need. There are some game modes like Survival, puzzle mode and race. By the way this the towers are physics based, meaning if they lean over a bit too much they will fall. Watch out for gravity!

We checked out the game and everything is looking kind of funny and sounding silly which we do need at times. The graphics are very good for it’s style. The sounds are sort of what you would expect from this game. There are some variety to the levels. 

Overall Tricky Towers looks like a good game. Simple but good chaotic fun. The developers ‘WeridBeard’ did a great job with this game. We at X35 Earthwalker will see how the Xbox community responds to Tricky Towers. this game might be worth checking out.

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Destiny 2 is out and already many have jumped head first in. Seriously some people are already high levels which means they got it and haven’t stopped playing since (get a life people). This is also a good sign, showing that there is lots for gamers to do to keep them going and that’s important. Let’s see how Destiny 2 is so far.

You start pretty much the same way as in the beta with the red legion cabal attacking your home. The red legion are a powerful and organised group of cabal led by a new and most dangerous enemy called Ghaul. This guy does not mess around. He is large, powerful, smart, strategic and acts like a boss. You and the guardians put up quite the fight, kill a bunch of them and even damage their air ship but when we came face to face with Ghaul, we didn’t look so hot. in fact he kicked us like we were a bad dog, back handed us like we were his son and then with his foot pushes us of the ship to fall to our death. Take into account that the ship wasn’t on ground floor. We fell from a mighty height… but since we are the main characters of the story we survived the fall. Ghaul will regret that. He and his legion. We will come back and make him pay. Right after we drag our half dead selves across the remains of the city and then outside.

Straight away the game feels pretty much the same as the first Destiny, well it should since the events of the sequel are pretty much right after the first game. So everything from movement to controls is the same but there are some differences in other areas though. For starters the combat has the system where some enemies have like energy shields for example and so your genetic weapons are much less effective against them. this is made worse as normal high ranking, strong or boss enemies normally have such shields. You will need to use your energy weapons which will drain the shields really fast resulting in great damage as well, leaving them now vulnerable to genetic weapons. Energy weapons work perfectly fine against regular enemies as well. There is more to this combat system though.

We loved the way the ship, Ghaul was on, transported troops down to the battlefield. They are loaded into what looks like a giant glowy energy hexagon or septagon chichis then launched at great speed to it’s destination. the hexagon slams into the surface and it disintegrates away revealing the cabal troopers inside. It’s pretty cool to watch. Gear so far seems to be easier to come by from what we have experienced so far. You get some for killing some enemies. Some you find in loot. Some you get awarded for completing public events and off course engrams. The first level where you fight without your light, which means no class powers by the way, is very good. You feel like a regular soldier especially with the h=threat that if you die, you can’t be resurrected by your ghost. Then that moment when you get your light back and unleash your powers upon the enemy. Very well done indeed.


You can now have two primary weapons. So that means two pulse rifles, two scout rifles or one auto rifle and another scout rifle. It’s up to you but one must be your genetic weapon and the other your energy weapon. Your ghosts can come with a ability like reveal the location of nearby hidden loot or even keep count of your kills for you. There are some new abilities as well. There is a Towering barricade and Rally barricade. The Tower is a large tall shield that absorbs incoming fire. You can walk through it to fire and then step back behind it to avoid damage. Enemies can run through as well. Rally is the same but lower so you can crouch behind it to hide but stand up to return fire. Doesn’t sound good but when you crouch behind it your weapon is instantly reloaded. Instant as in no reload animation or pauses. It’s just instantly refilled. There are new sub classes as well. For example (as we love titans) instead of the void subclass there is now the sentinel. Your super turns you into a guardian version of captain America. You have a shield which you use to bash enemies around, block incoming fire from the front and even throw it at enemies for it to ricochet and hit multiple enemies. Pretty cool right? That’s because it is.

The graphics in destiny 2 are awesome stuff. Everything looks wonderful and you can see that a lot of hard work went into it. This is also why X35 himself likes to stop and look around during some missions. The environments and visuals are excellent. Take a look at the mountains, cliffs or objects in the sky. Check out the waterfalls and just watch it for a while. The sounds in this game are excellent as well. The guns sound great. The impact the shield makes is cool. Even the noise of the enemies are annoying enough, which is a good thing. The music is probably the best thing here. it’s up for debate about that. Whoever was in the studio making the music needs a pay raise. The music is on point and it really adds to the environments creating different atmospheres. Like when all hope seemed lost and when you felt powerful again. 

Overall Destiny 2 so far is looking awesome. A very well done game. The developers ‘Bungie’ did an awesome job. We at X35 Earthwalker will continue to play the game and see what else Destiny 2 has to offer. This game is worth checking out. You may or may not like Destiny but you do like… the ‘Earth Walk!’

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Hello fellow gamers. This is another message from X35 Earthwalker. Gaming is awesome. Gaming is entertainment and it obviously means more to some people than others but we all have to be sensible with our gaming. like seriously be sensible.

Destiny 2 has come out today and it has got many gamers and especially Destiny fans crazy. Once again some people have skipped school, college, etc. some have called in sick for work. This is ridiculous. X35 when he was younger went to school when Halo Reach came out. He didn’t skip school. He waited for school to finish and then went home to play Halo Reach. The point is that we need to set priorities. Gaming is important but at the end of the day gaming is fictional while real life is real life. Don’t be foolish. 

You aren’t going to be putting the fact that you are ranked 11 on a leader board on your CV or resume. This isn’t the only area where some gamers are acting foolish in. Some gamers for some reason think that gaming all through the night is smart or a sign of a true gamer. This is again, foolish. Gaming is not more important than your health. What these gamers need to go through the night is energy drinks. Energy drinks can be tasty but are so bad for you. Terribly bad. Some have multiple through the night and day which is terribly bad. Be sensible. Your health is important. 

Now we are gamers and X35 himself is a serious gamer all the way from the Sega to the Xbox one. he even played the Atari lynx for a bit. So we aren’t insulting gamers because we are also gamers but we have to be sensible. So stop all the foolish gaming. Your life comes first, do your job, responsibilities and everything else because video gaming is primarily and originally for entertainment, like painting. So let it have the priority of a form of entertainment. So this is a quick message to all the gamers out there to just be sensible with your gaming. Thanks for reading and feel free to contact X35 Earthwalker with your comments, thoughts and ideas.

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Planet of the Eyes is a new action-puzzle adventure game developed by ‘Cococucumber’. It will be released 12th of September for Xbox one and PS4 but already on PC.

Planet of the eyes looks real cool. Another 2D platformer action game. Players control a service robot who is stranded on a mysterious world. It’s a narrative story style so make sure to listen to fully know what’s going on. Through out the game you will find audio logs which are fully voiced. There are physics based puzzles that need solving. So you can see why Planet of the Eyes is classed as a action-puzzle adventure game.

It’s what you would expect from a 2D platformer. The controls are simple in terms of jump, move and action from what we can see. You can interact with objects like pull, push, hold onto etc. Ledges fall from above to crush you or environmental hazards like crushing ceilings and floors, pits, electrical and heat hazards. There is a lot of dangers in this world. The developers on the website made it clear that deaths are in abundance. It says, “Robot deaths galore”.

We checked out some gameplay and everything looks good. The graphics are excellent for what it is. The sounds and music are definitely high quality. The environments and many different levels in this game are of a great variety. 

Overall, Planet of the Eyes seems like a real good game. The developers ‘Cococucumber’ did a great job. This isn’t exactly our type of game but we know for a fact that some gamers will love this. This game might be worth checking out.

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